Family members will bring joy or happiness into your life. You may discover you have spiritual interests in common that bring you closer together. There may, in some cases, be financial opportunities with family members, or gifts of value coming from family members.


There are mixed aspects in the relationship sector right now. You may find that you have better luck relating to men than to women right now. There are opportunities for you to get a lot of paperwork cleared off your desk with assistance from coworkers or librarians.


You may have a sudden moment of self-doubt right now, but the real question to ask is not whether or not you are capable of handling your responsibilities, but why is it that you are being so hard on yourself. It could be that you are taking some well-meant criticism a little too personally.


You may have a disagreement with friends or loved ones about spirituality, religion or culture right now. Your values are changing, and you may feel that your social circle is pressuring you to return to the fold, or at least appear to support the status quo.


You need some playtime, but you may find that it is impossible to pull yourself away from work, chores and duties right now. A friend may be trying to encourage you to “run away from home”, but their motivation is a little selfish – they want your company.


You hear good news about your love life right now. You could receive a romantic call, letter or email from someone who tells you that you are the “light of my life”. You may be incredibly energetic and impulsive right now, so play a little safer.


The workplace is likely a little stressful due to gender politics. If things haven’t been equitable between the men and women you work with, an injustice or unfairness involving payment or time-off allowances may have to be dealt with right now.


You may be feeling frustrated in some personal goal or project and this may be coming across to others in ways you did not expect. If others are behaving strangely it may be because they are taking you too personally. You may want to comfort them and let them know this is not about them.


You may be invited to a big, important party right now, and if there will be any employers, coworkers or clients there, you may be best to treat it like the business meeting it really is, and not the “anything goes” party your heart is really longing for.


You are happy to get out and play right now. You want to put work behind you and have some fun. If you are a parent, you’ll enjoy spending some time with family – but leave your parents and in-laws at home and stick to your partner and children if you don’t want arguments.


If you are considering a home-based business, a home network or home alarm system may be the focus of attention right now. Getting “wired” and connected is critical to such ventures, and it could actually add value to your home as well as your business.


You are starting to see some cracks in the family armor right now. The children of the family are suffering from too much creative energy, and way too much time on their hands. You can help by communicating their needs to the responsible adults – these kids need hobbies!

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