You may feel a bit like you are pushing a boulder up a hill with your nose right now, especially where it comes to your career or social status. The problem is you are a bit ahead of the trend in terms of your thinking. When everyone catches up to you, things will turn around.


You may be frustrated with yourself at the moment because you just cannot make up your mind whether you want to pick Path “A”, “B” or “C”, and you really do feel strongly that you have to make some challenging choices soon in regards to your career direction.


If you have children, you may find that your patience is tested right now. Keep your sense of humor handy. Your energy is extremely high, perhaps a little too high. Be careful during sporting activities or entertainment. You may tend to play a little too hard.


Whenever you feel yourself starting to get worried, think back to all the times you worried in the past. Remember how most times what you feared did not happen. And even when it did, do you remember feeling relieved? Because at least now you did not need to worry any more. That can help you break the cycle of worrying.


Communication is the key to sorting out the differences you have with your partner. While you may disagree about how to handle a housing situation, or how to deal with a family member, you will be able to agree that something needs to be done.


You may be amazed at what comes out of your mouth. While there may be moments of disagreement, your ideas are profound and transformational, and that may be the real reason why someone finds them so challenging. Nobody likes to be told they have to fix their own problems, but that’s what you are saying.


Something you need am appointment for, like car repair or a doctor appointment could provide some unexpected time to chill out, relax and enjoy a nice snack, or some time to catch up on a good book. Plan to need some extra time, just in case.


You are feeling a lot of compassion for a friend who seems to have worked themselves into a muddle they can’t get out of. Unfortunately it may be difficult for you to spend too much time helping them, because you have a new and exciting project to work on.


You may find thatold issues or memories from childhood arise in a challenging manner right now. Don’t react to your fears and emotional reactions right now – this can be an incredibly healing and empowering moment if you have the strength to face it directly.


You are spending a great deal of time right now thinking and rethinking your beliefs and attitudes about relationships. Chances are the energies are pretty positive for you in that area overall, but you still feel something is “missing” or not quite right.


Your family is stirring up something of an identity crisis right now. You have been going through a series of personal changes, to your emotional, mental and physical personas. If you are patient with your family and yourself you may discover some very interesting insights.


If you are a parent, you may be attending some kind of sporting event related to your children right now. If not, you may be indulging your inner child by enjoying a sport or physical activity that you enjoyed when you were young. Either way, get moving, it will do a world of good.

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