You have an opportunity to switch your attention from a friend or companion who is using you to someone who loves and supports you, so why are you still bothering with the old turkey? Maybe you feel sorry for someone who has a mixed up sense of values and priorities.


You will be thinking about or working on your health or matters related to well-being right now. You may find that you have some strange ideas about your home décor – follow you instincts. It may well be that a bed-cover is too bright or that wall coverings could be changed to enhance your rest cycles.


You may be asked to help a child with their homework or a chore. At first you may be reluctant, but if you can find a way to make it fun, it will be a rewarding and educational process for both of you. Get creative.


Things may seem a little crazy and chaotic right now. If you are going out for fun and pleasure, take some extra time to get from one place to the other. You may find that there are special challenges with commuting and parking, but you’ll have fun when you finally get there.


Healing opportunities in relationships are possible right now, if you are willing to listen to others, or to act on the inner voice that urges you to compassion. Your heart is opening. You have an opportunity to be a good example to someone you care for.


If you have had any medical or lifestyle concerns lately, you may come across a healing method or an exercise program that dramatically improves things. You may find that sharing your concerns with a female friend brings some wisdom through that you can use.


You may find you are subject to impulsive spending right now and this would not be the best time to lay down any new debt, or to make large investments, especially with borrowed money. Take time to think things through as you may be pressured into purchasing things you don’t need.


You are busy tripping over your words right now. It is in the area of romance and committed partnerships that you make your biggest boo-boos. Wait for more favorable conditions before asking for any promises, or making major commitments.


Someone you care for may need some hands-on help. They may have a disability or an illness that prevents them from having the freedom they are used to having in life. You may need to get creative and draw from a larger circle of support, but it is do-able.


If you feel that your career has become boring lately, get everyone in the workplace together for a brainstorming session. Make it as creative as possible. Set it up sort of like a silent auction. Have everyone write ideas on business cards, toss them in a hat, and pull them out one at a time.


There may be a dispute or disagreement about finances or shared investments right now. Avoid using your bank’s Internet web site or paying bills online unless necessary, as there could be unexpected errors or problems with technology involving your money right now.


You are considering taking a whole new direction in life, and a powerful or exotic class that broadens your horizons could be just what you are looking for. A debating club or society could be what you need to stretch both your mind and your skill-set.

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