Your financial interests are tied to your home, residence or family in some way right now, and you may be able to locate some equity or resources that will help you get started on a home improvement project, renovation or home purchase plan. You might have to fight with someone over the details though.


Your mate or partner is the rock in a storm you are seeking right now. They will have just the words of comfort you are seeking. People you work with, and family members you live with, will be a source of arguments, disagreements and distractions right now.


The time has come for you to put your words and thoughts to paper. You may have a secret vision as a poet or writer that you have nurtured, and the muse is not just speaking to you, she’s screaming. You must pay attention to the words and thoughts you put to paper right now.


If you are a parent you may find that there is mixed news coming from or about one of your children. You may find that their grades are better, but they could be having social problems in school. Creativity is high for you right now but you find it easier to focus on mental tasks.


You are heading for some positive experiences with your religious or spiritual growth. Normally, you like to keep things on the “practical” level, but you have witnessed some kind of profound healing and are now eager to experience this yourself.


It would be prudent to be extremely cautious with your driving, and pay special attention to the critical details if you are traveling. People will be cranky and unreasonable, and the “road-rage-warriors” are out in full and unpleasant force.


You are catching the attention of the important people around you in your career or social circle right now, so make the most of it! Don’t be afraid to do a little schmoozing. You won’t have to work hard to get and keep their attention – just be yourself!


Financial challenges continue to be highlighted in your chart, but there are opportunities in and around your home to considerably boost your income if you know where to look, and are willing to make a few lifestyle adjustments. You might be considering taking in a boarder or roommate.


Romances and friendships take some sudden twists and turns, setting you on some strange new paths. You may meet people suddenly, and if you are single, you may find that you have a sudden attraction to someone who is dramatically different from the kind of person you normally go out with.


It’s not a good idea to get into arguments or discussions about money and finances right now. People will be confrontational and demanding. If you are working out a disagreement about a bill or invoice, try to put it off if you can – you can get a better deal later on.


You may be asked to take on additional responsibilities in the workplace, and while you may resist at first, you may actually be in testing for a possible promotion. How you deal with changing demands will be one factor in your success.


You have a dramatic and positive lucky streak in your chart for relationships right now. If you are still single, you could luck out online, meeting someone who you have been day-dreaming about. If you are already married, a gift could spark passion.

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