You may find that your politics, ideas, or attitude towards others in your local community are a little bit out of sync with your friends, family, or coworkers. Right now, your mind is in a completely different space. Be patient, other people will catch up to you in due course. They may even call you visionary!


You may want to take some time to help out an older friend, loved one or family member. While this may be a chore, there may also be a lot of satisfaction in making a difference for someone you care deeply about.


You will get strange phone calls out of the blue right now. Friends and siblings are calling to ask you for your advice or for help with unexpected problems at the last minute, and you could find it disruptive to your plans. You might want to consider screening your calls.


You are feeling extremely talkative and chatty right now, and it is a good thing you have a friend or companion who feels the same, otherwise the two of you would talk some poor soul’s ears off. There is good news traveling on the gossip lines right now.


If you are single, you will have a wonderful opportunity to meet someone special right now. Look in your circle of friends for chances to meet new people. If you are married, expect some warm and romantic moments. You can really connect with your partner right now.


Your intuition is right on where it comes to the social connections in your family. You may be hearing some very interesting gossip. Be careful that you don’t spread anything you hear, though, because not all the details may be accurate.


You are in the mood to play, to escape your responsibilities, and you may find there are opportunities to get out of work early. You find there is a lucky break or opportunity to participate in sports, entertainment, or a get-together that improves your mood.


Your life just has to contain some fun. It would be against the laws of nature and justice for you to have such aspects and waste them all on working or chores. Make sure you get out into the fresh air and sunshine. It’s party time, get out and boogie! You do need to have a bit of a break from the “rat race”.


You will be spending a lot of time right now planning a trip, or making several small trips back and forth. That restlessness you are feeling is the old travel bug in your pants again. You will be dreaming of far-off places and unusual new people will come into your life.


A family member may be able to help you untie your tongue a bit, but only if you let them. You will feel torn about revealing a secret or keeping it inside. Be careful to confide only in someone who has the wisdom and maturity to be helpful right now.


Finances, debts, investments, and the challenges of raising a family all combine to bring both challenges and rewards right now. Someone may present with a health problem, perhaps a case of the flu or a cold, and you may have to set aside time to help them cope.


You may discover that you have musical ability and rediscover an old passion for a band or entertainer you once followed. You may be considering making some changes to your physical appearance right now. Be aware that you may be just a little too easygoing right now.

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