A long-distance phone call could bring happy news about a loved one. Someone may be having a child soon, or you may hear that a sickly child is going to pull through a rough patch. Your spirits will be up, and you will enjoy knowing things are getting better.


The crisis of faith you are having is in believing in yourself right now. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are actually doing a lot better with your latest set of challenges than you have given yourself credit for. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself some kudos, you are awesome!


Good news is coming about a trip or travel opportunity that you have been working towards. The key stumbling block may have to do with arranging schedules of traveling companions. Someone may have to compromise, and there will be a lot of phone calls made right now.


You may hear of rumors of pay increases, promotions or upgrades to benefit plans. Some of them will even be true. Even if the boost is simply to the “department budget” you could benefit from better technology, communications or networking upgrades that improve your performance.


You may be asked to write, teach or coach soon. Your energy may draw children and older people to you. You have knowledge that may be more valuable than you realize. An online comment could spark important future connections.


You won’t change a darn thing worrying about the office right now. Put all your work-related thoughts into a mental box marked “Later!” and get out for a little re-creation. Find some way to relax and enjoy yourself – that is what your body is crying for.


You’ll be enjoying your work or career. You could find yourself in the spotlight, especially if your work features creative skills or you are working in the entertainment business. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your creative skills if you get in front of the right audience.


If you are a parent your kids will be busy emptying your pockets right now – literally or figuratively. You could be hit with bills relating to your own hobbies, recreation or love life. If you are in a new romance, you may find your prospective partner is a bit of a social climber.


A fool and his dignity are soon parted in our world of global instant communication. And no matter how bright you are, everyone has their flirtation with foolery. If you are not careful right now, you may regret a flippant or overly dismissal comment made in the heat of passion.


If you are looking for new information, the Internet is the best resource. You may have a hard time finding the exact details and items you are wanting, but it might be an enjoyable search. You will be learning new things that could open the way to new hobbies or pass-times.


You’ll be looking for new and interesting forms of entertainment, but you are drawn to recreation that may be more than a little “out there”. You want to take on something new and challenging, both physically and intellectually, but that extreme sport is probably too extreme to tackle all at once.


If you are a parent, you may be hearing extremely good news about the educational or after-school activities of one of your children. If you are not a parent, you may be taking up an important new creative interest that has the ability to change your life.

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