You might be too distracted by recent romance to focus properly on your work or daily duties right now. Sure, you were long overdue for a little romantic energy, and you deserve the warm fuzzy moments which you’ll find come more easily than do your words and thoughts in the office space.


Consider an unexpected financial challenge to be an opportunity and you will turn a tough break around. Move through your anxieties into a chance to help yourself and perhaps a friend or social connection dramatically improve your long-term financial prospects.


You may be better off staying silent right now, because if you express your true feelings, someone close by is going to get a major earful. You have some strong opinions, and if you want to share them, think them through carefully first. There is no righteousness in being wrong.


You have a strong feeling of spiritual connection right now, something you suddenly take quite seriously. You will be able to drill down past the politics and persona agendas and get to the real reason why a project is stalled. That knowledge may become incredibly valuable.


Friends and companions will be calling and emailing you with exciting news right now. You may be getting news of someone’s good grades, acceptance into college, or a change of housing or residence that sets them up for much more secure living conditions.


It looks like you are dreaming about vacation time. Going online for last-minute deals could lead you to an unusual choice of destinations. Off the beaten path could work best to shake off the cobwebs you have been gathering lately.


You and your significant other may have time for that spontaneous getaway you have been longing for. Just make sure you check with your partner before you make those plans. If you are single, love could strike like a bolt of lightning out of the blue!


Changes and transformations in relationships are not always “bad”. Sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered. Remember that lovers need to be friends and partners too. Communication is the key, and remember, you have to be honest about your feelings.


You may have an exciting new job offer heading your way soon. Do not burn any bridges in your way out if you are leaving one job for another. You may find that some of your previous work contacts come in handy in the future.


You have an overwhelming urge to exercise or change your diet right now, perhaps because of something you have seen on TV or read in your horoscope! But be aware it is best to make small changes, don’t leap into the pool to do 100 laps right off the bat.


You may be getting a raise, promotion, bonus, or job offer soon. You’ll be happy with the challenge and opportunity, but one of your friends may be jealous. They need to see that the change is not going to come between you. Just be patient – they will come around eventually.


You may be taking your family out for some fund or a trip right now, to get everyone’s spirits up, or to help someone get more active. You have a strong feeling that someone’s lack of energy is related to the fact that they need more exercise.

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