It’s definitely a “play day” for your sign. You won’t much feel like working, getting chores done, or getting anything organized. A trip in the car with the radio blaring loud could be just the ticket to chase away any sad corners in your mind.


This is not the best day to try to push new ideas forward, or to make sudden changes in your career direction. You’ll be frustrated and anxious, but don’t let yourself get too worked up. The energy could change rapidly in the next while. Make sure you are acting, not just “reacting”.


The men in your workplace may hold the keys to new financial opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open for a problem you can solve. Someone will be a grateful future sponsor or reference.


If you are invited to a party or gathering, make sure you keep a firm grip on your pocketbook. Someone has their eye on your little nest egg, and indications are you will be very tempted to take on a risky bet. Your intuition is a bit off the mark though, so be extra careful.


You may have news of a dramatic change of fortune involving a family member. Some of you will be the recipients of some form of gift or inheritance. Others will be looking into changing their investments as a result of the experiences of a friend or associate.


You have a lot of chores or responsibilities on your plate right now. You may find that it is easier going if you ask a family member for help. You may be surprised to find that they are eager to help you out. Just be sure to keep the conversation light.


Your intuition is white-hot right now. You have big and exciting ideas that could help out a family member. You may find that there are organizations or service-clubs that can help you get someone back on their feet or out more actively involved in the community.


You may be amazed at what comes out of your mouth. While there may be moments of disagreement, your ideas are profound and transformational, and that may be the real reason why someone finds them so challenging. Nobody likes to be told they have to fix their own problems, but that’s what you are saying.


A friend is going to ask you for money, and they may get a little touchy when you say no. But you have to stick to your own priorities. They got themselves into their drama at the moment, it’s not up to you to dig them out.


A family member or close friend may offer you an opportunity to make some extra money or to clear some chores off your to-do list. You may find someone close to home has some good renovation ideas as well. Keep your options open.


You may have had some money problems in the last year, and your unusual ideas or solutions about those kinds of issues could be helpful to others. You could be considering teaching some kind of prosperity technique along the lines of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.


You may have your eye on a new tech toy or gadget of some kind, a real budget-breaker. If you are patient, or do enough homework, you can get a better deal. The price is artificially inflated for those who purchase it right away.

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