Family and extended family are the focus of the day. You may be visiting an older relative who needs to get out of their home. You can dramatically brighten someone’s life just by showing up to go for a walk together, or to volunteer to drive them to their chores.


You have strong leadership skills right now and people are eager to hear what you have to say. Mostly you’ll be talking about tearing down old structures. Make sure you have a plan to replace them with something new! You could be looking at making financial adjustments so you can better help others.


Today it is your significant other you are in danger of annoying. You feel let down or disappointed in some way, but from their perspective it looks a little like you have an entitlement complex. Ask yourself if your feelings and expectations are reasonable.


You may have a lot of extra energy right now, and the best way to put it to use is to find a relative or neighbor whose home needs a little fixer-upping, and set about to work on their creaking doors, leaky windows, and that drooping siding. Charity starts at home.


You have a business or career opportunity right now that may be hard to resist. It will take a lot of energy and there is some risk involved, but if you are prepared to move quickly, there could be money-making opportunities in unexpected places.


This will be another romantic day, but there is an air of change that is a little challenging. If you are still single, you could meet someone who meets your criteria for a “serious” relationship. If you are already married, you are likely to have “serious” discussions with your spouse.


Your love life has your head spinning at the moment. While you have some wonderful opportunities to transform your life in a positive way, you are a little afraid to make the commitments needed to take things to the next level. It will be an enjoyable dilemma though.


You may be experienced an enhanced form of consciousness as a result of new information or spiritual wisdom that is coming to you from an unexpected source. You may have found a special teacher online who is sharing information you find to be mind-blowing and life-altering. Keep an open mind, but be aware of other possibilities.


You may have a challenging day with the people closest to you. They may seem a little twitchy or sensitive, especially where it comes to debts, financial investments or favors, or spirituality. Someone you know has a bit of trouble facing an upcoming life transition.


You are likely to end up in arguments with members of the opposite sex right now. You may come across as harsh or unfeeling even though you don’t mean to. Listen to others who have ideas that hit your traditional “hot buttons”. There is an amazing learning experience coming.


You will want to escape your responsibilities right now, but there will either be scheduling or financial challenges in the path of your plans. Be alert for opportunities in your career path or work sector. You can take a giant step ahead right now.


Unexpected disputes and challenges in your extended family may seem a little heavy in places, right now. Remember the old truism that music soothes the savage beast. Not loud, booming hip-hop music now, the kind of music that THEY like instead.

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