This is definitely not an auspicious day for a long trip. If you are traveling, expect delays and encounters with unpleasant people. You will not be at your most patient or understanding either, and some of your troubles on the road could be more self-caused than you want to admit.


You want to take care of your own needs and issues right now, and a friend may help you see what you need to do to get your self-esteem and inner vision back on track. You are re-evaluating your hopes and dreams for the future in the harsh light of reality. Your friend could say “maybe you are being a little too harsh”.


You will be uncomfortable with a choice made by a family member right now, likely because they have placed you in a position of responsibility you did not want. This is likely to be a financial duty, and it may possibly take the form of being an executor in a will.


You may find that you have an amazing opportunity to expand your financial potential and career future through your creative gifts right now. If you are feeling any confusion about your future path right now is a good day to meditate on your choices.


If you are still single, you could meet someone who is charming and attractive, but a little eccentric right now. If you are already married, there will likely be some unexpected developments in your love life. This is a good day to rekindle the romance.


You will tend to have interesting and positive discussions with women right now, but you are likely to notice that the men around you seem more aggressive and challenging. Practice extra patience, especially with male friends and the men you meet on the road.


You may be pushed into taking charge right now when a power struggle or domestic dispute gets out of hand. If you can send everyone off to their corners or cubicles until the afternoon, tempers will cool and you will find that there is no energy left to stir up trouble.


Someone is not telling you the whole truth. They are asking for your help with a personal or financial matter, but when you press them for details they get a little foggy. Insist on hearing the whole story, it will make a difference to your choice.


You may have an interesting opportunity to make more money or to boost yourself up a rung or two on the ladder of success. You may discover some new idea or concept that has you hunting for more information on the Internet or at a local bookstore.


You can’t seem to decide if you are joyous or miserable right now, and your conflicted moods are probably reflected in the mirror. People can easily read you right now, and the “come closer … no, stay away!” message you are giving out is confusing, though perhaps that is unavoidable.


Home improvement projects may be on the agenda right now, but there might be interruptions from your work or career that separate you from some much-needed time with your family. Try to get back some time to yourself at another date if you are asked to put in a lot of overtime.


You may be at the head of the class right now, but not everyone is paying full attention. It may be nice to play teacher, but you may find that there are challenges in keeping everyone’s attention focused. Storytelling may be one way to teach, share and get the message across.

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