Your career or social status could prove to be a challenge right now. You are frustrated that things are not moving forward as quickly as you would like. But setbacks could be a big blessing in disguise because you will later see they put you on a better path.


You and your significant other could end up in an argument right now. One of you may have to make a compromise between the amount of time you spend together, versus the amount of time you spend with friends. A good friend may give one or both of you a verbal kick in the pants, for your own good.


You get a break from the intense financial pressure you have likely been under for the past few days. An angel in disguise in your workplace may arrange for an advance, or you may hear that extra money is coming to you from a caring friend or relative.


You will be hearing some good news about your health, a diet, or a wellness program you have embarked on recently. Your energy is up and it is a good day to work out. You could meet someone interesting while you are out getting some fresh air.


A family gathering or meeting takes place that brings everyone together to discuss shared values, spiritual beliefs, healing and wellness. You may be discovering that there are powerful ways to improve your lives and happiness together.


Your intuitive abilities are sharp right now and you will have ideas that will help you strengthen your investments or pay of troublesome debts. Stay focused on the positive because you can accomplish a lot if you move past the things that worry you.


If you are married, you have a good opportunity to make amends with an in-law or relative on your spouse or partner’s side of the family. You will make an incredibly good impression if you just patiently listen to them, without any judgment or argument.


You have many social opportunities right now but your subconscious mind is interfering with your ability to follow through on the connections offered through family and friends. You may be afraid of social differences that arise from differences in religion, culture or politics.


An old friend is thinking of you and your recent struggles, but they may not be quite ready to help out as you would like. Expect small changes over a period of time, rather than one big change all at once, but things will start getting better soon.


Not the best day to sit behind a computer, if you can avoid it. It will seem to have a mind of its own, one bent on chaos. You may be considering buying anti-viral protection, firewalls, security programs, but it is important you back up all your date before installing anything new.


You will be considering going back to school, or at the very least taking up the challenge of reading a large and complicated novel. Your mind needs stimulation and challenges right now. Seek out ideas that are dramatically different from those that you normally find interesting.


You may find that your self-esteem is changing for the better as you work on your appearance or your reactions to others. Avoid making comparisons, stay focused on positive changes for your own benefit, and you will grow stronger more quickly. Take a break from beating on yourself. You are getting a lot more accomplished than you give yourself credit for. You would not be this hard on a friend, nor would you be friends with anyone else who was this hard on you, so what makes it okay to be so hard on yourself?

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