You shine right now and can charm the birds right out of the trees, but it is not birds you have in your sights. You are thinking about telling someone how special they are to you, and right now they are hinting that they are very receptive to your interest.


You may be facing something of faux pas, likely caused by stumbling over your own words at a public event. Don’t fret so much, you will recover quickly and should be able to make up for any minor faux pas with a little self-deprecating humor. In fact, you could end up the toast of the town!


You have a family member who has been nagging you to get with it in relation to your love life. They may be urging you to take impulsive action though, and their advice is based on some pretty selfish motivations. You have to do what you know is best for you.


If you are still working on warming up your love life, find some wild, exotic incense, buy a strange CD with sexy music from some foreign culture, and indulge yourself in a little creative role-playing. If you are single, get together with people who share your entertainment or cultural interests.


You will likely be asked to speak or write right now, and will make a most favorable impression. Your energy is high – a little too high at times, and you will be more comfortable in a public role than is normally the case. That likely means the topic inspires great enthusiasm on your part.


You have opportunities to learn things that will make a positive impact in your life, or the lives of others. Most likely this will take the form of alternative health-care, holistic healing, or naturopathic remedies. Keep an open mind, and your eyes open for good leads.


It may be difficult for you to communicate just exactly how you feel right now, and it may be vitally important. If you have a doctor’s appointment, or find yourself discussing intimate health details with a loved one, don’t hold back embarrassing details – you may miss out on information that could help.


You could find that you are a victim of disinformation. Your normal sources of information are unreliable right now. If you are reading something in the newspaper that pertains to your career, take it with a grain of salt – at least until you are able to verify it.


You may have been putting off medical or dental procedures and may have to spend some time clearing off these and other necessary life chores from your To Do List. You may hear good news about a health or wellness issue.


A sudden, unexpected flurry of phone calls may have you scrambling for your banker or broker right now. There are interesting opportunities for small-time or Internet investors right now, but you have to be careful to do all your homework and due diligence.


You may be frustrated with your boss or an authority figure, but they are pushing you in your own best interests, believe it or not. There may not seem to be immediate financial or personal rewards in the process, but give it some time and you will begin to see some very positive benefits.


A dispute between siblings may cause both hurt and amusement. Try to stay out of the firing line if you are not one of the combatants. If you are, find some way to see if you can at least relate to the other side of the story. It is actually possible you may both be right.

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