You feel that you are being misunderstood right now by just about everybody, no matter what you say or do. You are tempted to sneak quietly away and never come back. But will that change anything? Probably not. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet.


You’ll get good money news right now. It may be a good idea to keep it under wraps for a little while. Others may not see all the hard effort you have been putting in to get where you are going. That could lead to obstructive behaviour or attitudes.


A sibling or coworker may have some interesting news or ideas for you. You could receive an email from a family member with news about a trip or vacation. The social media sites are likely to be abuzz with gossip about big changes right now.


You would rather spend time and energy on friends than on your work or chores right now. You may not have a lot of patience for the ideas and suggestions of others, and that could cause people to react to you in challenging, confrontational ways.


A significant change in attitude or outlook is coming as you confront the reality that your experience of life is not universal. Mysteries of why other people react as they do may be revealed once you recognize that their life experiences are far different than your own.


You may have to cover for someone at the workplace who seems to have brought their parting to the workplace. While you may not be thrilled with their irresponsible behavior, you may ultimately benefit from being the one who gets to deliver some good news to your boss.


Unexpected changes to travel plans could work out in your favor. You might find that a trip is cancelled or postponed, but you are offered a favorable discount, free tickets or an upgrade that you might not have been able to afford otherwise.


You have a breakthrough heading your way, most likely a trip or vacation you have been wanting for a long time. Pick a place as far from home as you can afford. If you can’t afford to get away, see what you can do to get yourself into some night school or Internet course.


Any kind of home improvement project that does not involve telecommunications equipment or structural changes would be a good idea right now. You can accomplish a lot by focusing on the surface appearance of your home, or on getting some time out for some heart-pumping exercise.


It may be your turn to be a little smug. The challenges you faced yesterday turn out to have been a blessing in disguise, and you now not only have some self-created lucky opportunities, but you are bringing in new friends who hopefully have more faith in you.


If you are not traveling soon, it may be time to head back to school. You are thinking about a major long-term commitment to improve your education and expand your horizons, whether that is something formal, or something you do at home in your spare time.


Someone is going to ask you for money, and you don’t have the resources to help. You don’t have to justify your decision or explain your finances. All you have to say is “I’m sorry, no, I can’t do that right now.” Trust your instincts right now, they are sharp.

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