You have the ability to work out some travel plans right now that may have seemed challenging yesterday. You may find it is easier than usual to navigate the strange twists and turns of your weekly commute to the cottage, or your trip to the airport, as the case may be.


You may be getting pressure from family members or your significant other to do some household chores, but you just won’t feel up to the effort that will take. It’s a good day to spend at home relaxing, sleeping in, or settling in front of the TV for a change.


This is a good day to beautify or renovate your home. You may be feeling highly impulsive though, so be sure that you don’t invest in several cans of paint in some weird, exotic color. Take your significant other along if you don’t want to give them an unpleasant surprise.


You may realize that a person you though you had offended has completely forgotten what you said or did. You may feel pretty silly for banging on yourself for something relatively minor. Get yourself a nice hug or treat and let it go.


You may be offered a raise, bonus, promotion or a new job soon, and while the financial benefits may be very tempting, it may be that the changes involve additional leadership responsibilities you don’t anticipate. You can handle it though, believe in yourself!


Do take care when cleaning or fixing up the old homestead right now. You and your partner or living companions may find it hard to come to an agreement about a renovation project or the division of responsibilities in your home. An elder relative may be asking a lot of you right now.


Now is not the time to stick your neck out over a family dispute – you are likely to get it bitten right off. You might find it hard on your self-esteem to swallow your pride and quietly take an unfair tongue-lashing, but it will be better that do you take it … for now. Things will change.


A friendly opinion or an offer of free advice comes with someone else’s baggage attached to it. Whatever is said, consider the source. You may be critiqued as needing more education or exposure in the arts, and it’s probably an extremely unfair assessment.


You will have a lot of extra physical energy right now. Some kind of trouble could cause you some unexpected chores, but the ultimate outcome will leave things in a much better place. You could greatly benefit from a low-impact exercise like Yoga.


You may be misunderstood right now if you are too outspoken, especially in print or online on the Internet. Be extra careful with your written communication, as you may make mistakes in fact or form that will come back to haunt you. There are opportunities, but you have to be a careful self-editor.


Your family members are likely to be on the phone a lot right now. Someone has good news about a financial partnership or inheritance to share. You may be tempted to spend a lot of money on some recreational pursuit – be careful to avoid using credit cards right now.


There is a charity or organization that us crying out for a leader. If you choose to step up to the role, you may find that there is a lot of work involved in keeping other volunteers on the same page. You may not be able to get anything done until a clear leadership structure is established.

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