You may have an opportunity to take on a leadership role or to stand above the crowd right now, but don’t let new authority go to your head. You may find that some of the people you counted on to be supportive will have to be wooed and pursued.


There is an amazingly good aspect in your “love and family” sectors right now – if you have been trying to start a family or add to one, now is the time to get busy with your, uhm, “expansion plans”. One thing you may be overlooking is the cost, of course.


You have worries or concerns about a friend’s financial well-being early right now. By the mid afternoon, you will probably discover that everyone was worked up for nothing, and you can enjoy your day. Even if there are challenges, there is nothing you can do right now – might as well enjoy yourselves!


You may feel like your prayers are going unanswered right now, and that may be because you are pushing too hard to make something happen. Any seed needs time to grow. Relax, let go, and allow things to be for a while. Focus on gratitude and acceptance, and the pieces of the puzzle you are seeking will fall into place.


You may be surprised at how much positive impact you can have if you reach out to help a coworker, friend or an older loved one. Someone close to you may need help understanding new technology, a cell phone or computer. A little patience will go a long way.


Travel planning could be challenging right now. You are impulsive and prone to make changes at the last minute. Driving, you are prone to make lane changes without signaling or checking, and that could lead you to disaster. Slow down on the highway!


Be careful when trying out new ideas right now – you have gotten some information about working conditions, lifestyle changes or your health, and it may be inaccurate. Before you get too anxious make sure you have all the facts straight.


You may find it hard to read all but the fuzziest and softest of historical romance novels right now. Right now your mind is in the clouds and you really don’t want to come back down to earth. It could be a good day to rent a movie and have a little fun.


You know what two people really need to do to get their act together, but the hard part is that if you speak up, you will become the problem they can fight against together. Even if your advice is sought, discretion may be the better part of friendship right now.


You may be feeling a bit frustrated right now because you’re not able to take a vacation or holiday in the timeframe that you originally wanted. If you’re patient and keep your eyes open, you may be able to find an alternative online that will be just what the doctor. Enjoy your trip!


If you are a parent, your children are likely picking your pocket right now, big time. It may be someone has a cold or some other temporary health condition, or you may find yourself spending a lot of money on “Back to School” supplies and clothing.


You have some seriously good ideas about improving relationships among your family. You are right to be worried about someone with a drug, alcohol or depression problem, and the “tough love” approach is likely best. You will feel good when you start to see progress.

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