A new car may be on your dream sheet, but that could break the budget. If you are having problems with a vehicle right now, ask around with friends, family, and coworkers to see if anyone can recommend a good mechanic or used car dealer.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money to treat yourself. Things may have been tight lately, or perhaps that’s just your perception, but you’ve been really cheap with yourself. Stop punishing yourself and give yourself a little treat.


You may hear of an unusual charity or political movement. Be aware that not everything may be as it seems. Watch your wallet. It looks like the real aim is to pad some already well-padded pockets. Right now the tried and true is the best bet.


Someone may introduce you to a new sport or hobby, but there are dangers. First of all, it’s likely to be expensive. Second of all, you may find that it is a lot harder to master than you anticipated. You should also be careful to avoid anything too “rough and tumble”.


You may be tempted to give a friend some unsolicited advice on their love life or parenting skills, but this is a good day to keep your ideas to yourself. They are not ready to hear the truth, even if they are outwardly begging for input. Wait until you can think of a tactful way to tell them what you need to say.


Friends and companions get back on “kilter” right now. Everyone seems to want to help you out. But the problem this time is a lot more appealing to their sensibilities. They want to help you brighten up your love life in some new and intriguing way.


You are not in the mood to “suck up” at all right now. In fact, you are in full battle gear. A group or cause important to your heart, likely involving children or the arts, is heating up and bringing with it a lot of hard, energetic effort as you work to make a difference.


The paperwork is starting to get to you a bit right now, but if you plow through and get it off your plate, your mood will pick up, and you will find that there is great satisfaction in store. You may be attending an entertainment event or art gallery opening soon.


You are out of focus at the moment, and that is why you feel uncertain about taking a leadership role in your spiritual community. You need advice and guidance from others who have been in a similar situation. Don’t be afraid to reach out for some help.


Your subconscious mind is throwing wild and interesting new ideas at you, ideas that have the potential to be good moneymakers. Don’t be afraid to try something new and a little risky, as long as you don’t bet the whole farm. Trust your instincts.


You may be getting a lot of interesting telephone calls, letters, and emails right now. You could come across a new way to organize your workplace to get your message across to a much larger group of people. It is a good day if you work with the public.


Happy days are here again! Whoopee, you have a little extra money and you’ll be all too happy to spend it. I have two words for you: “savings account”. Another few choice words of advice: The best thing you can do with your windfall is pay down the credit cards!

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