You will likely be the center of attention right now, as people from your neighborhood or spiritual community seek out your advice, wisdom and guidance. You may have some knowledge about alternative healthcare, healing or a new teaching technique.


You will be preparing for some upcoming time off by spending some time with a book on some kind of alternative medicine, holistic treatment, or searching the Internet for a good spa. You need to give yourself a treat and the time or money will soon free up for it.


You may be asked to take on a leadership role in your family or in some kind of community group or charity. The politics may be intimidating at first, but you are the right person to bring things together. You will need to be patient and creative with the art of compromise.


You have an opportunity to learn something important to your personal or intellectual growth right now. You may be to asked to accept some differences or belief or opinion between friends or loved ones. If you can do that, you may find your circle gets a lot stronger.


If you have kids they are likely to be hyperactive and excitable right now – but that may work, because they are getting it from you. If you want your loved ones to calm down right now, you are going to have to calm down yourself first. Take three deep breaths. There. Feel better?


You may just be dreaming but there is a chance you could go overseas or visit another country sooner than you think. Stay positive, there may be mixed signals right now, but the ultimate outcome is in your favor. Brush up on the local language and customs while you wait for confirmation.


Investments, finances, debts and savings are the keywords right now. You have realized that it is time for a serious personal audit. You want to tear down all the old structures and replace them with the new. You may decide to change banks or fire a broker.


You will be feeling a bit kooky and outrageous right now. A friend or companion will come along with jokes and good humor. You may meet new people and decide to travel on the spur of the moment. Paperwork should be checked carefully, though as you are not mentally focused right now.


You may hear some news that has you considering some big changes to your diet or lifestyle. You may encounter an unexpected conflict with a mother figure in your life right now. Tread carefully. She may be really good at pushing your buttons right now.


You may have a career opportunity, but there are also a lot of challenges. There may not be enough money to stretch from the end of one job to the start of the next, or there are potential problems arising from management-labor disputes that you cannot control.


Today your main concern will be the spiritual growth and development of your loved ones, your mate and your children especially, if you have them. Your emotions will be strongly triggered by the need to protect those you love. You are likely worried about nothing.


It may be a good time for you to spend any spare time reading or studying a self-help book or web site. It is not a terrific time for doing technical paperwork or research. Your mind is focused inward, on your personal issues and the temper tantrum that your inner child is throwing.


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