Some adjustments in your budget or debt load will have a positive impact on your dream of a new vacation. You just have to juggle the priorities around a little. You may find there is more money hiding in your wallet than you thought was possible.


You will want to reinvent the workplace. Your natural leadership skills will be put to the test though, as you encounter more resistance than you anticipated. You will have to build a consensus but you are impatient for immediate progress. Aggressive driving could bring disaster right now, drive with extra care.


Getting away from it all may be tougher than it sounds, but it could greatly help your mood and well-being. You need a break from stressful routines, and a drive to the countryside could definitely bring your spirits back up – even if there is a detour or two along the way.


Do be careful to stay at the speed limit if you are driving right now. Your chart speaks of “unexpected encounters with authority figures while traveling” – which could add up to a speeding ticket if “Lead Foot Louie” is not extra careful right now.


You will find a really good bargain right now, something that may help you beautify or improve the structure and security of your home. You may be visiting with someone right now who has excellent ideas about ways you can improve the financial picture.


It may be prudent to avoid being on the road, because people will all be stressed, self-centered, and some may even be hostile. You are distracted and uncertain of yourself. Paperwork tasks will be challenging. It is not a good time to start reading a new book.


There could be some unpleasant phone calls at work right now, but if you keep your cool, you may be able to turn a serious critic into a passionate supporter. They just want to feel that someone is listening, even if you can’t do much to change the status quo.


You may bring joy to another person today just by being who you are. Your sense of humour and grasp of the absurd are sharper than ever. Some crazy new policy or situation in the workplace may stress people out until you come along to point out an obvious absurdity.


Today you will be like a verbal machine-gun. There are likely to be lots of phone calls and emails. Your energy is incredibly high and you will want to have lots of people around you. Just be careful you don’t over-do it with a friend who is hinting that they need their space.


You may be traveling soon for pleasure and business. Try to set aside an extra day or two to do your own exploring. You may find unexpected opportunities for romance while traveling or surfing the Internet. Keep your eyes open.


Your workplace will be something of a circus right now. Someone’s workplace romance has burst out into the open and that has the office gossips all a twitter. If you are not involved, try to avoid the rumour mill. Loose lips can sink friendships.


If you are in a relationship right now, you may feel you have stepped into an awesome Twilight Zone episode where you and your partner are playing Gomez and Morticia. Your crazy, silly side really needs to come out and play.

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