You and your partner are suddenly on the same page about a family problem or a home renovation. The problem is that one or both of you may have career or social responsibilities that keep you out of the loop. Expect some cell-phone tag right now.


You could be a huge help to a friend who is a bit down in the dumps at the moment. You both need to forget the daily grind and just spend some time fooling around and talking. The worries of the world will resolve themselves given some time. Let yourselves have a little fun. You have earned it.


If you do crafts and hobbies, you could find yourself working on some strange projects that bring in new technological elements. If not, you may find yourself drawn to recreation on the Internet, or to a movie with a high-tech plot twist. Video games could suddenly pique your interest.


If there are any “male-female” inequalities in your family, be careful what you say right now, because there could be a lot of secrets revealed if you are not careful. If you have a sibling or cousin of the opposite sex who pushes your buttons, it is a good idea to avoid them right now.


You are likely to get even more unusual or interesting phone calls right now, but people are a little less warm and fuzzy than yesterday. Someone is likely to call up to demand to know where you have been, what you are doing and why you aren’t paying them more attention.


Travel and educational opportunities are even better right now. It is an excellent day to plan an upcoming vacation, or to pick up a course catalog from the community college. You may get a phone call from a friend or loved one to invite you to take a class or lecture.


Let your significant other drag you to the doctor’s office for that overdue annual checkup. You’ll likely find there is nothing wrong, but you’ll at least gain some peace of mind, for them, if not for yourself. You’re under a bit of stress right now and it would help to talk it out.


Ask yourself if you would rather be right or have peace. Going on the political war path is not the best way to endear yourself to a wider audience right now. Be especially careful what you say in social media. Your words are like hot arrows right now. Once in flight, you cannot get them back.


If you want to look and feel better about yourself, you may have to change your lifestyle. Significant and structured changes to your diet and exercise have the ability to make a profound and positive effect on your mood, physical fitness and attractiveness right now.


Sudden communications between partners and close friends bring equal amounts of joy and challenges. You may have to decide between a pleasant outing and one of duty and responsibility. That will be a hard choice especially if the latter involves “in-laws”.


Your personal horizons are expending, and you may be drawn to travel and further education. It’s a wonderful day to work on any outstanding paperwork that may be sitting around, or to plan for a future vacation. Just be sure your finances are in order.


A book or web site may bring words of comfort or inspiration at just the right time.  You may be feeling a bit out of sorts with a friend or sibling. Now may not be the best time to push for resolution, unless you are willing to give a lot of ground on your side of the argument.

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