Take care if you are out in traffic. People will seem impatient and aggressive, and you may be feeling distracted. Take extra time to get from one place to another, especially if a long drive is part of your plan. Do not forget your cell phone!


You have a wonderful opportunity for romance right now. If you are still single, you may find that friends and companions are winking and nudging you towards someone that they want you to meet. If you are not single, don’t be afraid to “go over the top” when expressing your appreciation right now.


It’s not the easiest day for you in terms of expressing romantic emotions. There is a lot of bottled-up stuff wanting to come out, but you’re not sure of yourself. Your energies are erratic, but you do have a highly creative streak right now and can get a lot done.


You and your partner could have disagreements about sports or recreational activities. Maybe you want to go to a football game and your partner wants to go to the gym. Compromise – agree to switch preferences on a later date if you get your way right now.


If life is handing you lemons, make lemon pie. Something unique, creative or different that comes out of a setback could turn out pretty sweet if you approach it with the right attitude. Your personal creativity is high right now and you will have an opportunity to put it to the test.


You may have a moment of tension with your significant other right now that forces you to confront some of your most deeply-held beliefs about yourself. What starts out as a challenge could greatly enhance your self-esteem once all is said and done.


You will soon hear welcome news about a financial opportunity. You may receive an unexpected check or bonus. A big sale may be on that could help you lower some bills.


You may have some interesting experiences or body sensations right now. Your subconscious mind is teaming up with your body to give the message that you are a body, soul and spirit, not a machine, and you need to spend some time “re-creating” yourself.


You may feel anxious or uncertain about your job stability right now as a result of conflict in the workplace, or problems with your health. Stress is definitely a factor right now. You do have investment opportunities though, and should be thinking about alternative ways to boost your bottom line.


You may be feeling a bit down on yourself, and you are being way too hard on yourself. You would never be this critical of most other people. Once you get off your own back, you may find others are more supportive of you too.


If you are single, look to your circle of friends for opportunities to enhance your little black book. Your social opportunities are fantastic right now, and you have a chance to make exciting and unusual new friends. You might have arguments or unexpected encounters with old friends.


You have to make some changes or adjustments in your diet, exercise schedule, lifestyle or chores soon. Someone is asking you to carry too much of the load on your own, and you are learning that you have to put your foot down if you want fair play.

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