Taking some time to get together with others to support a worthy cause will brighten your mood and increase your energy. A good friend may introduce you to new ideas or a broader perspective.


You and your significant other can’t seem to make up your minds to make love or argue right now. If you want to return to harmony and balance, you will have to be the one who “gives”, compromises, or decides to listen and let your loved one talk.


You may hear some big news in your family soon. A sibling or cousin may be adding to the family tree, traveling overseas, or has gotten a great new job. You may be hosting a celebration or get together for the lucky loved one. A potluck is the only way to go.


You’ll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one right now, and the resolution will make everyone feel that much more secure. Just be sure that everyone understands the “game plan”, whether the problem is one of spiritual insight, or is on a more material plane.


The gossip lines are just burning with good news, and the phone will be ringing off the hook. Everyone tripping over each other to be the first one to tell you, but you already know. You have good news of your own to tell, too. Your love life has tongues wagging.


Sudden, unexpected news in the financial sector could work out for either good or ill. It is hard to say which way the pendulum will swing, but you probably won’t be prepared for an expense or the arrival of an unexpected cheque – or both. You have a high energy rating right now.


If you are going away soon, ensure that a trusted coworker is there to pick up the slack. You’ll be in a good mood and your mind will seem sharper and clearer than it has for a while. You may take an impromptu trip into the countryside to look at the scenery.


You will find that no matter what you decide to do right now there are unexpected detours and changes in plans. A little spontaneous fun wouldn’t kill you. If you don’t think you have any time for recreation, you may find it frees up at the last minute.


You’ll sort out an interesting issue with a friend or loved one. The experience will make everyone feel much more happy and secure. Be sure that everyone understands the consequences. There will have to be adjustment and the changes may be stressful at first.


You have many social opportunities right now but your subconscious mind is interfering with your ability to follow through on the connections offered through family and friends. You may be afraid of social differences that arise from differences in religion, culture or politics.


You may soon be hearing about a promotion or a new job offer. You will feel strongly that you only want to take on new responsibilities that “feed the soul”. Be careful making big changes, because you want to be sure you get more than mere financial benefit.


Still single? Shame. Doesn’t have to be that way you know. If you get yourself out and in the public eye right now there is no telling what can happen. Try talking to attractive strangers about the weather. Open your mind and heart, and you will be surprised what walks in.

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