You will be on the phone or the Internet a lot of the day, acting as the hub for a wheel of delightfully cheerful gossip right now. Someone is getting married, having a baby or has decided to move to town, and you are busy letting the grapevine know all about it.


You may be dealing with a confused or upset friend right now when it dawns on you that you can learn an awful lot from their mistakes and shortcomings. If you can love, accept and forgive them for their failures, surely you can do no less for yourself.


Family members will bring you stress or worries right now. Someone has joined some group, club or social clique that has everyone else concerned or in an uproar. You are the least clear of all, so avoid making any critical comments until the dust has settled.


Some changes may have to be made to educational or travel plans. You’ve had an astonishing week in many ways. Now comes time to decide where you go from here. What are the important goals you want to accomplish over the next few months?


Your energy is high, and you are full of stunning ideas right now. You may be spending a lot of time on the phone right now, and people will be seeking you out for your ideas and input. A dramatic turn is coming in relationships. Someone can’t decide whether they are coming or going.


A friend is going to be chasing after you for advice or opinions, and there may be opportunities if you are both ready to take immediate action. You may feel a little overly cautious because you are worried whether or not “the public” or potential buyers are ready for this innovative idea.


You may be considering joining a union, changing jobs, or leaving the workplace for a home-based business. You are simply tired of the status quo, of being taken for granted as the “Nurturer in Chief”. You want to be recognized for more than patting others on the back.


You may be thinking about travel, but so are a lot of other people. Wherever you end up, it is likely to be seriously crowded. That could be a good thing, because it is likely to bring you together with interesting people, new friends and companions.


Your intuition is powerful and dynamic right now. You finally know just the right words or course of action, and it will be a challenge for anyone or anything that might be foolish enough to get in your way. You can get a lot accomplished right now.


You are considering a last-minute vacation or weekend getaway, but the fact is that you don’t have all the pieces in place. Make sure you can get the time off, that you have enough money, and that all your medications, documentation and communications options are in place.


Financial energies are a little weird and scattered right now. You could find yourself out at the mall buying all kinds of strange tchotchkes that you later find don’t go with your home decoration plans. It may be best to avoid any unnecessary expense right now.


You are acting like a big kid right now, and people have noticed. You may find that a friend or companion is getting in your face with irrelevant and unwelcome arguments right now. You may decide it is lots more fun to play alone, on your computer, or with your romantic partner.

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