You and your significant other will be talking and sharing ideas right now. One of you wants to buy an expensive new electronic toy or device, and you may run across a good bargain right now, provided you can be dragged away from your busy workplace for a moment of two.


Push your goals, ideas and aspirations in the workplace right now – you have an awesome idea that will bring together two “sides” of the company or organization, an idea with a lot of money-making potential. You may be spending much of the day thinking about or talking to your spouse and/or business partners.


You may find that you communicate with others just a little too well right now. You are able to get them on the phone, and they are paying attention, but your grasp of the truth may be a little too sharp, and your delivery is a little too blunt. Be tactful even if you are asked to be frank.


You may have suffered something of a blow to your self-esteem recently, but when you cut yourself some slack, you’ll discover it is okay to feel pretty good about yourself. A little playtime, or time out for a hobby, some reading time, or a short trip could work wonders.


It will be interesting to get your thoughts right now. Your mind is full of dynamic, intense, vivid and innovative ideas. You could have the next big product on your hands, or come up with a home remedy with the potential to change lives.


You will be planning or considering a vacation or pleasure trip soon. Make music, art or other forms of “beauty appreciation” a part of the adventure. If there is a choice between work and responsibility or kids and play right now, the latter should be the clear winners, all worries about finances aside. Some things just can’t be sacrificed.


If there was a one-word horoscope, your word would be “travel”. You may only be going across town, but your mind will be across the country, and your heart is flying around the world. You are likely to be making plans for travel even if you are not traveling right now.


You will get some strange phone calls right now. People will call up begging for your advice, then may turn suddenly to ask you “Well who asked you!?” Don’t get discouraged – your wisdom will be heeded eventually. Just be fair, honest and patient.


Some recent financial troubles could turn out to have a silver lining. That electronic device or toy you or your partner wanted has suddenly gone on sale, or a friend has a used one they are looking to unload, or perhaps someone is willing to trade.


A secret that bursts forth like a breaking dam takes you and your family down new and unexpected challenges. But the truth not only hurts – it’s also a powerful healer. Don’t let yourself be dragged under by your fears! Let yourself be swept away to a better place.


You could be the center of attention when you least want or expect it right now, so watch your back. Have you ever seen a circus mime? They wait until their victim is distracted then play behind his or her back. You may be working with someone whose sense of humor is similar.


There is an aspect in your astrological chart right now that is strongly supportive of home-based business efforts. Whether you have a part-time or full time money-making idea, right now you can attract advisors and possible partners who can help you with your efforts.

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