The atmosphere turns dramatically romantic right now, and just in time, as far as you are concerned. If you are single, you’ll have wonderful opportunities to meet new people. If you are married, it’s a terrific time to take your mate out for a long overdue treat.


You may find that your mouth is moving faster than your brain right now. You may feel misunderstood, or out of step with the wider community around you. Take some time to reflect before you share your reactions, especially in political discussions.


You may be a terrific challenge to your boss, coworkers, and clients right now. They won’t know what your mood will be like from one moment to the next. While you may feel moody, remember that others may be counting on you right now. They need your support or inspiration.


It’s another romantic day, and you and your partner or a prospective partner will be warming up each other’s day. You will have abundant physical energy, so it is a good time to get out together for dancing or sporting activities that help you burn off a little energy.


A friend’s hidden money problems are no longer hidden, and you may be able to help them sort out some of the problems. Truth is, they got where they are due to their own denial or stupidity. You can best help by forcing them to see that they bear responsibility for ignoring things so long.


A special communication contains a loving message. You may get a letter, fax, email or phone call with a message from a not-so-secret admirer. An old flame could be re-entering your life. You could be talking about your entertainment interests with a friend right now.


You may feel like a stranger in your own body right now. It is as if someone else is directing your thoughts. Staying on your path may not be easy, and you might need to take a detour or two before you feel like you are back on track.


You may find yourself exploring a new educational opportunity or challenge right now. You will be drawn to paper, books, and online knowledge that can increase your sense of well being or self-esteem. Focus on the wilder, newer and more innovative ideas that catch your eye.


The balance of power in a personal relationship is changing and this could throw you off balance right now. While you regain your equilibrium, ask yourself if you might not have all the answers after all. Find an advisor who can bring more experience to the table.


You will be highly energetic. You can get a lot done on home-based projects and chores, but don’t expect a lot of kudos from family members. They see you as seeking attention, and while they may be right about that, they shoot themselves if the foot when they are not be helpful to your pet causes right now.


Good news hits your desk in the workplace right now. You have good ideas, and are strongly motivated to make them manifest in the real world. You have the right blend of vision and determination, and it will be hard for anyone who is fool enough to get in your way.


Today it is likely family members who are challenging you to justify your career future and ambitions. You may be tired of sticking up for your choices, so don’t. Just listen. Even if they are wrong, the bottom line of the message is that they love you and want you to be happy.

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