You may receive a gift of money or a valuable piece of advice right now. Someone will put your mood into a much better place, because they have ideas, suggestions or opportunities for making your lifestyle more prosperous and enjoyable.


You could be out at an important party or social event when you make a small faux pas – don’t let it get to you. If you throw in a little self-deprecating humor you could catch someone’s cultured eye and end up making yourself a very valuable and important friend.


Don’t be shocked to find yourself reacting in ways that surprise you. You want to get down to business, but that may not be possible right now. If you can’t be in a working environment, you can at least write down or make a note of the ideas that flash through your mind. At least one of these innovations is a major winner.


Watch your wallet right now. Pickpockets could be about, both the illegal felonious sort and the kind that steal the old fashioned way, by selling sub-standard goods at inflated prices. Be aware of what you purchase. Put off large appliance purchases until you research prices.


Some time you spent learning or surfing recently will pay off beyond your wildest dreams right now. Through synchronicity or design, you learned just what you needed to know to impress the heck out of just the right person in a position of authority.


You are still thinking about buying that home entertainment centre aren’t you? Tell you what, give it a few days and if it still makes sense then go back and have another look. Check around for better deals. You could miss a bargain if you don’t look around.


You may be over-thinking things right now. Worry and fears could be exaggerated as a result. Some time spent in meditation or prayer could refocus your perspective and bring greater peace of mind. Take some time to relax and get out of your head.


A financial deal may become a bit stressful or confusing right now. You may suffer something of a setback at first, or perhaps you are merely expecting the worst, but things are likely to turn out much better than you thought. Don’t let ungrounded fears get you worked up.


A friend may call up and invite, or rather demand, your presence at some kind of outing. If you can afford it, by all means, go, but if the price is too dear, don’t be afraid to demure. True friends do understand that “I can’t afford it” means just that.


Financial opportunities are really good right now, so it is important to stay focused. That may be challenging right now because you are a bit mentally scattered, particularly where it comes to creative ways to make and spend your money.


Listen carefully to what your critics have to say right now. Even if their criticism is decidedly negative, even hostile, somewhere there may be positive insights that you can gain from them. You will also benefit from the surprise they will show when you thank them instead of getting flustered or angry.


You will be at odds with friends and family for some reason right now. It may be that at least one loved one feels you are getting more than you are due. Pointing out that you have been working hard for your perks probably won’t help. They want to hear you say you realize they deserve some recognition too.

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