You may be facing something of a spiritual crisis at times right now, but take heart. The challenges you face in dealing with a new world view are preparing you for a much more rewarding understanding, a better connection with your spiritual source.


You have your own interesting ideas right now, and are eager to share them with a wider audience. You have all kinds of energy, but you may not be seeing the complete picture. You may want to write the next great novel but will you be able to see it through to the end?


Someone will call right now with news or information about a healthy lifestyle choice. You may not be receptive to the idea at first, but when you hold your nose and swallow the medicine, it will go down more smoothly than you thought. You may get a call from an admirer right now.


You need to have a little fun and play time, and if you are going to get it you simply must leave the cell phone at home charging in the cradle. If you take that nasty device with you, you are likely to get a call from an employer or client begging for attention at the worst possible time.


You will have a lot of energy and ideas and little patience. You could find your mouth running at a mile a minute while your mind struggles to keep up. You are not normally a “talker” but right now is an exception. You could find yourself gossiping on taboo subjects if you are not careful.


A supervisor, manager or client in your workplace may be coming across a bit like a barking dog right now, and likely they can say the same. They are just passing the misery along. It may be easier to tolerate their ill humour if you do not take things they say personally right now.


You are getting mixed messages about your love life right now. On the one hand your significant other or a potential partner seems determined to get together with you, but then they suddenly switch gears and want to challenge your ideas. Keep things light if you can.


Today it is your personal relationships that prove challenging, but there are opportunities within the arguments you are likely to face right now. You have a chance to learn something about the dynamics of personal relationships. Part of loving someone is learning to love their family.


Your friends and companions will be acting a little strangely right now. They may actually be suffering from colds or the flu, or are just feeling out of sorts for reasons they don’t wish to discuss. You may have a hard time reaching someone emotionally.


You may discover that there is a nice group of people who share your interests, hobbies, or spiritual interests in your community. This could be an incredibly lucky place for you to meet new people, hear new ideas and make new friends right now.


This is not the best day for a big get-together with a large group of friends. Someone is apt to have something that can only be described as an emotional meltdown. Be extremely careful when offering advice and support to someone who strikes you as fragile.


You may discover that you have musical ability and rediscover an old passion for a band or entertainer you once followed. You may be considering making some changes to your physical appearance right now. Be aware that you may be just a little too easygoing right now.

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