If you are looking for a peaceful day, avoid the phone and your circle of friends. If you are looking for drama, chaos and excitement, call them up. They will be something of a stirred up hornet’s nest right now, highly excitable and sensitive.


You are the center of attention right now. In one corner, there are cranky family members who are demanding attention, in another, there is your home begging for a makeover. You can escape with a good book or get out to a seminar or lecture that gets you out of the house.


You will be studying, reading and researching about do-it-yourself home improvement projects or reading self-help books that relate to home and family right now. Something in the structure or foundation of your life feels uncertain right now and you want to get to the bottom of it.


Family members come at you from both sides of a tricky question. If you are a man, you will think the men are right, if a woman, you’ll side with the ladies. But have another look, and you may find the situation is more complex than it appears at first glance.


Today it is you who are daydreaming, and hopefully you are as forgiving of yourself as you have been to the children in your life. One of those daydreams has good potential to drive you further down your career or social path, provided you can find a way to make it a reality.


Dramatic changes have to take place in your career and work sectors, true, but before you storm the boss’s door ask yourself if you are being entirely fair. If you charge in with no room for compromise or “face saving” you could end up with an unwinnable battle on your hands.


You may find that changes at home affect your career plans, or vice versa. You may be challenged by those who seem obsessed with the pros and cons and by the tiniest details of a current project that you are thinking should be scrapped altogether.


You might want to rebook that doctor’s appointment you scheduled for another day. Your chart speaks of challenges with medical authority figures. That could make for a misdiagnosis or misunderstanding. If you are taking a new drug, follow the instructions with extra care and attention.


If you are in a relationship right now, you may feel you have stepped into an awesome Twilight Zone episode where you and your partner are playing Gomez and Morticia. Your crazy, silly side really needs to come out and play.


Your workplace is likely to be a little strange right now. People seem contrary, agitated, and distracted. It may be hard for you to get anyone to focus, and the truth is that you aren’t terribly focused yourself. You’ll find a way to relax and enjoy yourself this evening.


You and your loved ones could disagree about finances, career goals and your family budget. You may find that your significant other is anxious about your financial future, even though it looks like you are heading in a decidedly positive direction.


Your family seems to come from another planet at the best of times, but right now you could be forgiven for wishing they’d go back there. They are cranky and eccentric, and make weird demands on your time. You can benefit by making it clear to someone that you want a favor returned.

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