Someone is going to give you the old “You have to start thinking about your future” speech. Your goals, and the expectations and idealistic goals of your parents and family, may be at odds with each other. You want to spend more time enjoying life.


You may have a challenging time with the people closest to you. They may seem a little twitchy or sensitive, especially where it comes to debts, financial investments or favors, or spirituality. Someone you know has a bit of trouble facing an upcoming life transition.


Unusual educational opportunities are heading your way. You may be able to pick up an Internet course, or a night-school class will help you bone up on your computer skills. It may add something special to your class if you can convince a couple friends to join you.


You may reach a new milestone in your creative activities. A class, lecture, workshop or seminar could be just the thing to get your energy moving right now. Look around online for opportunities. Something special will jump out at you.


Your phone is once again ringing off the hook with chatty people, but right now they are spouting wild-eyed political jargon and theories that make your hair stand on end. You may have problems with unreliable or broken communications or computer equipment right now.


You are tempted to make a dramatic change in your physical appearance right now. If anyone confronts you though, the mask and gloves come off – and you can be a little too brutal with your honesty right now. Count to twenty before you let anyone have it.


You will get an eye-opening experience if you are studying, researching, writing, or surfing the Internet right now. You could come across some truly shocking, mind-altering information. You are going to tell someone “You won’t believe what I just read!”


Your love life has hit the “in-law curve” and whether you are single or married, you are likely to find that parental interference can get incredibly creative where it comes to someone who is determined to meddle in your love life. Keep your sense of humor handy.


You may have a friend or companion who is suffering from depression or feelings of stagnation. You can help by pointing out that things will change in due time, and that sometimes a “fallow time” can be highly creative and beneficial. They may look back and be grateful for a breather.


You have an aura about you that is highly attractive. If you are still single, get out into the open air, and strut your stuff. You never know who you may run across. You may be offered a leadership role in a charity or club, and it will be a good place to meet new people.


You may not be able to help yourself where it comes to being politically incorrect right now. The place you have to be the most careful is with family members, especially older people who have strong political ideas and heavily moralistic attitudes.


You may find yourself working overtime when it dawns on you that there is another facet to life you are ignoring. your significant other is standing in your chart, arms crossed, steaming that you forgot something, and I bet I know just what. Quick! Flowers, candy, cards, hop to it!

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