Spiritual insights come to you that can dramatically improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. You may discover that there truly is power in prayer. Meditation and contemplation of higher spiritual truths can bring you peace and physical comfort.


You have some interesting challenges and opportunities right now. There may be some tension between your home and work life. Somehow a sporting event or gathering could provide an opportunity for you to better integrate your lifestyle.


Friends, companions, and siblings will bring great joy. Someone you know could be adding to their family. Someone else may be given an award for their creative skills and talents. Celebrate in moderation, because someone near you is on the sobriety trail.


A loved one, friend or parent may disapprove of your lifestyle or chosen mate, or there may be some small falling out with your in-laws. It is best you focus on the positive and that you stick to what makes you happy. Your life is your own!


If you take a small amount of time each day to work on a large creative project, you may be surprised how quickly things come along. If you wait for a large block of free time to do things all at once, it may be a lot longer process. You may have energy, but not time.


Some time you spent learning or surfing recently will pay off beyond your wildest dreams right now. Through synchronicity or design, you learned just what you needed to know to impress the heck out of just the right person in a position of authority.


You may be attending a lot of meetings, the center-piece or chief keywords of which are “big changes”. Everyone around you may be rushing around like the proverbial Mad Hatter, but even thought there is a lot of work to be done, you will be feeling upbeat.


You’ll be feeling very generous and happy right now. You may have plans to play matchmaker for two friends, and it’s a lucky day in your own love life. You may settle in for a romantic movie, or take in an unexpected opportunity to enjoy a good book.


There will be wake-up call for a family member who has gotten stuck in a rut. They may be quite determined to hang onto the status quo, despite all the evidence around them. Let go, and let fate step in. There is nothing like a cosmic kick in the pants to motivate some people.


You may find that your creative talents or a craft skill gets you noticed higher up the social food chain, but beware, someone could be using you to do a little social climbing of their own. Be sure you keep aware of potentially selfish motives.


You could have a disagreement with a friend about your personal values, beliefs, or religious convictions. You may discover their understanding of the issues is pretty superficial, or perhaps they have accused you of being a “weekend Sacred Warrior”.


You may have some issues involving house, home or family. An adjustment to your family relationships could turn things back around in your favor. Explore your options. You may be able to make a significant difference in your love life through travel or a home move.

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