Unexpected phone calls bring good news about loved ones, siblings, and their relationships. You may be able to play matchmaker for two star-crossed lovers. Just be sure you are helping, not meddling or manipulating. Suggest, then back away until you are sure both sides are receptive.


You are even less focused right now than yesterday. You are all over the map, swinging from one end of the mood spectrum to the other. Dreaming about your social plans won’t get you where you want to go, but you are not sure which of two equally good opportunities to follow.


Your focus will move towards the spiritual from the emotional and there are definitely challenges to overcome. You could have something of a crisis of faith – ask yourself if you are not holding onto old ideas because they support a purely secular or mundane notion – like your place on the social ladder?


Some small treat or indulgence could make a big difference right now. Sleeping in, or going out for a cheat in your diet may pay off in a better mood and lower stress levels. Just getting some alone time could turn things around dramatically in your love life.


This will be another romantic day, but there is an air of change that is a little challenging. If you are still single, you could meet someone who meets your criteria for a “serious” relationship. If you are already married, you are likely to have “serious” discussions with your spouse.


If you have children they are going to be picking your pockets right now – literally or figuratively. There is a sporting class or entertainment outing you want to take but it could prove to be terrifically expensive. You may find that a little personal creativity brings more fun for less money.


Your home is a whirlwind of activity right now. You may be just tidying up for an anticipated visit from a relative or loved one, but not a few folks from your sign will be packing up for a home move. If you are moving it is likely to be fancier digs where you will be a lot happier.


Look for subtle messages, coincidences, synchronicites. Your spirit is calling out for a message from higher wisdom right now. Take some time to relax and meditate, listen to your inner voice. You will find that by simply paying attention to your own emotions that you can access ideas and solutions to your challenges.


The cash-flow situation is improving! You could have a garage sale or find there is more equity in your home than you thought. Home improvements, home businesses, or money that comes in from family members are all likely manifestations of right now’s energies.


You are the center of attention right now. In one corner, there are cranky family members who are demanding attention, in another, there is your home begging for a makeover. You can escape with a good book or get out to a seminar or lecture that gets you out of the house.


Some of the roadblocks in your drive to succeed are getting dramatically smaller right now, but there are some social challenges. You may find that a friend, partner or companion is jealous, or they have some medical or lifestyle issues that you have to help resolve.


Someone may call with an unexpected offer to help you with your chores or daily tasks right now. You like to be self-sufficient, but if you say “No thanks” you may deny someone of an opportunity to help someone they care about – namely you! Would that be right?

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