You will be able to come to a compromise with your partner over recent disagreements. There will be a real healing moment after some tension is released. Once you see you are both aiming for the same goal, you will feel yourselves reconnecting in a closer way.


You may get some good news today from an uncommon source. A doctor, lawyer or police officer may give you far better news than you expected. Interactions with government agencies an authority figures will go more smoothly as you apply your legendary charm to best effect.


If you are single, you may risk romantic rejection right now. If you are with a partner, one or the other is going to teach a lesson about acceptance, trust and emotional healing. Remember, you are who you are now, not who you were as a young and gawky pre-teenager.


If you work with a business partner, or have a friendly coworker you confide in regularly, pay them special attention right now. They may be a little tense right now but they are going to have ideas that could make you both a lot more prosperous.


Take some time to celebrate your small wins as well as the big ones. Sometimes it is a very small course correction that ends up having the biggest impact over time. You are not giving yourself enough credit for the small stuff. Find a


The money is going out as fast as it is coming in, especially if you have been less than strident about sticking to your budget. You need to focus on your work and daily chores right now to make the best use of the day’s energies. Don’t let other people divert you with mindless distractions.


Unexpected changes to travel plans could work out in your favor. You might find that a trip is cancelled or postponed, but you are offered a favorable discount, free tickets or an upgrade that you might not have been able to afford otherwise.


You may be hearing interesting thoughts, and getting interesting suggestions about ways to boost your income or investments right now. You may have to make some adjustments to your career or investment plans, and will have to learn a whole new way of looking at money.


You might not be able to soothe the savage beast right now. Your own energy is tense and impatient, and any attempt on your part to talk sense into your significant other could be frustrating. If you are still single, be careful around people that you meet tonight, they may have hidden issues or agendas.


Today you can push forward with your ambitious agenda for career and social success, there is no need to hold yourself back. People in positions of power and authority are not only listening to you, they are seeking you out for your unique input.


Communications and paperwork is even more confusing right now and you will be greatly tempted to throw it all in the “later” basket and take off for some mindless recreation. That may work if it’s possible, but for those who are tied to a desk the distractions may be impossible to avoid.


If you have some family members you normally describe as “slightly nutty”, right now is the day when you find that there is some truth to the idea that great talent often comes with some mental baggage. Let yourself be entertained – you may learn something from your “mad genius”.

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