It is hard for you right now to get your ideas across to others right now. It seems at times like you are speaking a language all your own. You may need to slow down and think through your ideas slowly and carefully so you can penetrate some of the thick skulls you encounter right now.


You don’t understand your own emotions and reactions right now. The truth is that your psychological “buttons” are really easy to push, and someone you love is in a button-pushing mood. If you want to have some fun with them, refuse to react when they are getting on your nerves.


Personal satisfaction, productivity and self esteem are enhanced right now. You could be talking to friends, neighbours, or siblings who bring you news that feels good all over. Don’t worry too much about a short-term setback in your career path.


You may find that your self-esteem is changing for the better as you work on your appearance or your reactions to others. Avoid making comparisons, stay focused on positive changes for your own benefit, and you will grow stronger more quickly.Take a break from beating on yourself. You are getting a lot more accomplished than you give yourself credit for. You would not be this hard on a friend, nor would you be friends with anyone else who was this hard on you, so what makes it okay to be so hard on yourself?


You may feel uncomfortable right now, and may be tempted to work off some extra stress or energy with a sudden burst of physical exercise. It would be good for you to be more active, but it is not a good idea to push things too hard. Don’t forget your warm-ups.


Big financial changes are headed your way. You may be considering buying, selling, or making significant renovations or structural changes to your home. If you rent and you want to make a big difference in your financial picture, look into “first time home buyers” plans.


You could have a series of sudden changes in financial fortunes, first up, then down then back up again. Avoid shopping trips where your impulsive spending habits could get you into a load of trouble with the credit card companies if you are not careful.


The financial picture is definitely looking up right now. There are unexpected twists and turns along the path that fate has set out for you. You may be tempted to gamble right now, but the best bet is on your own skills, talents, dreams and desires.


Your subconscious mind will be flashing conflicting messages into your consciousness right now. Those you feel most strongly prone to act on, the impulsive need to play at the expense of work or family responsibilities, will probably not be the most wise or beneficial.


If you are single, you may have two different friends who are trying to set you up with a blind date. Go for brains over beauty if you have to make romantic choices right now. Remember that glamour originally meant to “cast a spell of deception” over another.


You have unexpected changes happening in the health and lifestyle area. Chances are you have been pushing yourself a little too hard. Pulled muscles and strains are a possibility. Follow the clichéd old “Mom-ism” … don’t run with scissors right now.


You have dreams of winning the lottery and though that’s unlikely to happen, you do have opportunities to make some of your fantasies of “big bucks” come true right now. The focus is on your career and the challenges you face to make a long-term prosperity plan functional.

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