You’ll be active and energetic right now and it’s a good day to make people contacts, whether for work, play or romance. You’ll find yourself attracting people who may have ignored you in previous meetings – don’t hold that against them. Seek “win-win” situations.


You and your partner need to talk about your social life. You may be spending too much time “out” or not enough. Someone needs more play time though, and the best cure is for the two of you to sit down and find some way to enjoy each other free of other demands.


You will feel a warm, loving, supportive energy come over you right now. You might even experience a spontaneous healing of some kind. An inner awareness is releasing blocks and helping you to a more satisfied and comfortable sense of inner peace.


You may find that it is hard to think, stay focused, find information or complete paperwork projects right now. Your mind just wanders away from the mundane into some pretty esoteric ideas. You may be asked to lead or teach people in topics important to you.


Your creative abilities are dramatic right now, especially if you are involved in the Arts, music, or drama. You may find you are making social connections that you cannot leverage just quite yet. Be patient – the people you meet this weekend may come back in helpful roles in your future.


It looks like the old homestead is crying out for a serious makeover. For some in your sign, that may be impossible, and you may be considering a home move. You are in the mood to tear things down right now but that may be a momentary impulse you could come to regret.


People seem to be challenging your right to have your own life, never mind a few precious moments to yourself. You may find that friends and children want to take over your schedule with last-minute emergencies, challenges or their own personal needs.


You have money coming in and going out at nearly the same pace. You may be frustrated, but there are ups as well as downs right now so don’t get too wrapped up in any unexpected setbacks. There is some lucky energy in the “investment and debt-load” sector of your chart.


You can take a leadership role in your family because all of a sudden, it is your contribution that is most critical to financial security. You may be considering, or have recently started a successful home-based business and juggling freedom versus security is an important consideration.


Today a fog is clouding some of your best ideas, and you find it hard to concentrate. That may well be because a loved-one rained on your parade by pointing out some of the practical challenges that you will be facing as you chase a dream.


Follow your gut feelings right now, listen to your heart. You are opening up to spirit in a profound and significant way. You may discover that you have a psychic gift, teaching or creative abilities, and your communications skills are sharp right now.


Romantic energies are terrific in your chart right now, and you will be hearing good news about others in your circle of family and friends who are making love-connections of their own. If you are single you could have a very special “first meeting” with someone right now.

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