You may find that it is incredibly challenging to get new or controversial ideas across to others right now. You have a hot mental aspect happening, but your ideas seem to challenge other people’s values, or come across as competitive, regardless of your intent.


An opportunity to make some extra money involving writing, communications, or the Internet could turn into full time work. You might have to take a leap of faith in order to take advantage, however. It might be risky to leave a day-job for something part-time or speculative.


Friends and associates will bring good news and golden opportunities. You may find yourself struggling with the way a friend is bringing up a child though. Today is not the day to speak up in such a case – you will lack tact, and you could be wrong about the root causes of the problem.


Family members will bring joy or happiness into your life. You may discover you have spiritual interests in common that bring you closer together. There may, in some cases, be financial opportunities with family members, or gifts of value coming from family members.


A small anonymous gift could make a huge difference to a loved one. Slipping a few dollars under their door could give them a boost, and brighten your mood as well. Charity close to home can bring wonderful benefits to everyone involved.


Unexpected good fortune may be heading your way in your love life. If you are still single, you could meet someone by accident or over the Internet. If you are already married, you could have an argument with your significant other that leads to new understanding.


You have got to set aside some time for fun and play right now, no matter how that challenges your schedule. You may be spending a lot of time on the phone setting up recreational opportunities with your friends and companions, but it will be worth it, especially if you all have kids.


This is a great time to explore new ideas. If you are not already reading one of those wordy self-help hardback tomes, drop by the library and check out the self-improvement section. Pick a wild topic that doesn’t really apply to you – you may learn something unexpected.


You may be the center of attention right now, which works well if you are presenting something at work, especially where paperwork is involved. It does not work so well among family members and loved ones. Stay focused on your personal priorities right now.


You may find yourself daydreaming about a full-time home in the tropics, far away from your family or daily chores. You are in escape mode, but it may be difficult to tune out life noises right now. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that this too will pass.You might be facing “in-law” troubles right now if you are married. If not, your latest date may come with family baggage and issues you can do with out. If you are totally single, the most likely thing is that your family is griping and pushing you to hurry up and settle down.


That little rebellion you touched off recently is starting to spread. Other people are now getting into the act, standing up for themselves and demanding better conditions. If you are “the boss”, though, some of them may be demanding changes from you!


You may have a misunderstanding about finances, debts, investments or shared social values right now. It is not a particularly good time to make a strong point about a contentious political issue. Try to keep such opinions low-key, or at least put them in “politically correct” language.

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