Home-based business opportunities will bring in money and contacts with the creative people you need to pursue your dreams. But the people you work or live with are a little unstable and erratic right now. They are easily distracted by shiny baubles, a fact you can use to your own benefit.


You’ll find that you are suddenly in great demand in your career. If you work on the lower end of the pay scale, this could translate to extra hours or a small bonus for your hard work. If you are self-employed, this likely means more business or client interest.


There is money coming into your hands soon, and you’ll be looking for exciting ways to spend it. How about investing or saving some of it? You can get some really good ideas from an investment advisor who could prove to be quite lucky in the long run.


When you are dealing with crazy or stupid people it may help if you stop, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that they generally are not behaving that way out of ill intent. They really cannot help how they interact. Once you get that, it is easier to let go of the kinds of reactions that only make dealing with them more difficult.


Big changes are coming, you can feel it. They might not yet be manifesting in the outer world, but if they do, they are likely to make a big impact on your daily schedule, habits and working conditions. Pay extra attention to your health and vital energy right now.


If you have some family members you normally describe as “slightly nutty”, right now is the day when you find that there is some truth to the idea that great talent often comes with some mental baggage. Let yourself be entertained – you may learn something from your “mad genius”.


You will be hearing news about a health or lifestyle problem in one of your friend’s or sibling’s lives. You may be tempted to stick your nose in their business to try to help, but this could backfire if you are not careful. Hold off until the afternoon before speaking up.


You may get some interesting advice or ideas about an alternative healthcare option from a friend. The two of you may be spending a lot of time together learning new things, reading books or attending lectures. Keep an open mind about a wild new idea.


You will have a high-energy day with a lot of positive energy right now. You could be invited to attend a health-care expo, a seminar, or an entertainment event that features some kind of learning or educational component. If you are a parent, take your kids along!


It looks like the old homestead is crying out for a serious makeover. For some in your sign, that may be impossible, and you may be considering a home move. You are in the mood to tear things down right now but that may be a momentary impulse you could come to regret.


You are having a hard time making an important decision about your lifestyle, well being and health. A friend of yours may come up with some ideas that could help you make up your mind. You might experience those ideas as a kick in the behind, however.


Watch your words right now, particularly when discussing challenging political topics, or when talking “office politics”. People will be particularly sensitive and your insight will be a little too close to the mark for comfort in some cases.

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