You are way overdue for some fun. You have been working too hard lately, and your body is screaming “Slow down!” at you. That may manifest in the form of a cold, some aches and pains, or strange coincidences that push you out of “”ork think” into “play mode”.


Your workplace is about to undergo a dramatic series of changes, likely due to some investment in communications or networking devices. If you work at home, you could be buying a new computer or signing up for a new Internet account. Regardless, you’ll have much better connections when the day is done.


You have done something to rebuild your self-confidence. You are suddenly happy to take on the challenge of a new leadership role. You may be experiencing unusual changes in your primary relationships right now, which are changing your attitudes and feelings towards others.


If you have had some recent changes or challenges in your work life, you may have a wonderful opportunity to build some bridges with coworkers who can be helpful to your career or financial plans. You may be able to help someone deal with a health problem right now.


You are likely to experience a dramatic confrontation or encounter right now, but just because there may be some harsh words exchanged, that should not ruin the whole day. In fact, once the dust settles, you may find that you and your adversary have more in common than you thought.


After yesterday you might be afraid to communicate, but in fact, right now is an excellent day for finding a good friend, sitting down over a cuppa Joe, and sorting out the bats in each other’s belfries. You need a good friend to act as a sounding board.


A trip could prove to be lucky for you right now – you may find money, opportunities or bargains in your travels. The antique shops are as likely to hold bargains as new goods – mix the old and the new for best effect. One warning note – avoid putting anything on plastic, you will be tempted to spend way too much.


This could be a wonderful day in the history of your social life. The energy is warm and inviting around you. You may notice that there are a lot of lucky coincidences around friends, or while you are together with a large group of people.


You may be planning your next dream vacation when it hits you. You’d really like to do something more spiritually fulfilling or meaningful. You could be looking up adventure tourism or eco-tourism for a rewarding new way to spend your free time.


You are thinking. About deep, dark mysteries, like the machinations of a local politicians or the mysteries brought up by a religious teacher. The truth is out there, but it is hidden under a thick layer of self-doubt. Shine some light on the problem.


Your creative and intellectual energies are high right now. Other people are drawn to you like moths to flame. You may find that one of your ideas is making an especially big impact. You may publish an article or start a popular online meme.


You could be hit with bad health news – it may be you will be forced to change your own diet or lifestyle, or you might hear about a loved one or friend who has to cope with some challenges soon. If you are feeling well, keeping physically fit is the biggest favor you can do yourself.

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