You may be in a bit of a quandary right now, trying to decide between your desire to have some fun, with your need to set aside some money for an investment or business opportunity. It may be better to defer gratification for now. That deal could really work out.


Other people may not be all that reliable right now, especially in the workplace. It may not be the best computer day, logins may not work, connections may not be reliable. It would be a good day to update your passwords and do extra backups of important data.


You will have a lot of energy for a friend who is urging you to join them at a sporting event, but less passion for the needs of a boss or coworker whose needy behavior is intruding into your personal space right now. You may have to make a hard choice between the two.


Get out and have a good time. The movies, theme parks, art galleries and studios are going to be packed with interesting, exciting and creative people right now, and you really need to lose yourself in the crowd where someone interesting can find you!


Unexpected bonuses and sudden changes in your workplace brighten your mood, but they may lead to some challenges involving paperwork or travel. You may be discussing a sacrifice that will help you go back to school or get away for an educational seminar.


Take more time out, and make sure that you treat yourself and your partner to some special alone together time. You are having a hard time juggling your career demands with the pressures of an increasingly busy and demanding social schedule.


Home improvements or renovations projects and ideas are looking much better right now. You may have hit some snags recently, but with the help of an expert you are now pulling through. You may find that the ideas you have are less costly than you thought.


An investment in your education or in a trip for educational purposes may turn out to be a much better way to spend your money and time than you thought. Even if you are unable to go back to school, you can still spend some time online or at the library brushing up on your knowledge.


Your subconscious mind may be playing tricks on your right now. If you are a parent, you are likely questioning your “role model” status. If you are not a parent, you may be getting a lot of flack from well-meaning relatives who want to know when you will settle down.


You may find that you face financial challenges right now, particularly if you have to deal with financial officials, employers, or an employer of the opposite sex. Try to keep your temper. Yelling at someone who challenges you could backfire in the long run.


If you are thinking about having a vacation soon, you will be strongly concerned with the traveling companions that you will have along for the ride. You may be thinking about buying a timeshare or cottage, but you may want to have another look at the costs.


Family members may be helpful to you right now, but friends can bring mixed blessings. You may find yourself in a disagreement with a friend over money, child rearing, or your love life. You may be tempted to tell someone to mind their own business.

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