All the financial hardships you have suffered the past while are going to be seen as a blessing in disguise right now. You have an opportunity to transform trouble into a world-class opportunity to make a bundle. Sink any benefits into debt reduction.


Your family circle is heading for a bit of a shakeup. A friend or companion is going to point up some disharmony in your relationships, and while you know they may be right, it may be difficult for you to find a positive way to bring things to a healthy balance right away.


You can find a way to make the best of a challenging situation. The way you handle it will impress and impress others and could lead to connections or opportunities that could enhance your career or social prospects.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role right now, by showing other people there are options in how you choose to react to a surprise. The news you get will likely be good, but you may have to move swiftly in order to take advantage.


You have gone through a lot of personal changes the last year and it is time for yet another transformation. You may be off to the spa or beauty parlor to update your look once again. Just be sure this fashion statement is okay for your career path, it’s bound to be a little wild.


Listen to your significant other. That life-sized, light-up statue of the goddess Venus is just a little over the top for your living room. Maybe your taste won’t be that wacky right now, but you will be in a bit of a “funky” mood and you could end up regretting your purchases.


You can learn a lot from your friends and companions right now. They will be excited, full of strange and interesting ideas. You may find that people have very unusual ideas, particularly the older males in your family. Be careful when dealing with older men right now.


You are finding out right now that even good relationships have some challenging moments. You and your significant other are having a strong disagreement about a lifestyle issue. You can compromise if you both work on it. You may both have to give up something for each other.


You may find that you are swept up in romantic or financial intrigues. Your love life and your finances may intertwine in challenging and interesting ways. If you are an artist, you may be drawn to dramatic, dark and exciting themes. Don’t be afraid to step out in new directions.


You’ll come up with new creative ways to make some extra money. That will brighten both the investment and financial picture and lift your mood. You may feel more like celebrating this evening, and your partner would love a night out.


If you want to take control in your family at present, you are going to have to act like a dictatorial warden in a madhouse. Everyone has dramatically opposed ideas about just about everything. Don’t take it too personally if no-one listens to you right now.


Your family troubles may smooth over right now when someone steps outside of their traditional posture of denial at long last and admits that they need help. It is a good thing that you have been busy looking into the options for them, they will finally be ready to listen.

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