A friend or companion will provide you with financial or investing opportunities but there could be strings attached. You will need to be patient if you are to learn the ways to make your money work for you so you don’t need to work for your money anymore.


You may be better off staying silent right now, because if you express your true feelings, someone close by is going to get a major earful. You have some strong opinions, and if you want to share them, think them through carefully first. There is no righteousness in being wrong.


You can be a powerful speaker right now, especially when you are pontificating on the evils of “the system” and the “status quo”. Just make sure you save your strongest barbs for a supportive audience. There are some people who are not ready for change.


Watch what you say on the phone or the Internet right now. People are looking to you to be a reliable source of information right now, and you may accidentally repeat something you should not say. Keep any confidences as close to the vest as possible.


What you know is as important as who you know right now. You may be given exciting or interesting projects or ideas to manage because of your understanding of related issues and because you can bring other important people to the negotiating table.


You have money coming in soon, or will be hearing from someone about a raise, bonus, or job offer. Good luck is following your career track right now, and big moves or changes could be lucky for you and those you work with. Sudden changes work in your favor.


If you are settled into a committed relationship you may be discussing parenthood right now. If not, there is an opportunity for you to express your creative skills or talents. You may find that family members or social authority figures are not terribly supportive.


You are even hotter right now than yesterday. Unforgettable energy is pouring from your love sectors, and if you have been waiting for a good day to make a secret passion known, this is about the best chance you are going to get. You will attract attention no matter where you go.


You may have to make an adjustment in your career schedule soon because of a loved one’s health concerns, or due to your own health goals. You may find that there are some challenges, but if you can get some support in the workplace, things could dramatically improve.


You are finding out right now that even good relationships have some challenging moments. You and your significant other are having a strong disagreement about a lifestyle issue. You can compromise if you both work on it. You may both have to give up something for each other.


You may have an opportunity to study or travel, but a key player in the scenario is holding a stick into the gears. You will need to rally all your legendary powers of persuasion to get them to turn from enemy to ally, but it’s “do-able”.


You are worried right now and you don’t know why. Strange little things seem to go wrong at just the wrong time and it has you on edge. You will find though that all these weird little things form the cloud – the silver lining is just around the corner.

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