You’re feeling happy and generous right now, and you can spare some cash to help boost your investments. If you don’t have any experience with investing in the stock market, you may consider looking for an advisor at your bank to help guide your choices.


Unexpected challenges in the workplace may upset your plans for the day, but don’t let that get you down! You have some friends and companions who can make good use of a sudden opening in your schedule. You’ll be able to get together to have some fun.


If you are still single, you need to be careful about new people you meet in or around your workplace. They may be more than just a little exotic. If you are already married, you and your significant other may have an unexpected argument about your career path or social status.


There are radical changes coming in a friendship or association. Someone you know is finding it difficult to live life in the “real world” and you’re about to hit them with that, both barrels. While the immediate reaction may be intense, the desired result will be to bring them back to the earth.


Friends can be both helpful and harmful where it comes to shared values, finances and debts right now. You have to make up your own mind what is right for the most stable and secure future for your family. Don’t let “group think” affect your decisions right now.


You will be kept busy on the phone, fielding calls from friends and loved ones who want your time, presence and attention. The sudden burst of popularity won’t go to your head, though. You are feeling incredibly generous and have lots of bubbly, infectious energy.


You will find that romantic fever works in your favor for the day at least. Take advantage of the warm fuzzy moments to rebuild some connections to your loved ones, particularly your love partner, who may be wondering about your recent mood swings.


You may find that there are opportunities for romance in some pretty strange places. You’ll be very busy, have a lot of energy right now, and may quite literally run into someone new. Take your business cards on that jog through the park. Opportunity is fleeting!


You will find an interesting opportunity to share your values and ideals with someone higher up on your social or career path. Listen to them carefully, as they are offering not only advice, but opportunities. They are waiting to see how “hungry” you are.


Family members may seem to be determined to be contrary right now. Instead of trying to get them to see your point of view, try putting yourself into their shoes. The change in perspective could bring the answers you need to put everyone back into harmony again.


You may have an interesting home-based business opportunity right now. Just be sure you will be able to sustain the high level of physical energy and emotional commitment it may require before you quit your “day job”. It could be a bigger challenge than you expect.


You are anxious about an important personal relationship right now. Your decisions may be based more on subconscious fears than they are on the realities of available evidence. Before you make a choice you may regret, give yourself time to think it over.

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