An opinion a sibling or close friend holds about your lifestyle may come as a bit of a shock. If you do get some surprizing information right now pay special attention to it – you might not like it at first but there is wisdom in their insights.


You have an opportunity to direct your high energy into some major home renovation or redecoration project, but watch your impulses right now – you could end up regretting your choices if they are a little too dramatic. You need to make sure everyone living in the space has a say.


An older member of your family will have some excellent advice in dealing with the “mind-muddle” you are in right now. Your workplace has been stressful and confusing the past 2-3 days, and you need some solid advice and wisdom before you make any changes.


You are popular, attractive and interesting to others right now. You are likely to be the centre of attention because of some accomplishment or achievement. Except a lot of phone calls, letters and emails from people who want a piece of the limelight.


You may have a disagreement with friends or loved ones about spirituality, religion or culture right now. Your values are changing, and you may feel that your social circle is pressuring you to return to the fold, or at least appear to support the status quo.


If your work involves the media, publication or large volumes of paperwork, you are going to find this to be a confusing and frustrating time, even though there are terrific opportunities. Take extra time getting to and from work and don’t push yourself too hard.


If you are thinking of going back to school, ask a friend to come along with you. It could make the experience much richer and significantly more rewarding for you both. You will learn as much about each other as you do from the courses you take.


There are some challenging and contradictory aspects right now, which may lead to you feeling confused and frustrated at times. But if you keep your cool, you may find that there are opportunities within your challenges that might not have come up otherwise.


This is a great day for great conversations, even though some will be challenging. You’ll be able to connect mentally with a good friend who has a lot of interesting ideas. Expect a lot of calls, faxes, letters and emails, possibly including some from or about your workplace.


Yes, you do need more exercise, but if you throw yourself into an impulsive and strenuous new routine without warming up, and without checking with your doctor, you could harm yourself rather than heal yourself. Take things more slowly and get expert advice.


A friend will be pushing you to “get busy” right now, and that’s excellent advice. You need some physical activity, and some sport shared with friendly company is just the ticket to get your mojo going. You may be asked by a club or association to take a leadership position right now.


You may have a soft spot in your heart for a friend right now, but before you give in to what seems to be a minor request ask yourself if you are really helping or hindering their personal progress. The answer may be no if you are doing something they should have done themselves.

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