You may be planning on spending some time out together with friends right now, and if none of you have children, chances are things will go smoothly. If you do have kids, spring for a babysitter. The children in your extended circle are acting very oddly right now.


You may be facing some sudden “personnel” changes in the workplace, and may have to put in extra work because of someone else’s erratic behavior or incompetence right now. Hold your temper – you may also find some opportunities in the chaos if you are sharp.


You could have more luck bargain hunting right now. You may find though that traffic is still heavy, that the malls are still crowded, but there may be financial opportunities that were not open to you earlier in the week. Be patient with other bargain-seekers.


There is a wonderful opportunity for you to solidify a friendship through a change in your basic value system. You may learn something from an acquaintance about his or her social or cultural beliefs that are radically different from your own beliefs and the resulting change of heart could bring wonderful blessings to you both.


Your energy is stronger, and you are likely to experience positive energy shifts and changes in your health. A small change in your diet or daily schedule could bring rewarding and lasting changes.


Someone you care for may be hiding a health issue from you, or they may be in denial about their state of health. Dragging them to the doctor may not help. They will need to decide to change a lifestyle or dietary issue that they are not quite ready to address.


Your intuition will be terrific right now. You have wonderful investing and work-related opportunities, and you will know just which ones to pursue, and which to avoid. Your personal energy is high right now and you will enjoy the art of getting ahead.


It’s going to be one of those days at the office where everyone seems to be having a bad case of bi-polar disorder. If you watch closely though you will find that the moods are closely aligned with personal interests. Keep things professional – don’t ask about family.


If you are a parent, pull out your wallet and keep it handy, you are going to need it. If not, you might want to tuck it away, because it will be your inner child screaming for a “gimmee” and you are better off if you remove yourself from temptation.


You could be challenged to justify your values, finances, and perhaps even your choice of career, but it is not the day for you to undergo a revision of your life goals. Find a hobby or a good book to relax with instead of spending too much time focused on your work life.


You will feel a lot more energetic, enthusiastic and confident right now. If you are still single, you might want to consider taking in a sporting event, or getting out for a walk in the park where you can meet new people who share your interests.


You will be getting a lot of strange phone calls or emails right now, some of them from someone who is trying to manipulate you in some way. If you find yourself reacting strongly to something said right now, take a step back and ask yourself why you feel so strongly about it.

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