You might have to make some hard choices about your career, but it’s all ultimately for a good cause. You could let go of something you thought you needed, only to find out it was that very thing getting in the way of your getting ahead.


A delayed medical visit may need to be rebooked or there could be problems connecting with social or healthcare service professionals. You may have challenging paperwork to fill out. There may be travel delays or trouble with bureaucracies or public officials.


You have an opportunity to learn something that could greatly benefit your health or lifestyle. Keep an open mind about alternative healthcare options. You might have to try two or three different options until you hit on the right one for your needs.


A friend or companion has offered to help you with that makeover you have been wanting, but their choices may be a little severe. You should accept only if you know you will be allowed to dictate the final look yourself. Otherwise, expect to be disappointed with the results.


You may find your energy is dragging a little right now. A little extra exercise or some time spent with a good friend could perk things up. You may find you are bored with work or daily chores. Take things on one at a time, your verve will return.


You’ll be daydreaming through most of the day, composing songs and poetry in your head while your body makes the motions of a workday. You may actually enjoy this, but others in your family or circle of friends may find you to be a little “spacey” right now.


Learning, studying and teaching others can bring you great joy and a sense of personal satisfaction. You need to be among other people, sharing ideas and getting your mental machine challenged by them. There could be political arguments, but you’ll enjoy them.


You have an exciting creative idea for a way to get ahead in your career right now, but you may find that responsibilities at home are getting in your way. You may have to find a creative compromise, or find a way to delegate some responsibilities to a helpful coworker.


You will likely be the center of attention right now, as people from your neighborhood or spiritual community seek out your advice, wisdom and guidance. You may have some knowledge about alternative healthcare, healing or a new teaching technique.


You may be making a lot more money soon, but there will have to be some changes or adjustments in an important business relationship. You may find that extra money brings extra responsibilities, but your romantic partner or business associates may not be totally understanding.


Unexpected changes in the workplace will provide for opportunities to show off your creative talents. Don’t hold back – others are receptive to your ideas right now, no matter how wild they may seem. You might have to bring them down to earth later, but it’s a great day to brainstorm.


An investment in your education or in a trip for educational purposes may turn out to be a much better way to spend your money and time than you thought. Even if you are unable to go back to school, you can still spend some time online or at the library brushing up on your knowledge.

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