Dramatic changes are coming in your love life as a result of changing values, changes in friendships, or changes in your beliefs about “right and wrong”. You may be growing toward a better understanding, or are growing apart from someone who has chosen to stay frozen in the past.


A tempting catalog may arrive at your door. Do not get carried away, especially where it comes to shiny things with big price tags. Setting a budget may help you get a handle on some of your expenses. You can save money if you review what you are paying for your utilities.


You have a lot of chores to manage right now, but you may find that they are a lot more enjoyable than you expected. You can get together with friends or family and get the hard stuff cleared up much faster than you first thought. Someone may find money in the process.


friends still can’t decide what side of the fence to sit on and your patience at times is wearing thin. You need a decision of some kind, and they are not cooperating with you. You could push things with an ultimatum, but that might backfire on you.


You may be considering some changes in your career. Don’t let yourself get roped into expensive lessons or classes right now though, it is the skills and talents you already have that have the best potential to improve your income for the long term.


If you are a parent, pull out your wallet and keep it handy, you are going to need it. If not, you might want to tuck it away, because it will be your inner child screaming for a “gimmee” and you are better off if you remove yourself from temptation.


You don’t seem to be able to get people to understand even the simplest concepts right now. They are cranky, contrary and confrontational. You may have better luck if you wait until you are asked before offering advice. If you must put in your two cents, practice what you plan to say.


You have powerful insights, vivid dreams, and flashes of intuition right now that can powerfully enhance your life. You are about to undergo some changes in your love life, which will add some sparkle to your eyes, and some spring to your footsteps.


You may be frustrated with yourself at the moment because you just cannot make up your mind whether you want to pick Path “A”, “B” or “C”, and you really do feel strongly that you have to make some challenging choices soon in regards to your career direction.


Your patience with the foolishness of others may come to a boiling point right now, and you’ll be tempted to let fly with some pretty harsh assessments of someone’s performance. Before you do, take stock of just what this outburst might cost versus what it is likely to accomplish.


Take some time out for yourself. Some solitude, even a few moments, would hugely help clear your mind, and calm racing thoughts. If a vacation is out of the question, a day trip or a night on the town may be enough to reset and restore. Let any problems go.


Don’t be afraid to book off a little extra time for good old fashioned fun right now. You may find yourself in demand for activities that revolve around learning, education, communication, and some kind of hobby or sport. Groups of people are fun and enjoyable.

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