If you are single, someone you care about knows about your romantic woes and is quietly working behind the scenes to set you up. Quietly, because their track record as a matchmaker isn’t too good. But this time they may be onto something. Keep an open mind!


Your energy is flying along right now, and you will find yourself able to learn and absorb a great many things. You’ll marvel at how much work you get done. People will be seeking you out for wisdom and inspiration right now. You can be a powerful teacher or example to a loved one.


You might regret some partying you did last night, perhaps you went overboard or said something you regret. You are showing a bit of stress in the “pleasures and enjoyments” sector of your chart. It could well be that you simply need more time off than you are getting.


Your workplace is a little confusing and uncertain right now, and you are strongly pulled to escape. If you can’t work at home, it may be difficult to stay focused on getting everything done. You may be considering a dramatic redecoration.


It might be a good day to have a long, sincere talk with your partner about your long-term plans. Discussions could revolve around children, planning for the financial future or short-term social goals. You’ll have a lot of energy right now and could be impulsive.


You want nothing more than to toss your paperwork in the air and walk away for good, but that’s not practical. What you can do is push it to the side of your desk, push the chair back, and take a long walk during break time. It could work wonders.


You may find that entertainment or sporting outings don’t go well from a “win-loss” point of view, but that does not mean they can’t be fun. You may feel a bit apathetic or unmotivated right now. You want to have fun, but you are not eager to get out in the snow with the kids.


You may be traveling right now, when you happen across an incredibly good bargain. You are lucky with money, travel and paperwork right now. You are not so lucky where it comes to makeovers and haircuts, they could turn out to be more dramatic or radical than you expected.


People you know will introduce you to a new club or group of people that will have great meaning in your life. Whether you share hobbies, interests or ideas, you will feel a strong emotional and spiritual bond that may help you deal with deep personal emotional issues. It’s a good day to catch up on reading, research, study or paperwork.


You kind of feel like you are hiding your light right now, waiting for an opportunity to jump out into the spotlight and share your talents with a wider audience. You might have some “leg-work” to do – travel, research and paperwork may frustrate you but it is necessary.


Investment or some extra income could turn things around for you financially. You may get some interesting information from a friend or coworker about a new way to make money. You can also find good deals and bargains on clothing and home goods right now.


You will find yourself in a new career position as a result of some action or project you are undertaking. Don’t be afraid to pitch your wild and dramatic ideas, that’s what can get you noticed right now. You are heading off to do corporate battle.

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