There is a playfully romantic atmosphere around you right now, and you may find yourself attracted to a single parent if you are single and looking right now. If not, you and your partner could be discussing your own status as parents, and your plans for the future.


An offer or opportunity may come by soon to make a risky investment. Check the details carefully as not everything will be disclosed or apparent at this time. Gamble only what you can afford to lose, especially if friends, relatives or siblings are involved.


Your energy moves from “self” to “others” right now, particularly if you are already involved in a romantic relationship. Things are heating up nicely right now. If you are single, you will find that you suffer an embarrassment of riches – you may be the target of more than one suitor.


You and your significant other are at odds over your choice of career, or over your handling of the inappropriate behaviour of a boss or coworker. If you are single, avoid a major nightmare by keeping well away from the temptation of a workplace romance.


Looks like you are thinking about or planning for a pleasure trip sometime soon. You may have to plan more than normal, but you have a terrific opportunity to learn a great deal from other people and other cultures. If you are a parent you may be doing a lot of extra driving right now.


You have an opportunity to travel but someone you work with may be the proverbial fly in the ointment. If you are already on the road, don’t be too conscientious about calling back to the office if you want any peace and quiet on your trip.


Keep your attention on the positive right now. There will very likely be some personal frustrations right now, and your emotions are running high, but this intensity won’t last too much longer. Give yourself a day off if you can. Get some rest. Don’t try to push things that are not important.


If you recently had some setbacks right now you may be able to find ways to make up for it. You have an opportunity to make money out of someone’s misfortunes, your own or someone else’s. Don’t feel too bad about that – someone has to, and you are helping after al!


You are about to have a change of mindset. Someone may present you with some challenging new ideas or concepts that challenge your beliefs and values. You may be considering going back to school or taking a fact-checking trip as a result.


Whatever it takes, get away from the extended family. Take your own brood to the theme park or movie house, but leave the in-laws and parents back at home. You can enjoy yourself on your own, or with your partner and kids, but a big family get-together right now is likely to be a disaster.


You and a friend could work together, study together, or figure out some way to help yourselves and others through alternative healthcare or medical treatments. There is an opportunity for you to make connections and lasting friendships with people who share your interests.


There are big changes coming in your lifestyle. Unusual changes in your love life, diet or exercise schedule could lead to powerful and positive changes in your well being. You may find there is an alternative healthcare option that involves an unpleasant-tasting herb.

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