Quietly look into that investment opportunity you were told about last night. There might be something to it, but it may be best if you are discreet about your involvement. There are people who are benefiting at your expense through political means.


You may be frustrated with some recent financial changes, or with your partner’s spending habits right at the moment. They are feeling insecure and may want to personalize and beautify the household, but they may be going about it in a sloppy, inconsiderate or expensive manner.


Your workplace seems a little unsettled right now, probably because a workplace friend or a friendly coworker is going through a personal challenge, or because you are feeling uncertain about their loyalties. You don’t know the full picture yet, so withhold judgement.


Small things are likely to get under your skin right now. Remember that you are only as big as the smallest thing it takes to upset you. Take deep breaths and stay focused on the positive, especially when dealing with authority figures or the public.


You may be taking on a leadership role in some kind of online endeavour. You may start up a blog, discussion group, or set up some kind of ongoing commentary that draws other people in to participate. Politics and social causes may be controversial, but they will get tongues wagging.


If you have a choice of going out with a friend or a romantic partner, set aside some time with your mate. Not only are they likely a little overdue for attention, but you are likely to find yourself amongst friendlier company than you’d be if you were surrounded by a bunch of familiar faces.


A partner or advisor may disappoint you or let you down right now, but there are others in your life with good ideas and helpful attitudes. Someone you have worked with for a long time, or from your past will have the answers. You may have to travel to get all the information you need right now.


There is a charity or organization that us crying out for a leader. If you choose to step up to the role, you may find that there is a lot of work involved in keeping other volunteers on the same page. You may not be able to get anything done until a clear leadership structure is established.


There are big changes coming in your social circle. You are meeting a lot of interesting and innovative new people, and your new companions don’t quite fit in with the old ones. The solution may be to create two different circles of friends who don’t intersect too much.


You may be looking for a new electronic device of some kind. Check online first, or you might miss an excellent deal. You may be offered a special discount related to your workplace or a club you belong to. Keep your eyes peeled for good deals.


Your phone is still ringing off the hook, but you have to cope with a few oddball calls as well as some long overdue communiqués from family members who want to rebuild bridges. You may also get a call from a broker or financial agent who warns you of impending changes.


You may find that it is hard to think, stay focused, find information or complete paperwork projects right now. Your mind just wanders away from the mundane into some pretty esoteric ideas. You may be asked to lead or teach people in topics important to you.

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