A friend may help you adjust to some challenging changes in your family. You may not like everything you have to do, but once the chores are over, you may find “it” wasn’t as bad as you thought. Your friend may well point out that some things are worth compromising or sacrificing for.


Listen to your intuition right now, but before you take action, run your thoughts past your “common sense filter”. Are you being realistic about things? Indications are that you are being pushed to change your lifestyle too quickly in an unhealthy direction.


Your intuition will lead you to good luck with women right now, but there are challenges with men, especially when the topic involves spirituality, metaphysics or politics. Try especially to avoid any debate on the “gender wars”.


You and your significant other may be looking into some new kind of healthcare option or into lifestyle changes as a result of an interesting phone call or news show right now. You are feeling that you need to learn more about a healthy lifestyle.


You are just about at the end of your rope with someone when they perform a small kindness for you, and suddenly you see them in a completely new light. Just a life reminder that people are not all good or all bad. We all are more than we may seem. Go deeper, there may be treasure in the depths of a challenging relationship.


You have a terrific opportunity to make new and important friends right now. You’ll be popular and may be asked by a club, group or association to take a more direct leadership role in an effort close to your heart. You may find there are scheduling conflicts and unexpected changes right now.


You may be frustrated and confused by the behavior of your family right now. It may be that someone’s bizarre behavior of late can be related to their use of drugs or alcohol. You may be able to help by refusing to enable their self-destructive habit.


The energy of the day focuses on your love life, but if you keep your eyes entirely on the challenges you could miss a spectacular opportunity to make some extremely positive changes. Listen to your significant other, they have some terrific ideas right now.


Debts, credit cards, and investment plans are very much on your mind right now. You are finding yourself embroiled in a debate with your own inner values because a deal you have looked at appears to be too good to be true. Proceed with caution and follow your instincts.


Someone is going to ask you to drop everything and come to visit them. They may be unwell in some cases, in which case you must go, but if they are simply bored and lonely, you might help them better in the long run by setting up some way for them to get out on their own.


Yak, yak yak! You will be asked “Do you ever stop talking?” right now. Say “Nope,” and keep right on yakking. You will find out some intriguing information through gossiping with a sibling or loved one right now. Do be careful not to repeat any gossip about a health matter in the family.


You may be spending a lot of time on the telephone right now. If you are still single, the calls could have a lot of romantic content. If you are already married, you may be talking about your family, particularly children, both present and future.

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