Your intuition is strong and your insights profound right now. You may have a money-making idea that seems to strike like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. You may be strongly impulsive right now, especially where it comes to shopping for bargains.


You and your significant other may be arguing about money right now. You need to get your priorities set straight and agree to a budget, but you each have different ideas of what is most important. One of you wants a big flashy toy right now and the stars say that is probably not a good idea.


You may benefit from a confidence you hear or over-hear in the workplace right now. Be careful how you use this information, because it may be clear, once revealed, that you are the source. You could have arguments with family over your career or social ambitions.


You are confused about your love life right now. You feel like you are being taken for granted or ignored, but you may be over-reacting right now. Take a step back and see if you can notice what else might be going on. A chance in perspective could have you laughing at yourself.


You may have to deal with a cranky, unreasonable person in the workplace and this may open your eyes to just how fragile human behaviour can be. It may help if you are determined not to take it personally. Their actions are caused by their own weaknesses.


Your significant other seems to be going through some mood swings right now. One minute they are up, happy and eager to get out into the world with you, the next they seem to want to hide under the covers. They may be feeling insecure for reasons that have little to do with you.


You might try to avoid or appease a “mother figure” in your family right now, but she’s likely to be something of a “hard sell”. You’ll get the message and you will know what needs to be done, but there are some challenges, because she seems a little too determined to be unhappy right now.


You may be traveling soon. An opportunity could come through work, or you may be offered a travel discount through your workplace. An unusual destination may offer more excitement this rest, if you want to relax, pick something you are familiar with.


Your relationships are going to be a challenging factor in your day. If you are still single, you may meet someone who seems to be more than they are in fact. If you are already married, you should be extra careful to avoid pushing their buttons.


Your energy will be focused on leadership, control, and direction of others. You may come across as a bit bossy right now, and while there may be some benefits, there will be challenges, particularly with close friends, siblings, and coworkers.


Talk to an older family member if you have any financial troubles. They may or may not be able to help out with a loan or a gift of money, but they will at least be able to give you ideas or advice for ways that you can improve the bottom line.


The faxes are buzzing. The phones are ringing off the hook. The email is rolling in. You may have a hard time keeping up with all the mental chatter you are exposed to now. You have a major case of “information overload”. Go with the flow – don’t try to fight things.

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