You need some fun and distraction right now, but you may be wrapped up in some small injury to your self-esteem. Let go of needing to have everyone love and admire you. The one person who holds you down emotionally right now is surrounded by ten others who think you are the bee’s knees.


You may find an unexpected household bill puts your saving plan for that special toy on hold for a bit. You might have to do some last minute fix-up repairs or make an adjustment to some kind of household appliance.


Movie theaters, theme parks, art galleries and bookstores will be packed with interesting, exciting and creative people right now. Get out there and lose yourself in the crowd. Make sure you place yourself in a high-traffic area where someone interesting can find you.


You will be strongly called to help someone who is suffering from some kind of medical problem or health condition. If you are focusing on your own well-being, a powerful new alternative healthcare treatment could dramatically improve your life.


You could be looking at a raise, bonus or promotion soon. There are some really juicy aspects in your financial sectors right now, and it is an excellent time for you to take advantage of an opportunity to make a good impression on your boss or an important VIP.


You are finding out right now that even good relationships have some challenging moments. You and your significant other are having a strong disagreement about a lifestyle issue. You can compromise if you both work on it. You may both have to give up something for each other.


There could be unusual experiences in the workplace right now. There could be sudden changes to your schedule due to changes or challenges that involves computers, the Internet or telephones. Go with the flow, there could be unexpected extra breaks or time off.


Challenges arise from an elder member of your family who has some medical issues. While you may feel that you are unfairly burdened, you will find that there is a great opportunity to build closeness and to be of true service right now. That can bring incredible rewards.


You may be going on a much-anticipated trip soon, but you need to take some precautions if all is to go smoothly. Make sure you have all the money, medications and documentation you may need. Be sure all vehicles are safety-checked.


Listen to the advice of an older advisor who knows much more about the world of finances, investments, and debts than you do. They can help you sort out some of the confusing and erratic thoughts you are having about your career direction. Family members may be cranky and unreliable right now.


You are pondering making a considerable change to the direction of your career or social plans because there is a promising financial opportunity. The challenge is in the changes this will also bring to your lifestyle and the way you are perceived by others.


If you are single, friends may be plotting behind your back to introduce you to someone special – someone they hope will be good “marriage material”. If you’re married, it could be the will have to find other more creative ways to get your mojo going. They do say you need to get out more.

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