If you are single, an unexpected, unusual and exciting new romance will bring out your wild, passionate side, but you may find that it lacks “staying power”. So what? Let your hair down and enjoy the fun. Just don’t try to tie down a free spirit.


Watch what you say to friends and siblings right now. Your intentions may be noble, but you may come across as critical or as a bit overpowering. Wait until you are asked for advice before making any suggestions about someone you know and love right now.


Your love life is a little complicated all of a sudden. It’s parental or family influences that are the most likely trouble-makers, and you will be able to break free of it by making a deal or compromise with your significant other to provide a united front.


You may be finding that your popularity right now depends a great deal on where you stand right now, especially where it comes to your family. Half of them love your ideas, but the other half seem to be intent on giving you a radical makeover that you don’t want.


Whatever you do, do not accept that credit card that came in the mail. You are likely to get a reminder of the problems you faced last year, with a short-term financial setback. Remember and repeat – credit cards are not a form of supplementary income.


This is not an auspicious day for the beginning or initiation of new relationships. Whether you are meeting someone new, or are considering taking a next big step in an existing relationship, this is not the day to make big changes. Just relax and enjoy things as they are.


A friend or companion will be a huge help and comfort to you right now. There will be no shortage of people who are interested in what you have to say. You can make new friends and meet people right now. You could be the recipient of a happy long-distance phone call. Expect to hear good news.


You can get a lot of the household chores cleared up that you have been putting off. You will have a lot of physical energy, and your attention is focused on ways to improve your home or workplace with better communications or computer equipment.


You will be getting a lot of telephone calls and invitations from friends who want you to get out and party, or to share a big sporting event right now. You have a lot of physical energy right now and you need to find an active way to work it off together with others.


You will definitely be the social hub of family, friends and loved ones right now, and just about all the news is good. The phone will be ringing off the hook with this person from that place talking about the wonderful news about so and so over there … spread the joy. This is one time where gossiping is definitely a good thing.


The telephone wires will be buzzing with juicy gossip, between you and your circle of friends right now. You will be hopping with excitement about someone’s latest victory. If you know any artists or musicians there is going to be a celebration coming soon.


Friends who push you into spending more than they know you can afford are going to be the challenge right now. You don’t have to explain why you are not going on their fancy outing – just say “Sorry, I can’t attend,” and if they get pushy, suggest that you might be available for something less pricey.

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