Your intuition is telling you that someone you have met recently is going to be good for your career. You may soon be more than work mates. If you are still single, there could be romantic possibilities. If not, you may have made a valuable new friend.


You’ll have mixed financial news right now, and may have to juggle responsibilities so you can stay on top of everything. This is not a good time to visit the bank to discuss refinancing your home or to arrange for a loan to cover old debts. Leave such issues aside for another time.


Listen to your intuition right now. You could encounter good luck moments that lead you to found money, and there are terrific bargains to be found. You may find yourself in arguments right now and not know why. There are old hurts and subconscious issues coming up.


It’s going to be a complicated workday because you’ll be bombarded with messages, phone calls, faxes and emails, and there are challenging transformative energies pushing you to be much more assertive in the pursuit of your goals.


Relationships are strange and interesting right now. People that you meet will seem to have ideas and interests that come way out of left field. They will be creative, interesting and entertaining. You may meet someone who is attractive, but they may have substance abuse issues.


Family matters could intrude upon your recent run of good luck this evening – someone could come to you with their hand out in what looks like an emergency. But take a breath before you pull out your wallet. There may be other ways to sort out the trouble without breaking the bank.


Challenges arise from an elder member of your family who has some medical issues. While you may feel that you are unfairly burdened, you will find that there is a great opportunity to build closeness and to be of true service right now. That can bring incredible rewards.


You may have to decide between spending time at work boosting your career, and spending time at home taking care of a sick or lonely relative. You must decide which priority to attend to first, but there may be some way that you can compromise.


If you are a parent you’ll be looking at the kind of religious upbringing you want to pass along in your family. If you are not a parent, it’s likely that you will be asking yourself what you want to continue to believe yourself. Your religious heritage is confusing to you at the moment.


Your energy levels and mood are a little chaotic right now, but there are good opportunities if you keep on your toes. You may hear some news or information that can help you make money, or better make your existing resources work for you.


A friend or companion could say something you take exception to right now, but before you start to react, take a step back and ask yourself how you can turn the encounter into a leadership opportunity. You may be better able to rebut them by saying nothing at all.


Be careful while driving right now. You could run afoul of drives who are not paying attention to the road. Older drivers may be extra challenging right now, and you could find yourself taking a lot of construction-related detours. The local construction folks are busy tearing up the road.

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