You don’t much feel like going out right now. It is a day when you are strongly drawn to prayer, meditation or simple rest, but you may find that erratic energies make this impossible. You’ll get a lot of phone calls from friends and companions who are seeking attention or time to gossip.


Someone could approach you with an opportunity to travel, or to boost your communication skills. Maybe offered a chance to go back to school, or to take an online course that will improve your ability to get your point across. A creative writing course could be just ticket to get your juices flowing.


A friend or companion has some interesting ideas, but they are not playing with a full deck right now. Their own vision is clouded by old hurts, biases and beliefs. They don’t see how they are acting as their own worst enemy and if you tell them so you could catch a lot of flack.


Your family structure, values or religious beliefs come into focus in a positive way this weekend. You may decide to return like the prodigal child, or finally break from tradition, but either way you will be making a big commitment to your future happiness and well being.


It may be time for a trip to the doctor or naturopath for a checkup or to deal with some health issue. A change in diet or lifestyle could work wonders on your mood and overall well being. Research any medication you are taking, there may be better alternatives.


Just when you think that you have over-stretched your capabilities right now you will find new strength. Just be sure that while you are busy running about like the Mad Hatter right now that you stop and take a few moments out to breathe and relax.


You and your partner or mate have to talk about the old homestead, or about some family problems one of you is having. Someone’s parents are downright cranky. If you are single and meet someone new, get to meet the parents before you start getting serious. It could be the “Addams Family” hiding in the wings.


A new computer or electronic gadget could dramatically improve your life, but it may take a lot of time away from the practical matters you have on your plate right now. There is a lot of paperwork or studying to be done and you are spending a lot of time playing with your toy.


You may be feeling a burst of libido and if you have a partner, you will be active and energetic. If you are single you may find that others find you particularly attractive right now. Use your sexy energy to your best advantage, do not hide it away. The boost of energy can be channelled into creative projects as well.


If you are making investments, go for the solid and practical choices right now. Home improvements and renovations are favored, especially when they take on the form of additions to the home that allow you to nurture or care for relatives or loved ones in a healing way.


Your mind turns to serious matters like faith, religion and spirituality, and creative expression of the deepest matters of the heart. You may be rediscovering your faith, or find yourself with a lot of psychic energy and flashes of insight.


Financial challenges could come between you and a friend right now. It may be that one of you wants to go on an expensive outing that the other cannot afford. There could be an inexpensive alternative available, a local concert, a trip to the record store or a nice fantasy movie perhaps.

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