You will be learning, teaching or sharing some kind of musical talent or creative skill right now. If you have to be on the road right now, make sure to bring a lot of good music along. It can soothe your nerves, brighten your mood, and make the commute much more enjoyable.


You are likely to be hearing good news from your family soon. Someone has gotten good news from a home or real estate investment, or may call seeking your help with some home renovations. The project could lead to side benefits you didn’t count on at first.


You may be the center of attention right now, but probably not the way you’d like. You may be the topic of a local gossip circle. If you overhear someone talking about you, try to take it with grace. How you react will be more important in the end than what they say.


Arguments, disagreements and misunderstandings, oh my! You might be forgiven for considering duct-taping your mouth shut before you leave home right now, because people are so apt to misunderstand your intentions, but don’t worry! At least one faux pas will rebound in your favor.


Someone small, with light and nimble fingers could pick your pocket right now – literally or figuratively. If you are a parent, you are likely to hear how “everyone” has one. You may have to lecture how life can still be complete without the latest toy.


Stick close to people you know right now if you have a choice. You could be invited to a party or gathering featuring some big-wigs and find yourself a fish out of water. A friendly gathering is the better place to make connections or to unwind from a confusing day.


You have an opportunity to learn something that could greatly benefit your health or lifestyle. Keep an open mind about alternative healthcare options. You might have to try two or three different options until you hit on the right one for your needs.


You may be called upon to participate in a secret investigation, or testify in a court of law soon. You may have to keep something that you know secret. Let others act on the information you provide, and stay on the sidelines if you want the best outcome.


A friend from your past may be in touch soon. You will have a lot to catch up on, especially with family members and other old friends. There could be news about a birth announcement. Expect good news from family and friends.


You may be getting important positive news or an interesting telephone call from an old friend or companion right now. Be prepared to be a good listener. They are going to be all excited over some hot new idea, but the truth is, they aren’t seeing the full picture.


Sudden renewed interest in spiritual matters may have you heading off for a visit to your spiritual centre or bookstore. You will greatly benefit from the company even if the belief systems you are exposed to leave you a little dubious. Keep an open mind and you’ll discover new horizons.


You and your significant other will be a lot warmer and cozier right now than yesterday. In fact the two of you are downright frisky. You will find some way tonight to work off all that extra energy you have been storing up the past day or so.

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