Looks like you have managed to resolve most of the family troubles that have been dogging you the past few days. You will find that relatives and loved ones are a lot more supportive and understanding right now. One could even come bearing a pricey gift!


Friends can be both helpful and harmful where it comes to shared values, finances and debts right now. You have to make up your own mind what is right for the most stable and secure future for your family. Don’t let “group think” affect your decisions right now.


You may face some challenges or delays with a home renovation project, or may be considering moving. Take your time, over-estimate your budget. Make sure to check the references on any contractors or movers you deal with.


If you did not find the right challenge yesterday, it will likely find you right now. You have an opportunity to be a social or community leader, and while there are challenges and likely conflicts, you will have great satisfaction in knowing you made a difference.


You may come across as wild, dramatic and exciting right now. People are attracted to you because of your talents, skills, differences, or because of the unusual electrical energy you throw off. Some people may be threatened by a new look or makeover, or by your highly energetic behavior.


Your mind is on fire right now, full of brilliant and creative ideas. Your energy is high, and you have some innovative insights that could help you a lot. Trust your instincts right now, especially where it comes to what to wear and how to dress. It matters.


Don’t take some unexpected criticism to heart. You may have difficulties relating to your coworkers, employer, or the people in your social circle right now. But the challenges you face right now may prove to be beneficial in the long term – you’ll learn a new way to communicate.


Take a book off the shelf at random and pick a random page. That will be your horoscope for the moment. Right now you will get random insights and strange synchronicities that can lead you to interesting and exciting new discoveries.


You will be counting your blessings in the form of the many people who will add to the harmony and abundance in your life right now. You will be in love with love, and so will everyone else. You may be overly indulgent when giving to children right now.


You may have an interesting visit with a doctor, dentist or alternative healthcare provider. You may find there is a much safer, more effective way to deal with a health problem. A meditation or nutritional option could offer big benefits.


Your feelings run deeply right now and you may lack patience for what you see as a shallow or critical reaction to an important issue. Men and women in your life seem to be at odds with one another right now and it may be hard to keep yourself out of a pointless argument.


Your attitude towards a specific relationship or partnerships in general will be changing right now as a result of an intuition, dream or impression. Listen to your feelings carefully. You may be thinking of making a relationship more formal.


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