You may be offered a raise, bonus, promotion or a new job soon, and while the financial benefits may be very tempting, it may be that the changes involve additional leadership responsibilities you don’t anticipate. You can handle it though, believe in yourself!


There is some teacher, lecturer, or “expert” headed for your workplace, and your boss or an important client is treating this character like the proverbial guru at the mountain top. If you avoid meeting them you may miss an important opportunity to show off your own know-how.


Challenging developments involving friends, associations or group activities are bringing you to be aware of the impact that others have on your life, for good or ill. You’ll want to decide which friends to keep, and who you need to grow beyond.


High energy hits your subconscious sector right now, making you feel anxious, even though things are actually heading your way. A family member whose behaviour has been perplexing of late will come around and the two of you could make a great deal of progress.


You may have disagreements with elder relatives, coworkers or friends who share resources with you. You may have bank accounts or investments in common. This is not a good time to set up a new investing partnership, you will be motivated by reactions to those who remind you of the past.


For you right now the issue is more about long-term career objectives and real estate investments than strictly financial income issues, but the two issues do have fundamental ties. Don’t take family members personally right now. They may come across as confused or irrational.


You are going a mile a minute right now. Your energy is high – too high, and you may find yourself suffering from moments of anxiety. If so, get out, get physically active, and work it off. It’s just physical energy that is stressing you out right now.


You may have some moments of self doubt right now but a friend or sibling will give you the figurative kick in the behind that you need to get you back on course. Stick to the mundane and avoid the deeply spiritual right now if you want to stay “upbeat”.


There is still good financial energy in your chart, which is helpful in getting your mind of a small ego-busting argument you are likely to have right now. If you are working on improving your self esteem, avoid getting into any disagreements on “hot-button” topics right now.


Instead of beating yourself over small chores, try writing a mental list of all the things you actually have accomplished. Write out a list of the top three blessings in your life. You may be surprised that you are discounting an awful lot of the positive in favour of the negative. Feed your joy.


You will be decidedly vulnerable to impulsive spending right now and it will be for the best that you avoid any credit card or other debt related to consumer goods. If you want to spend money, limit yourself to a strict budget, to money “on hand”. The plastic is deadly to you.


You may have to help a friend overcome feelings of depression or sadness right now. The best advice is to help them find some way to give to others. By sharing giving, they will get their mind of their problem, and you will both feel better about yourselves.

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