You will be incredibly impulsive right now, and you may be the one to blurt out “The Truth that shall not be spoken” at an important business meeting right now. There could be an opportunity for you to make money from an invention or an innovative new idea.


You may have an opportunity to boost your income by selling personal care or beauty products, or benefit through a personal makeover right now. Be careful when taking financial advice from a member of the opposite sex right now. They may not understand your needs.


You find it hard to talk to your loved ones right now. You feel abandoned or misunderstood. But the truth is that there is more understanding and compassion than you can see at first. Someone may suggest a get-away or some fun and distraction – go for it.


You may have to take control or want to take control of a contentious situation right now, but it will be hard to get all the participants marching in the same direction. You may be muttering epithets under your breath that contain the phrase “herding cats”.


You may be making some extra money in a new or unusual manner. You will have a lot of interesting and unusual ideas and your creativity is high right now. Keep your eyes open for a creative tip that you can find online.


You may be considering learning another language. You may have a pen-pal or online friend who can open up new opportunities for you in another country or by sharing ideas and culture that is new to your experience.


You will get some incredibly good news about financing for a home purchase or home improvements, or may hear of similar news relating to a loved one or relative. You may offer to help a loved one with a financial problem or they may offer to help you.


You may connect with someone from another culture whose expectations set your teeth on edge. You may find that they are easier to deal with if you take some time to learn more about their customs or religion. What starts off as a challenge could turn into a rewarding friendship.


You have to make a sudden and unexpected change to your lifestyle. Someone is going to point out a challenge to your wellness that you can only address by restructuring your daily routine. It may be you need to get some more exercise or better organize your daily schedule.


Expect good news or a breakthrough in the financial department. You may not get that Knight or Princess in shining armor, in fact you still have to come to your own rescue, but at least now you have a few quills in your quiver, and some hope in your heart.


You may be frustrated with some recent financial changes, or with your partner’s spending habits right at the moment. They are feeling insecure and may want to personalize and beautify the household, but they may be going about it in a sloppy, inconsiderate or expensive manner.


There are wonderful social opportunities for you right now. You can make new and exciting friends, meet new people and enjoy the company of those who challenge you intellectually and emotionally. Someone in your family may introduce you to someone new as well.

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