Something has put the brakes on your mad romantic moods right now, and you are suddenly coy and cautious. You are second-guessing yourself, and that may be a good thing. You have plenty of time to change your mind again if the red flags are premature.


This is not a good time for you to travel if you can avoid it. If you do have to travel, make sure you bring along plenty of water, any necessary medications, and any emergency supplies that might be needed. You probably won’t need them – but you’ll feel better if you are prepared.


Friends and associates bring mixed blessings right now. One is frustrating the daylights out of you while another is the “rock” you need to get through the trying time. If you want to avoid the worst kind of trouble, don’t mix money and friendship right now.


You may be asked to pass along some unwelcome information right now and you are afraid the recipient will be tempted to shoot the messenger. Practice any speech or presentation that you have to make, and be sure you exude confidence. People may challenge you, so be prepared.


Changes in lifestyle bring adjustments and changes in relationships. Sometimes, when we decide to live a healthier life, we must leave behind friends who are not traveling the same path. Whether you are the one moving away, or the one being moved away from, will depend on how important your well being is right now.


If you have had some recent changes or challenges in your work life, you may have a wonderful opportunity to build some bridges with coworkers who can be helpful to your career or financial plans. You may be able to help someone deal with a health problem right now.


When was the last time you had a good massage or had some time alone to meditate? It looks like your springs may be wound a little too tight. You need to rest, relax and re-create yourself before that coiled spring inside you snaps free.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role right now. People are really eager to hear what you have to say. Your own thinking may not be the clearest, but you have thus uncanny ability to say just what other folks are thinking.


Someone is going to give you the old “You have to start thinking about your future” speech. Your goals, and the expectations and idealistic goals of your parents and family, may be at odds with each other. You want to spend more time enjoying life.


Your mate’s crazy ideas are unlikely pay off right now – especially those involving dramatic changes to your social schedule or career ambitions. It may turn out that renovations you undertake right now could be more expensive than either of you thought.


You may find money around your home, be given money by a loved one or relative, or find out that your home is worth more than you thought. You have a good idea for a renovation or home improvement that could brighten up your home and increase its value.


A friend may call up and invite, or rather demand, your presence at some kind of outing. If you can afford it, by all means, go, but if the price is too dear, don’t be afraid to demure. True friends do understand that “I can’t afford it” means just that.

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