Someone is playing matchmaker, with a strange or unusual twist. They are trying to bring together polar opposites. This time, it could actually work. If you are one of the parties to the experiment just remember that this could change everything for the better. Give it a chance.


It’s another day where words seem to desert you when you need them most. Just as well, because there are strong indications that you need a mental vacation if not a literal one. Spend some time in playful escapes if you can. If you can’t – plan some of that for a better day.


You will be in demand in social circles, because you are chatty, exciting and full of wild ideas right now. You have an opportunity to make new friends right now, but they may be dramatically different from your normal circle of friends and companions.


You may be traveling to get to a health-food store or alternative treatment right now. A person in a leadership role could be lucky for you. You are drawn to bookstores, the Internet and other learning venues where you can get information about healthy lifestyles.


Friends are friendlier right now. In fact, if you are single, one of your social circle is preparing a heart-stopping, life-changing introduction that could put some serious mojo into your love life. Don’t be afraid to take them up on the offer of a blind date.


You may feel that you are sacrificing too much of your personal life to drive your ambitions, but it is not the best day to speak up about perceived inequities in your workplace. Watch, wait and be patient, and a course of action will become clear.


This is not the best day for travel. You could find that there are unexpected troubles connecting with resources on the road. There will be delays and detours, and you could have trouble with vehicles or other drivers. You will be an impatient driver yourself – watch that temper.


You may need some extra rest time right now. Your body’s little aches, pains and “belches” may be telling you that it is not a good time to push yourself too hard. Rest is as important as exercise, and you are probably not getting enough of either.


A friend or companion has decided that your unsolicited advice or feedback has merit after all, and they will be expressing their appreciation together with some sheepish apologies most likely. Do your best to be gracious and understanding, it’s not easy to admit you’re wrong.


You may be getting together unexpectedly with someone who has an exotic secret to share. Your eye will be drawn to unique and unusual works of art, and your attention may be drawn to places or people that are outside your normal sphere of interest.


Things are likely to be unsettled or unstable right now. If you make a minor faux pas, don’t worry, no one will notice. If you decide to get a makeover or change your wardrobe right now, you will be likely revisiting your image soon. Leave things until you are more certain of your desires.


You may be your own worst enemy right now. You may have pushed someone aside because you were feeling hurt and misunderstood. The question is, is it more important to save face and pride, or is the relationship more important to you? Either choice may be valid. Choose what feels better in your heart.

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