You want to get out and away for some fun, but cash may be a bit tight. You may also find that the people you want to play with all have different ideas about what to do and where to go. Money may be tight now, but the long-term picture is looking better. Keep your chin up.


It looks like there is an important opportunity to advance in your career or social life right now, if you are ready to move quickly. Someone you socialize with could open the door to career success. You may be invited to an important party or gathering soon.


You could get some good advice from a friend about a health or “wellness” issue that has been troubling you. You might not like all the medicine they give you – the lecture about taking better care of yourself and not giving so much to others never does go down terribly well with you.


You’ll find yourself making something of a dramatic turn of fortunes right now. The financial struggles you have been through should be lifting, and you’ll find ideas, insights and information that improves your prosperity is easier to come across.


Your love life is back on the “up” swing again. Your love life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately, so take advantage of the ride. A romantic trip can help cement the positive feelings you establish right now. If you can get out together even for a brief time it could work wonders.


A friend or companion can really open your eyes right now. They may introduce you to new music, ideas, and spiritual dimensions that you may have not considered. You may be coming into contact with people and ideas that are dramatically different from those you knew in the past.


It may be hard to motivate others and stir them to action right now. You may feel like you are invisible and that no-one seems to understand you. But once the sun goes down, you will suddenly be more popular or in demand. The phone will start ringing around suppertime.


It’s your job to take a leadership role in some kind of group activity, sport or charity, likely one involving children or parenting in some aspect. Even if you are not a parent, you can still help out. Maybe you have a sibling or friend who could use a night out while you baby-sit your nieces and nephews?


The family member who is in need of emotional support right now is you. You cannot rescue everyone else, when you are dealing with emotional issues of your own. Right now, the best way to deal with your feelings is to confront them, and that may mean “telling it like it is” to someone who has not been paying attention.


You will be able to come to a solution that helps you sort out chronic family issues – but you may have to work hard to communicate right now. If you are patient and forgiving, you will be seen as gregarious and generous. If not, you may risk coming across as a tad petulant.


You may have a moment of tension with your significant other right now that forces you to confront some of your most deeply-held beliefs about yourself. What starts out as a challenge could greatly enhance your self-esteem once all is said and done.


It is time you got out to shake your booty. You may be feeling a bit lonely or down on yourself, and cutting up a rug may be just the thing to perk up your love life right now. Anything that gets your body moving will be a boost to your spirits, if nothing else.

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