Your career is heading into interesting new directions. You have a chance to bring in your hobbies creative talents or special interests to powerful and positive effect. You could fall in love with your career again if you let yourself go.


You may find a new technological device is helpful in improving your spare time productivity. A change in your daily routine or schedule, triggered by changes in transportation or communication technology could improve your lifestyle. You could find something useful on sale.


You may have something of a dispute to mediate between a friend and a relative. There may be controversies involving children, after-school activities, schedules, and timetables. Someone you know thinks they have a creative talent but needs a lot more practice.


Pay attention to your health and well being. You are over-taxing your body system with stress and worries, and may not be getting enough sleep or exercise. You have to take better care of yourself. Don’t push yourself too much if you are traveling right now – you could over-do it and be stiff and sore tomorrow morning.


Travel and commuting is more smooth and simple right now. You may be planning a vacation or merely going across town to visit the relatives, but you will greatly enjoy yourself by getting away from home. You have some secret doubts but will be able to sweep them aside.


The truth is within. You are realizing that the experts and the gurus aren’t any more intelligent than you are, and you may be more “wise” in the ways that matter. Trust what you know to be true, deep down in your heart. A thimble of common sense right now is worth a ton of over-educated claptrap.


Spiritual interests and beliefs will be important issues right now, especially if you have children. Getting them to share your enthusiasm might be a bit of a chore though. Think up ways to make the learning fun. You may find they have ideas that are profound beyond their years.


You could get some good advice from a friend about a health or “wellness” issue that has been troubling you. You might not like all the medicine they give you – the lecture about taking better care of yourself and not giving so much to others never does go down terribly well with you.


You’ll have terrific physical energy right now – a little too much perhaps. You may find yourself getting angry or frustrated a little more easily than usual. Make sure that your mantra for the day is “I am calm”, especially where it comes to dealing with family members, relatives and authority figures.


Massage treatments, or a day at a spa, or a trip to an expensive beauty salon may seem like an exorbitant treat, but you definitely deserve it. Pamper yourself a little. Take good care of yourself, treat yourself right now. You deserve a break.


You could meet someone interesting right now, but if you are single, and in search of a partner, do be careful that you don’t end up bringing home someone with “excess baggage”. You may find yourself attracted to someone in the healing profession, or someone with medical needs.


Communication is the key to sorting out the differences you have with your partner. While you may disagree about how to handle a housing situation, or how to deal with a family member, you will be able to agree that something needs to be done.

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