Do not assume that you know what someone else is thinking about you right now. No matter how intuitive we are, our fears often skew our perceptions. You will find out soon that you were judging someone based on fears instead of facts, and the realization could be an epiphany.


Communication may be a problem right now. Cell batteries die on you, phone lines are tied up, and there are misunderstandings when you talk in person. An extra dose of patience is required because people seem distracted or day-dreamy. Or it may be you who is floating off into fantasy right now.


You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life.


You are having something of a personality crisis because of career or working conditions, even though financially things look quite good. You may be feeling a bit out of your depth at the moment, but if you keep treading water you will find things sort themselves out.


You can take on a leadership role in your family right now, and provide good advice or be a good role model for someone who desperately needs to take better care of themselves. You may be able to help an elder relative re-enter the workplace, or perhaps vice versa.


Paperwork and daily chores are likely to be difficult chores right now, unless they relate to your home or a home-based business. You may be able to pull dramatic opportunities out of what look like insurmountable challenges right now if you are positive and focused on your goals.


Expect a powerful push forward in your career right now. You will be filled with abundant energy right now and can get a lot cleared off your desk. There could be disagreements or challenges at times, but the end results will most likely turn in your favor.


You may find that you have an amazing opportunity to expand your financial potential and career future through your creative gifts right now. If you are feeling any confusion about your future path right now is a good day to meditate on your choices.


You may want to avoid the news right now. It is not that the news is bad, it is just that the talking heads may get under your skin more easily than normal. Some meditation time might be a better way to unwind.


You may be looking into buying a new computer, cell or cordless phone right now. You seem to have worn out the phone or Internet connection with many back and forth calls or emails the last little while. If you are buying a computer, get one that has a big hard drive!


This is an excellent day for going to the bookstore to splurge on that do-it-yourself craft book, those “how to play guitar” videos, or that boxed set of DVDs you have been wanting. You can broaden your horizons and enjoy yourself at the same time.


You may decide to take up some kind of structured sporting activity in order to get more exercise. This could be something of a challenge at first. Make sure that you stretch, get proper food and hydration, and check with your doctor before doing anything too intense.

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