Your energy may be down a bit due to a seasonal allergy, food intolerance or some other temporary health issue. To boost your energy, look at your food choices. Has anything changed in your diet recently? A small change could make a huge difference.


If you are feeling a bit drained of energy right now, spend some time and money on yourself. Get out to a massage therapist, spa, salon or wellness centre. You need a break from the daily grind, but a small break is all you can likely afford to take right now.


You might want to get out of the house alone right now. It seems that home or family is a bone of contention with your partner or loved ones, and you are likely to hear about a lot of past sins. You might want to avoid unsolicited advice, especially where it comes to investments.


If you are single, you will find that you are strongly attractive to potential partners right now. If you are in a relationship, expect your love life to get hot and passionate this evening. You are highly energetic and easily excitable right now.


Home-based business ideas are getting warmer, but there are still some cold spots. It’s likely you have some debts to be cleared up and even if you don’t, you may find it harder to get the needed funding than you thought. Keep trying – but don’t give your day job up until you feel secure.


The “values” issue right now may come back in the form of a test of your ideals. Will you take the easy money, the easy way out, or will you stick to your principals and do the right thing? If you need guidance, ask a family member you trust.


You can have a lot of fun on the phone right now. People will be calling you with all kinds of fun and interesting news. Someone wants to talk about a new baby, or about starting a new family. Someone else wants to brag about their little one’s musical accomplishments.


A sudden flash of attraction passes between you and someone strange or eccentric right now. If you are single you could find yourself accepting a date with someone you had written off. If you are with a partner you could be indulging in some wild fantasies this evening.


If you want to lead, teach, study, learn and share. Focus on past hurts that you have learned from – how can you share the insights and understanding that you have learned with others who have shared similar misfortunes? The task could prove incredibly rewarding.


Sudden and unexpected phone calls may leave you with a weird deja-vu feeling. You will get news that you were anticipating, but you didn’t look forward to the confirmation. Chin up. It may turn out better than if you had gotten your way in the first place.


Your office or workplace is filled with strange and confusing energies right now. People seem more than a little “out of it” at times. Since you cannot motivate others to work past this, you may have to work on personal projects while you wait for them all to “un-muddle”.


You might think it is a great day to head out to the salon for that makeoever you have been wanting, but if you are trying to impress a loved-one with your new look … forget it. Someone in your family is wound up in their own stuff right now and you are better off to avoid their input.

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