You may feel that you have to go back to school in order to move ahead in your career right now. You will be impulsive and eager to get started, but your interest could wane if the class lasts too long. Look for shorter workshops, they will be more effective.


Your love life has hit the “in-law curve” and whether you are single or married, you are likely to find that parental interference can get incredibly creative where it comes to someone who is determined to meddle in your love life. Keep your sense of humor handy.


Your career is heading into interesting new directions. You have a chance to bring in your hobbies creative talents or special interests to powerful and positive effect. You could fall in love with your career again if you let yourself go.


Your intuition will be wild, sharp and erratic right now. You could gain some amazing insights through meditation, or while surfing the Internet right now. Keep an open mind, but as your thoughts will be all over the map, test any impulses you have before acting on them.


You will be the centre of attention right now. People will find you to be interesting, attractive and entertaining, and you may find that you are invited to more than one upcoming party. Choose carefully, especially if you are single. There could be romantic possibilities.


You will have an opportunity to have some fun right now. You may buy yourself some new music CDs, take in a rock concert or go to the opera. Your creativity is high but you feel more like enjoying the fruits of other people’s creative talents.


You’ve probably felt somewhat unlucky recently but the fact is the restrictions you have dealt with are for your own good. You will feel some challenges are much lighter right now as a result of news or information you receive online or from a long distance phone call.


You may be thinking about taking a vacation soon, and there could be trouble connecting between stops. There may be detours and traffic jams. If you are traveling or commuting right now, make sure to take a little extra time to get from place to place.


An exciting change may be coming in your love life. You may find interesting ideas and romantic opportunities online or among a group of friends who share an interest in unusual topics like conspiracy theories, the occult or sacred geometry.


You feel something like the odd duck in your family right now. You have expressed some frustration to a loved one and are surprised that they are not as supportive as you expected. If they are telling you in part to be more patient, they are probably right about the rest of it too.


Someone is going to give you the old “You have to start thinking about your future” speech. Your goals, and the expectations and idealistic goals of your parents and family, may be at odds with each other. You want to spend more time enjoying life.


Focus on close loved ones rather than friends and associates right now. The former bring joy and comfort, the latter bring stress and disagreements. Pull yourself towards family, your spouse and the “old friends” and leave the surface socializing for another time.

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