You are likely to go on a shopping trip to buy a new wardrobe soon. Make sure that you go for the gigantic changes you are craving – if you stick to a conservative look just to impress others, it may backfire. Be yourself, let your creativity and individuality shine though.


Take some time to be alone with yourself, especially if you are facing a major lifestyle or relationship choice. You may feel the need to be alone inside your own mind for a while. Meditation may be incredibly helpful if you are feeling stuck in a rut.


If you own your own business and deal with the public, you are likely to find it is a banner day for sales. People will be drawn to you, to the kind of work you do, and they are highly interested in your skills and talents. If you are looking for work, it could be your lucky day.


It looks like the home improvement plans you have been making lately have been a tad overly ambitious. You might find though that they are past the point of no return. You just may need some help from a contractor, or from that brother in law you can’t stand – he’s good with a hammer, though, right?


A promising relationship could be threatened by a difference in cultural backgrounds or education, but that’s easily fixed. The answer is as close as the local library or night school. You will both greatly benefit by sharing your diverse beliefs and backgrounds.


A subtle change in your love life is coming. Right now you may not notice much, but over time this is going to lead to big changes. You may simply be valuing yourself more, showing more confidence, or you are more certain of what you want in a relationship.


You may think that you have the perfect answer to a friend’s problem with their love life or children, but in truth, you are not at your most clear right now. It may be better to sit back and wait for them to come to the realization themselves.


Don’t try to share religion with others, especially not with anyone below the age of majority right now. You will find that people are especially sensitive to political and religious topics right now, especially where their kids are involved.


You may be strongly drawn to share some of your recent spiritual insights with loved ones and relatives. They will be pleased to learn how profoundly changed you are as a result of some of the study, prayer, or meditation you have indulged in lately.


Your intuition or a hidden writing talent could help you sort out some of your financial issues. If you are offered any sort of financial partnership right now, examine the fine print carefully. There could be hidden caveats buried in all the legalese.


You are still in power-worrier mode, but if you think back on all the times you dreamed up some scary scenario that never came to pass, you might have to have a good laugh at your own expense. Yes, there are some changes coming, but they will be more to your liking than you think, at least in the long run.


You will find out some interesting information that will shed new light on an old mystery. An older friend or relative may share a family secret that will have tongues wagging and minds buzzing. You may benefit as a result of someone sharing information.

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