You may be confused about a religious or spiritual issue, and you won’t get as much support right now from your friends, who may be busy or absent. You may have better luck hooking up with family members who have some really good news about someone’s job search.


You may be feeling somewhat lonely or estranged from your love partner right now – if you are single, you may find it hard to connect with new partners. If you are with someone you may find them to be curiously uncommunicative. Either way, you will find that pushing others to open up won’t work right now.


You could have disagreements with friends or companions right now about “values”. You may be asked to join some kind of investment club or group where resources are shared, but there is no organization in the organized chaos there. They need a leader but are not quite ready to be led.


You may be getting the wrong information, and that may be why you are finding it so hard to travel or communicate with others right now. Slow down, don’t expect so much, and be patient. People will be moody and a bit unreliable right now and you will get where you want to go faster if you keep your cool.


This can be an incredibly romantic day so keep the lines of communication open. Don’t try to “fit in”. Relax, be honest, be yourself – be more of a listener than a talker. You can be more romantic when you don’t try so hard. Someone is going to be impressed by your sincerity.


You have sparking, incredible ideas that seem to come out of the blue, but find it hard to get them across to others. You will have a lot of interest in fixing up the old homestead, and renovation or decoration work could prove to be a very good investment.


Your intuition may lead you to alternative healthcare options, and while some may be helpful, others could have hidden dangers. Do be careful that you don’t get too fixated on some herbal remedy and forget to check for possible drug or dietary interactions.


You’re going to feel a bit disconnected and drowsy right now – it’s not a good day for energetic activity, rather one for laying around lazily soaking up the sun where that is possible – or the rays from the TV tube or computer monitor where it is not.


You may be asked to sign some contract or document right now, but the project is likely to go nowhere unless you wait until late in the day or tomorrow. You may find that it is difficult to connect with people and that your meetings are cancelled or rescheduled because everyone is scattered.


Older drivers may be a challenge to your patience right now. Pay attention if you start to feel that road rage coming on. You can’t afford to annoy someone on the road – you may give the finger to someone you later find out you know, and you’ll never hear the end of it.


A little bit of give and take is good in a relationship, but you need to know when to put your foot down. Just be sure to pick your battles carefully. You know your partner, and yourself. Is it worth it to hang on to an old hurt or disappointment?


You may have a sudden moment of insight about your financial future right now. You may learn something that is secret that helps you boost your income. Listen to your intuition, it can help bring in an opportunity that could bring in a lot of money.

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