It will be a dramatic, exciting day full of challenges and opportunities. Your biggest challenge is your need to run off at the mouth about your ideas and inspirations. Know when to keep silent right now. Travel opportunities are in better aspect right now.


It’s hard to concentrate right now because you are a little burned out. You are more interested in a home renovation project or an evening on the couch than you are in working. Paperwork is ankle-deep, people you count on are unpleasant and uncooperative right now, and important people are unreachable.


You have a sudden feeling that you must be cautious about your travel plans. Relatives and loved ones may call up with schedule changes, or you may find that there are additional expenses related to the care of an elder loved one that you wanted to see.


You may be staying at home to help a loved one nurse a cold or flu right now – or they could be helping you. It’s not as bad as it sounds, you could actually find yourself enjoying playing nursemaid, and you’ll find you have a lot to talk about.


A friend or companion is going to challenge you with some new ideas about your beliefs and values. Something is changing in their life in a positive way, but you have a strangely ambivalent reaction. You know that accepting change means making a big adjustment in your own life.


You are likely driven and determined to get your way right now, but there is an important question to be asked. Would you rather be right or happy? Are you prepared to break someone down who you love in order to win an argument? That may be what it takes right now.


It looks like you could be headed for a promotion or a significant boost in your career. There will definitely be additional responsibilities, and for many this will mean extra work, but the working conditions, title, or support you receive from management will be increased.


If you are single, it would be a sin against nature for you to spend the day holed up at home right now. Get yourself out into the fresh air, rain or shine, get out to see and be seen. Something is in the air right now, and you could get lucky in more ways than one.


You could learn something soon that makes for dramatically positive changes in your love life. If you are still single, you could meet someone in a bookstore, library, or on the Internet. If you are already married, you could have a moment of profound passion soon.


Family troubles could take your mind off of promising investment news. Focus your energies on financial and spiritual values, and ignore the likely irrational and cantankerous mutterings of a loved one who is having a major “off” day.


You may have the kind of experience that only makes sense in retrospect right now – a learning experience involving money, values, friendship and children. You may find yourself passing along your values about hard work or family values to your own children or someone else’s. Be careful if it is the latter – your values may not be in line with their parent’s!


A change in mindset among your friends and family may have you reevaluating you spiritual or religious beliefs or priorities. You may feel uncertain what to do next. Keep an open mind and heart, pay attention to small coincidences.

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