You will definitely want to be focused on romance and relationships right now, but it may seem the world is conspiring to thwart your plans. There might actually be a benefit in this for you – you could find that delayed gratification is more satisfying than you thought.


Your intuition could lead you to an authority figure or important person who could greatly benefit your social status or career. Don’t be afraid to schmooze them – they will find your interest flattering and will be more than happy to help out if they can.


Your relatives and loved ones are out of it right now. If you were counting on someone’s help with home chores right now, expect to be disappointed. Don’t blame them though, blame the stars. You won’t get anywhere by nagging or cajoling. Bribery might work.


There is opportunity for romance indicated in your chart right now. If you are still single, you should get out and have some fun tonight. You could meet someone who shares your interests and passions, who is able to tweak your energy and creativity.


Your intuition is good right now, especially where it comes to your home, loved ones, and family members, but don’t offer any unsolicited advice. People are especially unlikely to be receptive to your suggestions if they involve criticism.


You may find that it is suddenly difficult to get your ideas cross to others, because there are too many of them rattling around in your head. Don’t let yourself be pushed into a corner by someone in your family who is insisting that you act right now.


You can get a lot of the household chores cleared up that you have been putting off. You will have a lot of physical energy, and your attention is focused on ways to improve your home or workplace with better communications or computer equipment.


That new person in your life holds some shocking surprises. Whether they are just a friend or a potential partner, it may turn out that they have “padded” their personal resume a bit, or you will find out that you have radically different values in life.


Your family comes across as complicated right now. You find that some of them are cranky and unreasonable while others are bending over backwards to be accommodating to you and your needs. You may decide to pay someone back for their kindness with a gift.


Today you can push forward with your ambitious agenda for career and social success, there is no need to hold yourself back. People in positions of power and authority are not only listening to you, they are seeking you out for your unique input.


You are in “comfort spender impulsive shopper” mode. The merchants at the mall have got your number and they can see you coming a mile away. So leave the credit cards safely at home and ask yourself before each purchase, “Do I need this or is it just a temporary desire?”


You may experience a lot of joy through a small pet. You may be drawn to animals you have never seen as pets before. An animal organization would benefit from your time or talents, and you could find the experience extremely rewarding.

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