You are doing a lot of thinking about the future. Right now though, you may see more roadblocks than opportunities. But the fog will clear by the evening, and what seemed to be an impossible challenge, suddenly is transformed into an exciting opportunity.


People come in all sorts of weird varieties, and right now they are a true bag of mixed nuts. Today they tend to be overly dramatic but highly entertaining. You can get your job done if you stay focused, but you will accomplish nothing if you are dragged into the melodrama they are creating. Keep your nose buried in your own cubicle.


You may find that an old friend or love interest makes a reappearance to help you with a thorny career or social problem. You have something of an identity crisis on your hands right now because you are confused by the conflicting moods of your partner.


If you are feeling uptight or uncertain of yourself right now, get out to a local book store and get yourself some low-brow reading material. A hot and steamy gothic romance novel or anything you call a “guilty pleasure” should be about right.


If you are reading or writing for work, you may find the going tough. If you are reading or writing for pleasure, then you may find unexpected insights that are far more valuable right now. You will want to push yourself, but the harder you force things, the more challenging they get.


You will be fighting inner demons right now, and while you are grappling with one, grab it by the toe and refuse to let go until it blesses you! What that means, is that you can’t run from your baggage. You have to deal with it – and when you do, you are rewarded with gifts beyond price.


Find some recreational activity, sport or entertainment event that involves your whole family and you will also solve a “problem child” situation. The truth is that the little one is acting out because they want attention. So give it to them! They deserve it, after all.


You are full of wanderlust right now, but other responsibilities are conspiring to keep you at home. You may have debts, financial issues or work-related responsibilities that prevent a quick getaway. Paperwork does go more smoothly later on, and business trips will be challenging but successful.


Family members are wound up and uptight right now and there isn’t much you can do about that. It’s not a good day for impromptu home improvements. You may find you don’t enjoy the process as much as you thought and your efforts may have to be re-done later on.


Your home is calling out for a makeover, but you may be too impatient and impulsive to do a good job right now. This could be a good time to hash out the budget and details with your partner, while pushing the implementation to a date when you can focus better.


You feel like you have just come out from under something of a dark cloud and your thinking processes are laser-sharp. Problem is, all the ideas you have involve getting people to change their schedules or attitudes and they may resist if you push too hard.


Heavenly energies are blessing the work, career and finance areas of your chart right now. If you were thinking of pushing for a promotion, right now is a good day to work on making that dream come true. Just be sure to document your value proposition before you make your pitch.

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