You may be over-thinking things right now. Worry and fears could be exaggerated as a result. Some time spent in meditation or prayer could refocus your perspective and bring greater peace of mind. Take some time to relax and get out of your head.


You will soon hear welcome news about a financial opportunity. You may receive an unexpected check or bonus. A big sale may be on that could help you lower some bills.


You may feel confused by the conflicting energies of the day, unless you find some way to settle your mind. Pick a quiet spot and give yourself some extra time to center yourself, especially if you have to make any important decisions about travel or education right now.


There could be unusual experiences in the workplace right now. There could be sudden changes to your schedule due to changes or challenges that involves computers, the Internet or telephones. Go with the flow, there could be unexpected extra breaks or time off.


If you are still single, this is a good day to take your latest “intended” home to meet the folks. You will find them to be more receptive to your choices than normal right now. If you are already married, this is a good time to get together with in-laws to make a good impression.


If you find yourself in another room full of people right now it is more important than ever that you take a deep breath, count to ten, then ask yourself if that sarcastic comment will really provoke any positive reactions. People are tense in the workplace right now, so be careful what you say.


Family troubles are actually a good thing, believe it or not. They could lead to an opening up of some hidden emotional trauma, and open the doorway to healing. Secrets are never a good thing – they fester unseen in the background. Exposure to the light of day removes their sting.


It’s a day of wonderfully expansive romantic energies right now. People around you are hot, exciting and interesting. Your love life is heating up, and if you are single, you could find yourself in the company of someone who really turns you on. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on love.


A good friend will help you sort out some conflicted feelings you hold about romance. If you are married, you feel confused by your partner’s recent behaviour. If you are single, you may be deciding that you like your own company right now.


way to celebrate your success.


An alternative healthcare approach or an unexpected psychic or spiritual experience could have side effects or challenges. You may find that you are clearing a lot of old baggage, and that process of purging can be both literal or figurative, or both.


You may find your energy is dragging a little right now. A little extra exercise or some time spent with a good friend could perk things up. You may find you are bored with work or daily chores. Take things on one at a time, your verve will return.

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