You need to focus your financial energies on your own needs right now, but a friend or associate could be pressuring you to make a commitment to some financial project that is taking you off your own priorities. You may just have to learn how to say “No, thank you.”


You have some interesting spiritual or philosophical ideas that you want to share with others, and a call from a friend will be just the right outlet for your emotional needs right now. You need to hear that you are not alone, that these ideas have merit – and they do!


If you are traveling for fun, you’ll have a good time and enjoy yourself, provided the budget allows. If you are planning a business trip though, there could be challenges and disappointments. Research, education and learning for fun also trumps the more serious studies that interest you now.


You may be tempted to approach a wealthy friend for help with financial setbacks or an investment plan. That might not be the optimal solution it appears to be. Give things a little more time. There are hidden factors that make the idea less appealing over time.


Career changes hit suddenly and you have an opportunity to use a connection to an authority figure, or someone employed by the government, to enhance your cause. Paperwork related to rules, regulations, taxes and legal matters is likely to go in your favor.


If you want to treat yourself right now, it’s book time, movie time or travel time. You need a bit of space and time to push back the boundaries of your imagination. Get involved in a creative class, or make some time for yourself alone with a book or hobby.


Take some time to get to know someone in your workplace or circle of friends who appears to be lonely. You could end up making friends with someone that you never would have thought would mean so much to you.


Religious differences could come between you and a family member right now. You both need to get perspective and stop trying to prove who is “right”. It’s all about core values you still share. A friend may ask to borrow money. Don’t expect to ever get it back.


You want to make a large purchase of some kind of sporting goods or entertainment device, but if you are not careful, you could regret the purchase. Don’t let yourself be talked into buying that gigantic home gym that you will never use.


You are tripping over your words a bit right now, because your subconscious mind is in turmoil right now. You are moody and emotional. Other people will find you hard to talk to. You may need to take a break or two with some chamomile tea in order to settle down.


You will have an opportunity to improve your home in a way that could benefit someone’s health, fitness and wellbeing. You may put in a sun room, or bring a rebuilt computer to a shut-in relative who needs some help keeping in touch with the rest of the family.


The big opportunity right now is in building new romantic relationships or partnerships, in challenging or in strengthening the bonds of existing partnerships or romances. You are about to enter a phase where you communicate better than ever before.

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