An intuition that seems to come from your deep subconscious will help you make some positive changes to your home or family, or to prepare for some much-appreciated home improvements. You may be seeking out information online on the Internet right now.


You may feel a bit fuzzy or “zoned out” right now when a family member calls for help. If you look at it closely you’ll figure out that this is your way of “not dealing with it”. It doesn’t work – it only makes people madder than if you just said “no” to begin with.


You may be considering an add on, renovation or adding some new furnishings, shop carefully. You can get good deals, but you may need to dig for them, or strike a hard deal to stay in your budget. Avoid any contractors whose references do not check out.


Career changes are the highlight of the day. You may be offered a raise or promotion or even a whole new job, but your mind is really more on the problems of your daily life in the here and now. Your energy will be lower than normal in some ways, but higher in others.


You are definitely more energetic and your brain is laser-sharp right now. Unexpected good news could come by phone or email. Someone wants you to take on some kind of leadership role. You sound, look, and act sharp right now and everyone is noticing.


Family members will bring mixed blessings right now. On the one hand, some relatives are receptive to your wild ideas and impromptu calls. On the other, they may express frustration with some aspect of your love life. You might want to avoid the in-laws if you can.


You feel like you have just come out from under something of a dark cloud and your thinking processes are laser-sharp. Problem is, all the ideas you have involve getting people to change their schedules or attitudes and they may resist if you push too hard.


Are you absolutely sure you know all the facts in an important political or social cause you are following? Is your source of information accurate? You could be facing some kind of disappointment or surprise with an information provider you thought was trustworthy.You have been waiting for a long time for a breakthrough of some kind. You may feel that the light at the end of the tunnel is a long way off, but it is closer than you think. A little bit of patience would go a long way, and you may find that things turn out better than you even expected.You could be facing some kind of disappoin


You may be considering some changes to your home, renovations that will better organize things and allow for a more streamlined lifestyle. You may be considering setting up a den or home office place, or buying a computer so you can telecommute.


You may feel like you want to reach out to loved ones and family members right now, but when you speak to them they may come across as moody and a bit self-centered to you. You may be able to help them and yourself if you focus on finding ways to cheer them up.


Definitely more play time coming your way, whether you have kids or not. Even if you are only indulging your neglected inner child, there are lots of places you can go to cut loose. A sport, hobby, or a trip to the local indoor amusement centre could perk up your love life if you are single.


Your family comes across as complicated right now. You find that some of them are cranky and unreasonable while others are bending over backwards to be accommodating to you and your needs. You may decide to pay someone back for their kindness with a gift.

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