Your intuition is much better right now, especially where it comes to bargain-hunting and financial issues. You have profound insights about your religious or spiritual beliefs right now that are making you reconsider your personal and social values.


You may feel like you got thrown into the spotlight in a three-ring circus right now. While you are happy to be needed, or are more popular with your friends or loved ones, you are getting a bit of information overload. Take frequent breaks to clear your head.


Sudden changes in career or social connections will bring you unexpected ideas. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves right now. You have high energy and people want to be around you, even if they can’t say exactly why. Follow your gut feel.


Before you consider joining a club, group or association, ask around. You may find out about hidden fees and problems with bookkeeping. You are in danger of giving money to a charity that may not be completely on the up and up. Do your homework.


A lull period in your work life may leave you feeling restless. Now may not be the best time to push your supervisor for big changes, unless you are sneaky and can convince them the project was their idea. If you do not care who gets the credit, you may accomplish more.


You will be drawn to unusual ideas about health, fitness and lifestyle right now, but before you get too carried away, make sure to double-check with your doctor or a qualified naturopath. You are missing something that will later seem obvious in hindsight.


If you are a parent you may get both good and bad news about your child’s education right now. You may find that one of your children is having problems getting along with a teacher. You are looking for more spare time to dedicate to your own education right now.


You’ll definitely be considering a trip of some kind. A lucky break could facilitate the trip, but make sure that you plan things carefully. Other people in your life may get in the way with unreasonable demands. They may be feeling stress because of power struggles in the workplace.


You could have an argument with a loved one about money or values, and it may seriously push the buttons because the other party has no business casting stones from their own crystal mansion. Retreat may be the better part of valour. Rubbing their nose in their hypocrisy could come back to bite you.


Don’t pay too much attention to the behavior and attitudes displayed by your spouse or partner and your family members. The temper tantrums that they are throwing are related to their own inner child issues, and really have nothing to do with you.


You’ll feel like you need a bit of a booster shot financially, and a family member might help out by suggesting you read or re-read “How to make friends and influence people”. You may find yourself getting into arguments or disagreements with friends about art or decorating choice.


You would rather eat dirt than sit down with that pile of receipts on the dinner table this evening, but it has to be done. Your budget work is always a drama, but if you keep digging you may actually find that there is some good news at the bottom of the pile.

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