You have an opportunity to tell a friend what you really think right now – don’t hold back! You have wanted to tell them how you admire their strength and courage, or other good qualities, but have been afraid to speak up. They really need to hear it now.


You may get interesting phone calls right now. The women in your immediate circle of family and friends are all excited about some interesting gossip about a romance, but it may not have long-term staying power. You could be hearing better news about your own love life soon.


You’ll have good luck with money right now. You could hear of an upcoming promotion or bonus, and you will be lucky in finding things you have wanted on sale right now. There may be cheques or letters in the mail that lead you to new or better sources of income.


Friends and companions are luckier for you right now. Someone you know could lead you to a serious romantic opportunity. You may be introduced to someone who is older, or better established than yourself. You have a lot of charm right now and your attraction index is powerful.


You will share information and advice with friends right now. The most likely topic of conversation will center around alternative health care, vitamins, and holistic lifestyle choices. You may be considering attending a lecture or seminar soon.


Your wounded pride of late will be salved right now. Someone is going to make it clear they admire your leadership ability and “take charge” attitude. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative, especially in romantic, playful moments. If you have kids, you may be taking them to a sporting event right now.


Relationships will be an important theme of the day. If you are still single, family and friends may be nagging or begging with you to meet someone they think is good for you. If you are already married, this is an excellent day to tell your partner what you appreciate about them.


A breakthrough in your workplace or working conditions is coming. Someone higher up has decided that they have had enough of the shenanigans that has, coincidentally, been driving you batty for the past few months. The changes will bring opportunities as well as some stress.


It’s about you right now. A family member may accuse you of being selfish or insensitive, but that’s because you didn’t just drop everything to run over and “fix” things for them as usual. You have some opportunities to make friends and have a little fun.


You and your partner or mate may have to face some form of trial to do with your home, or with family members who are coming through as cranky and unreasonable. You can take comfort from the fact that this is likely to be temporary and whatever the problem is, it really wasn’t your fault.


There is no easy way of saying it. Lighten up! Whether you think so or not, you are coming across as agressive or pushy, you will only succeed in alienating someone whose support you need to get ahead. Listen to advice given by superiors and coworkers in the workplace.


One or two arrows definitely miss the mark right now, but keep your chin up – you can’t be “on” every day. You may irrationally or emotionally decide to change your career or financial path – be careful, because impulsive action can backfire on you right now.

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