A friend or loved one is coming off as a bit of a sour puss in your chart at the moment. Rather than spend much time with old Grim, focus your energies on the younger members of the family, or on your love life. Someone you care for needs a hug and some private time.


You are likely to be feeling anxious for no particular reason, and the real reason is you need to work off some of the physical hyperactivity you feel. Your mind will be whirling about a mile a minute, with strange and interesting ideas coming and going in flashes.


This is not a good day to invest new funds into risky ventures, especially on the advice of friends. They may mean well, but the information they provide could be off the mark. And you will not be at your most clear-headed or realistic right now.


You are the center of attention right now, and are attracting a lot of people with helpful advice and ideas. Someone may ask you to come with them to a fun or unusual gathering, or to some kind of lecture or seminar where creative people hang out.


Your relationships are going to be a challenging factor in your day. If you are still single, you may meet someone who seems to be more than they are in fact. If you are already married, you should be extra careful to avoid pushing their buttons.


Love and romance perfume the air around you in a heady cloud. You may not even be able to think straight right now, because your passions will be in control of all your senses. You want to sit on the phone or the Internet and chat all day long, but you really do have to attend to the daily realities.


Family members unwind and you find yourself greatly enjoying their company all of a sudden. You can bring together family members and loved ones in healing and positive ways if you set up a “group tidy”. Get together at the house of a loved one who is lonely or struggling and fix their leaky faucets and shaky banisters.


You may feel anxious or excited because you have a higher than normal energy level at the moment. Physical activity, exercise or swimming are ideal solutions, but meditation may also help calm things down. If you feel an electrical sensation, dip your hands in cold water.


Your friends and companions will be burning up the phone lines with a lot of lovely, thankfully positive gossip right now. Someone is getting lucky in the ways of love and it’s certainly no secret! If you are bored, call up an old friend and strike up a conversation.


You may end up in an argument with a contractor about the cost of some renovations to your home right now. It is not a particularly good day to start a huge new addition to your home, or to buy property. You may also have disagreements with elder relatives about housing.


Unexpected good news in the career department has you smiling again, but these energies are not long lasting on their own. You have to seize the opportunity and nail it down, or it will fly away as quickly as it came in. Don’t be afraid to take risks on creative challenges.


You have to balance your need for stability with your need for excitement, and events right now will give you a chance to take a leadership role in an innovative security effort. It may be nothing more than installing a home or car alarm, but it will be a noble and worthwhile goal.

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