Communication is scattered and strange right now. People seem to be from some other planet or something. Hidden within the wild-eyed ideas are some useful innovations, though. This is not a good day to install new phone, cable or Internet services.


Your intuition is fluctuating a bit right now. You don’t know whether to listen to your head or your heart, and neither one may be correct right now. Don’t be led by anxiety. Keep your thoughts focused on your dreams and goals – on what you want, not what you don’t want.


You could have an argument with a loved one about money or values, and it may seriously push the buttons because the other party has no business casting stones from their own crystal mansion. Retreat may be the better part of valour. Rubbing their nose in their hypocrisy could come back to bite you.


You may find friends, companions and associates are utterly unreliable right now. They are way off in a world of their own, and absolutely nothing you do seems to bring them back down to earth. Why bother? Relax and enjoy the antics. They’ll at least be entertaining.


Even though there are some stressful moments right now, you still feel pretty good. You know things will turn around soon, and have confidence in your creativity. You know you have the mind-power to overcome just about anything. All you have to do is keep an open mind.


You are getting more support and understanding from loved ones right now. You may also be planning a vacation, and while everyone is feeling good you may have a better shot at getting them all to agree on an itinerary. Single folks may find trips lucky in more ways than one.


A new spiritual or metaphysical interest could prove to be both relaxing and rewarding. Yoga and meditation both fit the bill. An alternative medical treatment may also prove helpful. Look off the beaten path for ideas and techniques that can help lower stress.


There is a way to save money by recycling. If you have never tried Freecycle, check out www.freecycle.org. You may be able to get something you really wanted, and will have an opportunity to give back in return. You may also find a way to make new money from an old idea.


There is a life-altering fork in the road and you are not sure what path to take. There is no right or wrong choice. Ask yourself which road lead to you feeling more secure, happier, satisfied and successful? What are your priorities? That will make the choice more obvious.


You feel anxious and uncertain and don’t know why. You need a feeling of greater stability around you and will be reaching out for trustworthy advice and feedback. A friend or companion could provide the insight you are seeking. Your mood will come around when you sort out the details.


You may have an opportunity to sit down with a good book right now. If you have children, you may find that reading together could be a wonderful way to spend some free time together. If you have to travel to work right now though, the traffic could be extra heavy.


You may find that your politics, ideas, or attitude towards others in your local community are a little bit out of sync with your friends, family, or coworkers. Right now, your mind is in a completely different space. Be patient, other people will catch up to you in due course. They may even call you visionary!

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