Be careful with your medical or health-related concerns right now – you could get some bad advice or guidance, or misunderstand instructions. The concern is doubly important if you are traveling or plan to visit another country soon. Ask for clarification if you are at all confused.


A family member may make it plain that they are not happy with your choice of partners, your lack of partners, or your love life in general. But is it really their life and choices you are living, or your own? You have to take control of the direction of your life in this regard – don’t be pushed into the wrong choice.


Listen to your hear and not your relatives. You have an unexpected attraction in your chart that may be at odds with your family’s values in some way. If you are still single, you may be attracted to someone outside your normal social, racial or political bacground.


A friend or companion is determined to have their own way, but so are you, and that adds up to a power struggle. A compromise is possible if you both are willing to talk things through. In fact, being forced to negotiate will be good experience and will ultimately offer unexpected ideas.


Paperwork is challenging and communications devices may be problematic right now. Commuting to and from the workplace may be a bit challenging right now. You may have a disagreement or minor misunderstanding with an older coworker or a client in your business.


Someone in your family may disapprove of the way you spend your free time, or the way you raise your children. They may let you know in rather blunt terms. Getting into an argument is not productive. Tell them “You are right, and I’m going to keep doing things my way, anyway.”


You are looking for some fun but your responsibilities could get in the way. You will find it easy to focus on things like paperwork, research, and communications, but hard to focus on financial concerns and issues. You are an impulsive spender right now.


You may make a new friend right now, likely with an older woman who has some interesting skills or hobbies. Your own ideas are a little unusual at the moment, but you may be a little too intimidated to say what is on your mind right now.


If you have strange and compelling dreams tonight, write them down so you can refer to them later. They could have disturbing symbols, but they are really instructive of the kinds of changes you need to make in your life. If you feel stuck in a rut, pay extra-special attention.


You may be moving up in the world! There are signs of both social and financial success in your chart right now. Someone has seen that one of your hobbies, talents or creative insights has value. It’s now up to you to negotiate the best deal you can.


You have an awful case of foot in mouth disease right now. Be very careful when allowing yourself to vent or share strong feelings – you can come off as a lot madder than you ever intended. You may find that people are cranky and impatient and they misunderstand your intentions.


Your intuition probably won’t work for you right now, particularly in matters of research, paperwork, travel and communication. You seem to put your foot in your mouth despite your efforts to be careful and compassionate of others. It is a day to listen, not to talk.

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