You may be given a bigger budget to work with in the workplace, and things are looking up for your career right now. Just be sure the money goes to the best possible use. You won’t be at your most practical right now, and the outcome does matter.


You are a powerful and dynamic leader right now. You can really motivate others to take on their challenges in more positive ways. You may need to hold firm to your position, and when you do, you may impress an elder or authority figure who has been secretly hoping you’d finally speak up.


You want to spend some time with your friends right now but you may find that they are cranky, daydreamy, and unrealistic right now. Avoid any deep or serious topics, especially religion, investment, death and politics and you will all get along just fine.


You have some interesting phone calls heading your way right now. Friends, companions and your love partner all bring you good news. If you are single, one of your friends could be planning a blind date, or a sneaky introduction to another friend.


You have an overwhelming urge to exercise or change your diet right now, perhaps because of something you have seen on TV or read in your horoscope! But be aware it is best to make small changes, don’t leap into the pool to do 100 laps right off the bat.


Your love life is confusing and frustrating, and while you struggle to make sense of your friends and companions, it seems like they are doing their level best to be inscrutable. A financial or business partnership is more promising and less frustrating right now.


Some advice a friend gave you recently should lead to some amazing changes soon. If you haven’t noticed a big positive change, then you haven’t been paying attention to the messages you are getting lately about a more active and less sedentary lifestyle.


It looks like the old wanderlust has returned, but your budget just does not support a long trip right now. There are other ways to salve the itchy feet you are suffering from – get online, find lower-cost alternatives, or dream-browse the travel magazines for now.


A friend or companion may be acting strangely right now. On the one hand, they are offering interesting opportunities, but they may be acting like there isn’t much benefit to be had. The truth may be that they are not feeling too secure right now.


You have a strong need to avoid your work right now. You want to play and party, but you have someone who is playing the role of “traffic cop” in your life. This is likely an older loved one or relative who is reminding you of your responsibilities.


You may have to take a bit of an ego-hit from a loved one or partner. They can see how you are not following the path of your true heart’s desire, mainly because you don’t give yourself enough credit. You are going to get that speech about not giving up.


You may have an argument or disagreement with or about a child. Whatever the issue, remembering what life was like when you were their age might bring the perspective and wisdom you need to come to a solution that works best for everyone concerned.

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