You may be incredibly frustrated with unexpected roadblocks to career success right now, but any trouble you encounter may be needed to shock you into making changes. You really do need to think about the value of educational enhancement, or about taking a business trip you have been putting off.


You are getting some interesting psychic or intuitive impressions right now. You have a strange and scary yet exhilarating dream that contains a message about a special person in your life. Pay attention to the symbols, they can teach you a lot about yourself.


You are focused on your career and financial future right now. You could be asked to take on new and much more structured responsibilities. An older person you work for or work with could be lucky for you right now. They know someone you need to know.


Relationships are important right now and the keywords are communication and compromise. You will only damage your own interests if you let yourself get wrapped up in a power struggle with your mate and partner. Be an “active listener” – mirror back anything you don’t understand.


Your energy is high, and your excitement for a new job opportunity could get in the way of some hard realities. Slow down a little, work through the details, and you’ll be able to make things work out. If you rush through, you could miss something important.


Your career may make a sudden and dramatic 90-degree turn right now. There will be challenges but the overall impact looks positive. So even if you experience changes that are troublesome, keep an open mind. You may find yourself in better shape than you thought possible.


There are big changes coming in your career. Your boss or an important client has been impressed with your knowledge, wisdom or your recent handling of an important project, and will be giving you some important action items to take on soon.


You may find that your sense of humor is particularly challenged in the workplace right now. Things you might have found funny are annoying instead. If someone seems to be picking on you, it may be because you are not engaging at some level, or maybe they are just not as funny as they think they are.


Trust your intuition. You may have some doubts or concerns about your future career path, or the direction your social life is taking. An older friend or an authority figure that you trust will prove themselves to be a wise and understanding guide.


You could get into hot water with a friend or companion, especially if you challenge their spiritual or religious ideologies right now. This is a good day for keeping things light and airy. You might be able to play matchmaker, as long as you don’t have ulterior motives.


You have an opportunity to learn something important to your personal or intellectual growth right now. You may be to asked to accept some differences or belief or opinion between friends or loved ones. If you can do that, you may find your circle gets a lot stronger.


Spiritual insights come to you that can dramatically improve your lifestyle and wellbeing. You may discover that there truly is power in prayer. Meditation and contemplation of higher spiritual truths can bring you peace and physical comfort.

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