This is not the best day to trust in friendly investment advice. Avoid those who may offer advice or ideas, but whose real agenda is getting a slice of your financial pie. Be careful when discussions of religion or politics roll around too, because you could get trapped in someone’s circular thinking.


You need to love your work. That’s the bottom line. You will either find your “zone” in your current job, find a new job, or start off on a new path, because you will decide that “success” is measured not in dollars, but in the amount of satisfaction you get from a good day’s work.


You may be in the mood for a total makeover, but it would be a good idea to talk it over with your partner if you are married. If you are single, it’s possible you could meet someone new and unusual in a hair salon or at the mall while shopping for a new wardrobe.


You are still very focused on your spiritual and religious questions right now. You feel that there is a gigantic secret being kept from you, but the truth is no-one has that Ultimate Answer. Sometimes faith means living without having all the answers.


You may find yourself to be in a state of unusual emotional stimulation right now. It may be hard for you to control your temper, or just stay in a state of peace, especially when relatives or siblings come around to visit. Remember to take deep breaths when you feel your buttons are being pushed.


You may have your own financial ups and downs of late, but right now your compassion for someone else’s troubles is going to take your mind of any worries you might have yourself. You’ll be an angel to someone in emotional distress. Be a good listener.


This is a great time to explore new ideas. If you are not already reading one of those wordy self-help hardback tomes, drop by the library and check out the self-improvement section. Pick a wild topic that doesn’t really apply to you – you may learn something unexpected.


Follow your instincts right now. Your energy is high, ideas are good, and people are not only willing but eager to follow your lead. You can get a lot of paperwork cleared off your desk, but it is the “action items” you need to spend the most time chasing.


You have to make some significant adjustments in your attitude towards the religion or values you grew up with. You are finding that there is less power and mystery there than there used to be, and some pretty strange alternatives are catching your eye.


You may get a letter or a phone call that has you adjusting some plans about your finances. You may decide to shuffle some money around for better tax or debt-reduction effect. Trust your intuition when choosing a new banker or investment advisor.


That work at home deal may be better than it seems. While there may be some extra work involved, and you might have to wall off your workspace for privacy, you may find you work a lot better on your own. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.


If you are asked to take on a leadership role in a club or charity, make sure your authority and responsibilities are clearly spelled out in writing, and be prepared for renegotiation a ways down the line. Misunderstanding and political manipulation are possible challenges.

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