You will come across as powerful, dynamic and strident right now, but that won’t be the best way to make a point with authority figures and those higher up on the social ladder. When you feel a powerful urge to speak out, take a deep breath, you may come across too strong.


You may be playing with quite a “mixed bag” right now at the office. While you may be making more money, or your department just got a bigger budget, you may find it difficult to attract the help you need to complete an important project. Don’t let short-term career frustrations get under your skin.


Suddenly you feel that no matter how nice you try to be, people are determined to pick fights with you. While that can be frustrating, it can also be educational. Have a little fun with it! Ask yourself “What is this argument telling me that I don’t want to hear?”


You’ll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one. The experience will make everyone feel much more happy and secure. Be sure that everyone understands the consequences. There will have to be adjustment and the changes may be stressful at first.


The day was made for fun and distraction. Unfortunately you are getting more distractions than fun right now. To top it off, everything seems to cost more than you expected. If you want to have a good time, do it in a place that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


You are looking for some fun right now and the perfect opportunity could come at a sporting arena or club where physical activity is shared. You may be learning a new sport or enjoying an old one, and the activity will be good for both heart and spirit.


It could be a tough day for dealing with other people. They will be contrary and hypercritical, and you don’t have the patience for dealing with quirky, childish behaviour. If you can avoid being in public, or in large-group situations, that might ease your feeling of tension.


You are looking at some more big personal changes right now, but you will find that they are mostly to your liking this time around. You could make a big change to your personal appearance, or take up a new hobby. You may also hear good news from a friend or relative who has been trying to get pregnant.


Your subconscious mind is playing tricks on you right now. You may experience strange dreams or unusual sensations during sleep. Keep a journal of your dreams right now, an important message is coming through that you may be better able to interpret later on.


You have an opportunity for a healing moment with your spouse or partner right now. You have a chance to find a way to rediscover what made you friends in the first place. If you are single, someone in your circle of friends may know of someone special they would like to introduce you to.


Family members do a complete 180 and now, instead of being on your back, they are on your team. You will be able to see family issues and dynamics very clearly right now and it may help to make some notes about your insights. You can go back to them later when you need the clarity.


You have a financial opportunity and everyone is full of advice. Most of it silly and based on little more than guesswork. Only you can make the final decision. You may have a partnership opportunity. Get everything in writing before you proceed.

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