Your leadership ability is blossoming right now. You find that wisdom comes from out of the blue. You have a connection with a deep source of information that is beyond your conscious awareness. You may have wild an unusual ideas and inspiration right now.


You will be meeting new people, opening doors, building bridges. You are the “go-to” guy or gal right now, the social hub. You have an intuition about two friends who may make a good match. Take a chance on putting them together, but don’t push it.


Family members are back to normal. Well, normal is as normal does in your family, but they are yours and you love them anyway. They will bring your joy, good news, and perhaps even financial opportunities – if you are paying attention.


If money is involved right now, consider the source before you believe anything or anybody. Even your family members cannot be counted on to be totally truthful or accurate right now. It is not that there is necessarily a deliberate deception, but people are so hyper they are willing to believe anything.


You and your love partner have to sit down and have a “budget debate”. You might not be looking forward to it, but even if you are wealthy, chances are excellent that you are starting to live beyond your means. If you are single, a hot date tonight could be pricey.


You may be getting important positive news or an interesting telephone call from an old friend or companion right now. Be prepared to be a good listener. They are going to be all excited over some hot new idea, but the truth is, they aren’t seeing the full picture.


You are about to get the shock of your life at work – someone who is normally the old stick in the mud, or the tight-wad for your budget, suddenly and dramatically lightens up. There are wonderful opportunities to make money and improve your position right now.


It looks like you are long overdue for a vacation. Something will change soon that could make a long-delayed dream trip a reality. Even if you can not go right now, it is a good time to dream and plan.


Don’t count on family connections to bring you through any trials you encounter in personal relationships and partnerships right now. In fact family connections might well be the source of your troubles. An intuitive flash will bring you just the solution you need, though.


You may be suffering from self-doubts where it comes to career and social status right now, but some good fortune, an upcoming trip, or a lucky find will distract you and have your mood heading back towards “happy” territory. Be a little self-indulgent, at least up to the level you can afford.


There will be a lot of phone calls right now, and you may be discussing travel, vacation or a new and exciting book you are reading. Avoid topics like investments, debts and savings plans if you want to stay on the up side of your emotional roller coaster.


No matter how tempting they make it, be really sure you want the responsibilities you are offered right now. Your loved ones and relatives may flatter you saying they want you to take charge, but they may really just be dumping something in your lap.

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