You will be looking for ways to enjoy yourself in your coming time off, and will find that movies and music are your most gratifying choices. Be open minded about the new music that your children or younger people in your social circle are listening to.


You will be an impulsive shopper right now and could find yourself sinking some serious coin into something that does not work as advertised, is overpriced, or that you get sick of quickly. You can’t go wrong if you sink that dough into a savings account.


You may be considering taking up music lessons, or buying some new CDs for your collection right now. You can get paperwork done if there is a creative component to it, but if you have to cope with a mountain of boring accounting you may find yourself zoning out.


Art and music are both good ways to soothe a troubled spirit. If you know someone in distress, the gift of music or a night if music and dancing could help boost both your moods. Just avoid the liquid spirits, especially if addiction is a factor.


A crisis of faith reaches something of a boiling point right now. You feel you have been misled. But just because some point or other may not be factually true, does that invalidate all of the lessons you have learned? Keep your heart open to learning by “parables”.


Be careful not to fall prey to temptation to comfort spend right now, especially if you are a parent who recently gave the “I can’t afford it” lecture. You don’t want to be caught failing to follow your own restrictions. You may have to find a way to compromise on the family budget.


Your interests, and the needs of a friend may seem at odds right now. One wants to play, and the other wants to work. Don’t get pushed into any unscheduled commitments if you are the work-a-holic one and if you want to play, make sure there are open spots in the calendar first.


You are being called upon to take a leadership role with friends or siblings right now. Despite the fact that they put you in this position, they persist on acting like overgrown children with authority figure complexes. The best solution may be to step back and say “Okay, then, you handle it.”


With all the good news you got last week it may seem like a good thing for you to stay humble – but that’s no fun! You definitely will be looking at your personal and spiritual values and beliefs – but try to cut yourself some slack. Count your blessings.


Paperwork brings both blessings and challenges. You may find that you are better off if you focus on personal concerns, but financial paperwork is a greater challenge. Work-related commuting could be somewhat of a hassle too.


You have a friend who is undergoing a spiritual crisis or religious transformation that you find incredibly challenging. Before you get too excited, just remember that no matter what they believe, they are still the same person you always knew.


You may find that authority figures are less than cooperative right now. Employers, supervisors, government officials are likely to be testy and challenging. If you are having to deal with them, be at your patient and diplomatic best.

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