Someone important in your social or career path may ask you to take on a big responsibility, like hosting a party. You may be reluctant at first, but the rewards could well outweigh the risks. You can do this! It will be a little extra work, is all.


You are extremely popular and will be in great demand right now. You deserve a little “time out”, a chance to “re-create” yourself. You will probably find that the money you want to splurge on yourself magically appears at just the right moment.


You are getting some challenging news about your heath, well being, or working conditions, and you know that there have to be some changes made or you will be the one who suffers. You are just not sure you can let go of a bad habit or that “comfort food” you so treasure.


Be careful when taking advice from friends and companions about holistic or alternative healthcare right now. They have wild ideas. Someone may try to push you into a teacher’s role that you are not quite ready to take on just now. Be very aware that flattery may hide ulterior motives.


Don’t get too wound up in the “What do I want to do with my life” muddle you have been struggling with – it is a battle you can’t sort out in one day, and right now it’s just counterproductive to your mood. Indulge in a little pampering right now as soon as you get some time to yourself.


You don’t trust yourself right now. Your eye is drawn to a new home, or to home-improvement projects that may actually be very good investments, but because you are uncertain you may miss an opportunity. This is one time when your impulses and intuition are on target – trust yourself for a change.


You have a friend who is undergoing a spiritual crisis or religious transformation that you find incredibly challenging. Before you get too excited, just remember that no matter what they believe, they are still the same person you always knew.


You may find yourself rethinking some travel plans. Something says that now is not the right time, and you don’t have the right place. Be extra careful when driving right now, you will find that people are all driving like escapees from the looney bin.


You will be the centre of attention in your family. Someone is finally going to notice that you have some pretty spiffy talents, and you will enjoy hearing their praise and admiration. You may receive a gift of artwork, music, or positive reinforcement.


You might have a sudden urge to visit a health-spa right now. If not, maybe your horoscope will give you some ideas about the best way to take the “edge” off your feelings right now. You’ll be tense and wound up, and may not know why. It doesn’t matter why. Just find a way to relax.


You may find that your attempts to connect with your intuition fall a bit short right now. Remember that these things have cycles like everything else, and the more attached to the outcome you are, the less accurate you are likely to be.


Great changes result from paperwork, written communications and telephone calls, but you’ll have a tendency to overpower others right now. Pull back a little if you notice that people are backing away from you. You may be coming on just a little too strongly.


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