Do not be afraid to say no to a child or loved one whose demands on your time are bordering on the impossible at the moment. Both children and adults may be testing your patience, understanding and endurance, and you may regret a reaction made in the heat of the moment.


Making sure that your love life is in harmony with your ambitions right now could be a challenge. There are stronger positive signs than challenging ones, but you may find there are some miscommunications or challenges in getting your point across.


Communication is the key to sorting out the differences you have with your partner. While you may disagree about how to handle a housing situation, or how to deal with a family member, you will be able to agree that something needs to be done.


Your boss could call you in at the last minute to take action on an important new project. It is likely to be a lot of work. Make sure that there is some quid pro quo for the extra hours or responsibility that you will be taking on. You deserve the recognition.


The challenging and contradictory aspects you have recently faced have left you feeling confused and frustrated at times. But you may now more clearly see that the opportunities are real and valuable and that the hurdles you have leapt have forced you to a higher place in life.


You may get some uncomfortable sensations right now but they should pass once you realize that they are mostly related to stress. While your physical body is under a bit of a challenge right now, you are likely to get some good news about your finances that will brighten your mood.


Weather could be a factor in travel or communications. You may need to replace electronic equipment, make a bunch of phone calls, and you could face commuting delays. Factor for things taking longer than you expect, and be patient with others whose patience may be tested.


If you are still single, this is a good day to get out and about, to meet new people. Bookstores, seminars, and places where ideas are shared are good places to be seen right now. If you are already married, a gift of a book, CD, or evening class could brighten your significant other’s day.


Listen to your intuition right now. While the ideas you get may seem radical and they do pose challenges, there are some terrifically positive contributions you can make if you’ll stick your neck out. Trust and believe in your own ideas right now.


You may be something of a flurry of activity right now, rushing from one chore to another. If you stop long enough to think, you may come up with a question about your work or career that has you considering making some drastic change for the future.


Watch what you say to friends and siblings right now. Your intentions may be noble, but you may come across as critical or as a bit overpowering. Wait until you are asked for advice before making any suggestions about someone you know and love right now.


You will be meeting new people, opening doors, building bridges. You are the “go-to” guy or gal right now, the social hub. You have an intuition about two friends who may make a good match. Take a chance on putting them together, but don’t push it.

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