You will find that siblings and close friends are acting strangely. It will help you if you don’t take their odd behaviour personally. Remember that they act weird because they are thinking weird … your sense of humor will help you get through it.


Some changes you are considering making to your home or family may need to be delayed or revised. This might seem inconvenient, but it could turn out to be an ironic blessing in disguise. You may find an unusual opportunity to stretch your budget.


You and your partner “need to talk”. One of you has taken up a hobby or part-time business involving some kind of teaching, publishing or holistic product and is not feeling much support from the other. You need to find a way to compromise on your time together.


You may be considering a new career soon. You may be discussing changes with family members at a get together this evening. Keep your mind and heart open to suggestions. Someone that you love may have a wild idea that sets fire to your imagination.


Your mate or partner may be insisting you “settle down”, or vice versa. Somehow there will be issues involving commitment, stability, security and-or the children in your lives. Communication is the key – talking things out will actually help, give it a try!


You may find that other people are taking extra notice of you right now. You can take advantage of the extra attention by simply appreciating your own gifts. You are your own worst critic, and you need to be your own best friend.


You’re feeling generous right now, and it’s finally time that you can spare some energy or some cash to help a needy friend or associate. If you don’t have someone like that in your life right now, express your gratitude for your blessings with a gift to a charity.


You may have an opportunity to be published right now. Whether you are writing the next “War and Peace” or a simple letter to the editor, people are interested in what you have to say. You may spend too much time double-checking your thoughts and over-editing yourself, though.


You may find an unusual or interesting work of art, a telephone or a new computer for your home. Family members could be dropping by unexpectedly, so it would not hurt to stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up some snacks, just in case.


Trust your intuition. You may have some doubts or concerns about your future career path, or the direction your social life is taking. An older friend or an authority figure that you trust will prove themselves to be a wise and understanding guide.


You’ll have trouble expressing your thoughts and feelings right now. You may have a friendship that is in trouble, and it is important that you sit down and talk things out. You may be surprised by the other point of view. There are secrets you’ll learn that are hurtful, but will ultimately be healed.


You will be intense and moody right now and may not have the best judgement where it comes to paperwork or legal matters. Seek out wise advisors on important matters where the course of action is not clear. Your intuition is good, but you really need the voice of experience.

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