Your intuition is powerful and dynamic right now. You finally know just the right words or course of action, and it will be a challenge for anyone or anything that might be foolish enough to get in your way. You can get a lot accomplished right now.


If you are married, you have a good opportunity to make amends with an in-law or relative on your spouse or partner’s side of the family. You will make an incredibly good impression if you just patiently listen to them, without any judgment or argument.


You’ll have better luck coming up with financial ideas right now, but they will be a bit wacky or unusual. You are in the middle of a shift in your attitude towards your primary source of income – is your job the right one for you? Listen to your inner spirit.


If you have kids you could be making a last-minute trip to the local computer centre with some broken electronics, computers or telephones right now. Everyone has a lot of excess energy right now and it may be hard to get in the physical exercise needed to work it off.


It’s a play day for you and your family. Get out into the world, get physically active, or take in a sporting event. You are likely to remember this day for a long time, so don’t forget the camera. Do forget the office and your responsibilities. You deserve one day off.


Avoid impulsive spending, especially if it is motivated by impulses to keep up with the neighbors. We all deny we are vulnerable to such a shallow motivation, yet there are times it is frustrating to feel left behind. If you are careful with your budget, the tide will turn soon enough.


When you stop trying to control everyone, things will calm down, and you’ll be amazed when the problems and worries suddenly start to fix themselves. Get your children or loved ones involved in the problem-solving if things start to jam up again.


You need a little playtime, but a family member either needs your help, or is determined to rain on your parade, or both. You may have to put your foot down and say you are entitled to decide how you’ll spend your own free time, thank you!


Have a little patience with a food server or customer service person who comes off as rude or unhelpful. The issue may have nothing to do with you, and taking it personally could be the best way to ensure you will not get what you want.


You don’t trust yourself right now but it is not on the merits of your record. You have been listening to a family member who can charitably be described as a depressed neg-aholic right now. Don’t listen to someone who wants to drag you down to their level, you are doing just fine!


Your intuition will be sharper right now, and you will be lead to opportunities in your local community to make an impact on the lives of others as well as your own. You may find that the act of repairing a few broken windows, painting over some graffiti could make a big difference.


An intuition that seems to come from your deep subconscious will help you make some positive changes to your home or family, or to prepare for some much-appreciated home improvements. You may be seeking out information online on the Internet right now.

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