You may find that shared income, finances and investments are the source of considerable debate around the supper table this evening. You may be considering a debt reduction plan or some other way of making better use of your investments or savings.


Today you may feel like you are taking two steps backward for every step you get ahead, and while there may be some truth in that, but it’s not the whole story. In fact, you may benefit from stepping outside the issue for a bit – the answers you are seeking may come when you are at rest.


You may be offered a trip, but now is not the time to go. Today, you will have tremendous potential to greatly improve your work life, health and well-being if you stay at home, stay on the job, or stay focused on the core values and investments that most matter to you.


Extra money is coming in, but be careful you don’t spend it all in one place, or on a gigantic and frivolous distraction that you will later regret. Go for improvements to your workspace, lifestyle, or necessities such as healthcare or cosmetics, but not for hobbies or “toys”.


You may have something of a spiritual crisis of faith. On the one side, there are your beloved family members, and on the other, your partner, or perhaps your own conscience. Only you can decide where to go from here and you may have to disengage from both sides in order to make the right choice.


You will hit something of a plateau at work right now, and may find that it is difficult to get much done. This condition is very short term, and it would not hurt you to give yourself a bit of a break anyway. Don’t try to push yourself too hard right now.


You might not like what your friends are telling you right now, but they are right. You need to get more active. So challenge them to practice what they are preaching, find some way you can all get more physically active, but avoid competitive sports right now.


You know what two people really need to do to get their act together, but the hard part is that if you speak up, you will become the problem they can fight against together. Even if your advice is sought, discretion may be the better part of friendship right now.


People will come across as rude and demanding and it may take all your patience and compassion to keep from sinking to their level right now. There may be a clerk, cashier, or call centre agent out there somewhere who could really use you kindness right now.


A friend of yours will be insisting on dragging you to some kind of religious or spiritual event, but no matter how profound or uplifting it may be, chances are good it won’t be the life-changing event it has been billed to be. Enjoy the experience, but don’t carry high expectations.


Today you may have to project personal confidence that you really don’t feel. You want to believe in yourself, but old mental programs keep popping up to keep you from manifesting your potential. Grit your teeth and move forward through it, your spirits will soon perk up.


You may get challenging financial news right now, but don’t let it get to you. If you stay focused, you may come across a lucky break or unusual opportunity that puts you back into happy camper territory. You may soon forget about unexpected bills, because you’ll soon have a way to pay for them.

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