You’ll be prying secrets from a friend or companion right now. It is suddenly very important to you to find out the truth of a matter involving a friend. Be careful that you don’t push to hard, you’ll get the information you are seeking without breaking down your friendship.


You may feel a decided drag getting out of bed right now, but that is about to change. An opportunity for a raise, transfer or a better job is on the horizon. Stay positive and keep your eyes open. Online job search sites may be the best thing right now if you are looking for work.


You may have a sudden moment of self-doubt right now, but the real question to ask is not whether or not you are capable of handling your responsibilities, but why is it that you are being so hard on yourself. It could be that you are taking some well-meant criticism a little too personally.


Friends and companions are suffering from “empty pockets syndrome” and they may come across as cranky or unreasonably demanding right now. You can help by distracting the attention from too much talk about money, finances and investments into safer topics right now.


Listen to your intuition right now. While the ideas you get may seem radical and they do pose challenges, there are some terrifically positive contributions you can make if you’ll stick your neck out. Trust and believe in your own ideas right now.


If you are looking out for opportunities to make a good impression on your partner, avoid a very tempting opportunity to ingratiate yourself with their parents. You may find that you are able to talk your way out of a bad situation, but only if you are utterly sincere.


You could find, win or be given money right now. You have “lucky stars” right now. Just don’t take that as a license to gamble, unless you are gambling on your own skills and ideas. Games of chance may have slightly better odds for some in your sign right now, but most will “win” at work or career.


You may finally be able to break away for that vacation you have been dreaming about. You may find that there are some good last-minute bargains available on the Internet. If you are stuck at the office though, expect to get a lot of paperwork done right now.


If you have kids they are likely to be hyperactive and excitable right now – but that may work, because they are getting it from you. If you want your loved ones to calm down right now, you are going to have to calm down yourself first. Take three deep breaths. There. Feel better?


It’s a complicated day, and you feel that it is hard to trust your own intuition right now, but you are constantly second-guessing yourself because of someone else’s biased input. Double-check your own research and you may find you were right all along.


You may be approached by a friend or companion who pleads or begs for financial help – for themselves or for some worthy charity. It probably won’t work on you right now, though. Especially if there is a heavy dose of guilt attached to saying “no”.


A labor dispute, a new change in management or in a union turns out to be a much better development than you expected. You may be asked to take on a leadership role or extra responsibilities that lead you to a better financial or career position.

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