Associates, friends, and people you know from groups or clubs make poor financial partners right now. Someone could disappoint you or be a problem that delays payment. You cannot successfully use “connections” to push for financial advantage right now, though that may tempt you.


When was the last time you had a good massage or had some time alone to meditate? It looks like your springs may be wound a little too tight. You need to rest, relax and re-create yourself before that coiled spring inside you snaps free.


You may be thinking about packing up your life and running away for a last-minute vacation, or you may have an unexpected opportunity to take a trip. If you cannot break away, you may sooth your wandering feet with some online virtual travel instead.


You will want to reinvent the workplace. Your natural leadership skills will be put to the test though, as you encounter more resistance than you anticipated. You will have to build a consensus but you are impatient for immediate progress. Aggressive driving could bring disaster right now, drive with extra care.


You are likely to get unexpected news or information for or about your partner right now that will knock you for a loop at first. After you recover your composure though, you’ll enjoy the big surprise. There is a lucky break coming that will improve your love life.


There may be something of a dry spell happening in your love life, you may feel like you are challenged emotionally and creatively right now. An arrow had to be pulled back before it can fly free. You may find the quiet time is helpful in coming to an important decision.


You want to have some fun but subconscious thoughts, fears and worries keep breaking into your recreation time. Put your fears aside. They are not likely based on legitimate fears, and there is likely nothing you can do about them right now anyway. Cross the bridges when you come to them.


You and your boss could end up in a shouting match right now if you are not careful. You are both in a contrary, cranky mood, and one of you has something that can only be described as an “authority figure complex” happening right now. Take a deep breath and be sure you mean what you say.


You may be called upon to take a leadership role in the workplace right now, but you are not really comfortable or happy with having to make some hard choices. There is a reason for the cliché “It’s lonely at the top”, and you are finding out exactly why that is.


You may be considering moving your home or an impromptu renovation has you more than a little confused or befuddled. You are in the mood for big, big changes and it is the small stuff that keeps getting in your way. Take a step back and get some perspective.


Open mouth, insert foot. Close mouth, keep the peace. It’s as simple as that. No matter how smart or intuitive you may be right now, people won’t understand the message you want to get across. So it may be best to hold your peace until you are with a more supportive audience.


Romance is heating up, but that may be because differences sometimes make good sparks. You and your partner could have one of those romance movie moments where a barn-burning argument turns into a passionate clinch. You may feel fuzzy and uncertain at times right now.

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