Someone with small, light and nimble fingers could try to pick your pocket right now – literally or figuratively. If you are a parent, you are likely to get an annoying song and dance about how “everyone has one” and how life would not be complete without a some little bit of expensive fluff.


You may have to make an adjustment in your career schedule soon because of a loved one’s health concerns, or due to your own health goals. You may find that there are some challenges, but if you can get some support in the workplace, things could dramatically improve.


You are going to get some interesting proposals right now – more likely related to business than to romance. You may find yourself getting pretty excited. Keep one foot firmly on the ground, and make sure you get any offers in writing. You may find that your deal is not all it appears to be.


You are suddenly very popular and will find yourself the centre of attention in social situations right now. You may get an interesting offer to travel with a friend who has some interesting ideas. They may also be interested in taking you to some seminar or tutorial.


You will have money on the brain right now and you do have some really good ideas. Write them down if you can’t get started on them. You may be too busy playing chauffeur right now to be able to spend too much time on your own interests. Everyone is asking for your help getting from one place to another.


Someone you look upon as an authority figure can help you financially or in your career ambitions for the future. You may find that there are hidden strings attached though, so make sure that you are careful to outline al the responsibilities and rewards clearly.


Your mental energies are powerful right now. Make a note of any dreams, visions or insights you have right now, as they can be a powerful and creative force right now. You may find that you are drawn to express yourself in a more artistic way than normal.


A drive out in the country may sound restful and relaxing but there could be challenges and detours along the way. Unexpected changes could send you into some strange places. Take along some water and a good map if you decide to head out right now.


You will really feel a strong need to take time off from personal chores and work duties to “recreate” yourself right now. Plan for some time spent with sporting or playful physical activity that gets you out of the house and far away from the office.


You may encounter problems with communications devices or computers. Take a few deep breaths before calling technical support, remember the person on the other end of the line is human, and with a few notable exceptions they do actually want to help you.


You have a family member who has been nagging you to get with it in relation to your love life. They may be urging you to take impulsive action though, and their advice is based on some pretty selfish motivations. You have to do what you know is best for you.


Work-related paperwork is going to be a bit of a drag. There will be too much of it, it will be too serious, too long-winded and it’s likely to contain enough grammatical and spelling mistakes to drive you around the bend. You really don’t feel much like working.

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