Someone could pop the question right now. If that’s not you, it could be a friend or companion. Your mind will be on serious commitments between loved ones, friends and companions. You have a strong feeling you know what you want and where you want to go.


There are a lot of challenging changes coming in your lifestyle, but while you have to walk up-hill for a bit, it will be good exercise. You may find that you have a hard time getting your point across to a coworker or companion who is a bit hardheaded right now.


You have an opportunity to turn a challenging moment between friends into a positive life-changing lesson for everyone concerned. You can show everyone an example of someone dealing with change and not just landing, but thinking on their feet.


You are getting some challenging news about your heath, well being, or working conditions, and you know that there have to be some changes made or you will be the one who suffers. You are just not sure you can let go of a bad habit or that “comfort food” you so treasure.


Today’s challenges have to do with thoughts, ideas, paperwork and your sense of humor, which is into overdrive right now. Be careful with the jokes or wisecracks, because others may take you a little too seriously or personally at the moment.


You may be facing something of faux pas, likely caused by stumbling over your own words at a public event. Don’t fret so much, you will recover quickly and should be able to make up for any minor faux pas with a little self-deprecating humor. In fact, you could end up the toast of the town!


There will be unusual and interesting telephone calls, emails and letters right now. Everyone seems happy and excited about some important news or gossip that they want to share with you. Your mind, with and humor will be sharp right now and people find you interesting.


You could have something of a spiritual crisis moment right now. You have seen through a fundamental untruth in the dogma or teachings in your faith. That may be a painful moment if you fight against it – embrace and accept it and you’ll find a new world waiting.


A friendship is about to undergo a dramatic and life-altering change. You are confused and possibly upset about someone else’s motives, but it is your own heart that needs to be examined. Have you been truly loving, or were you clinging out of need?


If you are single, someone you care about knows about your romantic woes and is quietly working behind the scenes to set you up. Quietly, because their track record as a matchmaker isn’t too good. But this time they may be onto something. Keep an open mind!


You will be kept busy on the phone, fielding calls from friends and loved ones who want your time, presence and attention. The sudden burst of popularity won’t go to your head, though. You are feeling incredibly generous and have lots of bubbly, infectious energy.


You’ll be hot, passionate and excitable right now, but it may be difficult for you to make up your mind. You will be overly chatty at times, running off at the mouth, and while that will annoy some selfish sorts, those who listen will learn some interesting things.

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