Take some quiet time out for yourself, alone, ideally out in nature. Get away from people if you can. Your aura is cluttered up with the remnants of other people and their issues. Let go of them, it will all come out in the wash as it were. You are too worried about things that are not your responsibility.


You have a wonderful opportunity for romance right now. If you are still single, you may find that friends and companions are winking and nudging you towards someone that they want you to meet. If you are not single, don’t be afraid to “go over the top” when expressing your appreciation right now.


You are the center of attention right now. You could be called on to take a leadership role or new responsibilities in your career, but not everyone will be supportive. Family members may feel that they are being abandoned, and you may face the green-eyed monster at work.


You may be traveling soon. An opportunity could come through work, or you may be offered a travel discount through your workplace. An unusual destination may offer more excitement this rest, if you want to relax, pick something you are familiar with.


When was the last time you had a good massage or had some time alone to meditate? It looks like your springs may be wound a little too tight. You need to rest, relax and re-create yourself before that coiled spring inside you snaps free.


Your friends and family may be planning a surprise. I would not tell them your astrologer spoiled it. Just go along with the game. Someone you know may be adding a branch to their family tree. Your creativity will be high right now.


You may hear a news story or read an article that leaves you feeling uncertain about your career. Rushing into a commitment to brush up on your skills might be premature. It may not be necessary or even a good idea to go back to school or to take that expensive course right now.


Sharing your wisdom and experience with others regarding finances and investments could turn out to bring back rewards you did not expect. You may find money right now, just be careful where you spend it, especially on impulsive entertainments.


Family members are challenging to your sense of well being right now. They are demanding, contrary and unpredictable. You want to escape them in the privacy of your home or workplace, but find there are annoying distractions there too. Don’t worry, this will soon pass.


Communication, travel and paperwork are greatly improved right now, with the help from a friend, companion or large group of people. You could be hearing a lot of good news from clubs or groups you belong to. Someone will call to tell you about a streak of good luck.


You’ll be anything but tongue-tied right now. You are talking a mile a minute, in fact. You may look back and wish you had been more careful with your words. Your mental and physical energy is a little too intense right now. You might misinterpret that as anxiety. Take a walk or a time out for exercise.


You have a mountain of paperwork to handle right now. Some of it will be frustrating and challenging at first, but it does have the potential to overturn a long-standing problem in your workplace. This could have a positive impact on your career goals. The rewards are coming soon.

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