You may find money around your home, be given money by a loved one or relative, or find out that your home is worth more than you thought. You have a good idea for a renovation or home improvement that could brighten up your home and increase its value.


Your chart practically screams “impulse buyer!” right now, but sporting goods, electronics, video games and other high-tech toys you are drawn to may come with drawbacks or hidden costs you did not anticipate. Save your time and money for another day, for better bargains.


Your mate or partner is likely to drag you to some strange shop or art gallery right now. You’ll be thinking “yuck!” while they are thinking how that awful painting would look hanging over your chesterfield. Talk them into waiting, you have to find things you can both agree on.


You may decide to go on a great big shopping spree right now and that might not be the best idea. Avoid temptation by avoiding the malls. If you have to go out, leave your credit and ATM cards back at home. Double check the flyers, that bargain might not be so hot after all.


You may have some challenges getting your ideas, suggestions and opinions across to others right now. So instead of trying to push your agenda, listen to their opinions instead. You may learn something that is incredibly valuable in the long run.


Avoid any political debates around the water cooler right now. You could find that people of the opposite sex are especially sensitive to your beliefs and political focus. Paperwork is likely to be challenging right now. Avoid the office politics and keep your nose in your work.


Career options are changing, and you may find that you have strange or unusual new opportunities that allow you to express your creativity. Keep an open mind when a really wild idea comes to mind. You may be looking at a change in careers.


You have an opportunity to make money out of your home on some kind of craft, hobby or creative business. Your ideas to redecorate your home may be costly, but there could be long-term financial benefit in having a more attractive home.


You have the ability to forcefully motivate others right now. You could be a little more aggressive than normal where it comes to the daily commute or when pushing for paperwork to be completed. Do be careful to double-check any paperwork you have rushed through.


You don’t trust yourself right now. Your eye is drawn to a new home, or to home-improvement projects that may actually be very good investments, but because you are uncertain you may miss an opportunity. This is one time when your impulses and intuition are on target – trust yourself for a change.


If you want to improve your lifestyle, career, or just broaden your mind, go online, upgrade your PC, or consider taking a computer course in the evenings. There will be exciting developments on the news about technology right now to inspire your progress.


There will be opportunities for learning that come to you as a result of your career. Changes in your field or work sector may demand some kind of re-education, and if that is the case, your employer may actually offer to cover the costs.

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