Sudden attractions To unusual or gifted people are highlighted in your chart. Be aware that the more eccentric and interesting they are the less likely the relationship is to last. You can enjoy this kind of person as a momentary distraction, but they are hard to live with long-term.


Your financial picture could be pretty confusing right now. If you do any Internet banking, avoid the bank’s web site right now – they could have strange problems or hiccups that could temporarily affect your accounts. Any crossed wires will be untangled quickly though.


You may be looking at a sudden and inconvenient trip, or an unexpected opportunity to go back to school. Find a way to buy yourself some extra time before you go, before any decisions are made, and if you must travel right now, be prepared for detours and delays.


You may have a sudden moment of self-doubt in your intuition right now, especially where it comes to relationships and romance. Someone, most likely an older relative or companion, has cast doubt on your beliefs about your love life. Trust your own feelings.


You may feel that you have a challenge between two close friends. You may feel like you have to choose one side or the other, but that may not be the case. Listen, pay attention and be patient, and things will work out on their own.Now is time for you to step out on your own. In some way you’ve been holding back from expressing your true potential. You may be afraid of losing a friend, or of jealousy, or simply afraid that you will not succeed as well as you had hoped. But now it is time for you to fly.


You may be worried whether or not a good thing will last. The more worrying you do the more you are likely to draw out the kinds of experiences you fear. Tell your partner about your insecurities, share them, then let them go. You may be able to turn worries into one more way you are getting closer and more intimate.


You may be spending a lot of time going from place to place right now. You may be planning a trip or a recreational adventure of some kind. You may find it is a little hard to concentrate because your physical energy levels are so much higher than normal.


A career or financial idea will keep you busy sorting out the fine print but make sure you set aside a little time for fun and relaxation while you have the time. A little music or paint to brighten up your workplace could make a positive impact on your productivity.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role in creating structure and organization out of chaos right now. Everyone will be full of energy, and it may be a little like herding cats, but you have real vision right now, and people are listening to you.


If you have kids, they’ll likely be hyperactive and excitable right now. Some new toy or gadget has them all a-twitter. If you are not a parent, you may be all excited about some “big-kid” toy you can finally afford. Just be sure you get your money’s worth.


You will be feeling highly energetic right now. This is good for getting work, chores, and exercises done, but if you don’t find a way to work off the extra physical energy, you may feel uptight, anxious or argumentative. Get out for a good brisk walk!


You may find money around the house, or have a lucky break that leads you to an opportunity to make some extra money. Bargain deals are coming around your home town as well. Take some time to look through the sale flyers.

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