Your subconscious mind is playing little tricks on you right now, so be extremely careful what you say and to whom you speak. You may find that you have excellent ideas for ways to boost your income right now, but things may have to change that you don’t have direct control over.


Paperwork is the last thing you want to do right now. Unfortunately, the creative or people-oriented aspects of your work will have to be put aside. Get a strong cup of java juice and hit the books. The sooner you clear up the paperwork, the sooner you can get to the fun stuff.


Your head may be spinning with the many different changes life seems to be throwing at you lately. Go with the flow needs to be your mantra. Do not allow yourself to get overly attached to things, ideas or outcomes. You could block your own progress if you insist on things staying status quo.


Avoid the road if you can right now, especially if you are as introspective as your chart indicates. Your mind won’t be on the road. You may be too cautious or distracted and other folks aren’t too patient with delays right now. Don’t take that cell phone call until you are safely parked.


You may have an interesting opportunity to make more money or to boost yourself up a rung or two on the ladder of success. You may discover some new idea or concept that has you hunting for more information on the Internet or at a local bookstore.


You may receive some good news at a doctor or dentist visit. An affordable alternative treatment or a good test result could brighten your health picture. You may experience a sudden burst of extra energy as a result of changes to lifestyle or medication.


You are reacting to outer changes, and that may have pushed you off your career path a bit. If you slow down and have a more dispassionate look at things, you may come to the conclusion that things are actually moving along a lot better than you thought.


Taking some much-needed time off could help you rebuild some perspective and give you some space to bleed off some hard energy you have been carrying home from the workplace lately. Make sure to treat yourself, you deserve a break.


You will be pulling information out of the ether right now. Your psychic and intuitive talents are amazing right now. You may have a profound religious, spiritual or psychic experience right now that greatly enhances your life and well being.


Heavenly energies are blessing the work, career and finance areas of your chart right now. If you were thinking of pushing for a promotion, right now is the best day to work on making that dream come true. You may be giving a large gift to a family member.


A child or young person may get themselves in trouble. You may find you need extra advice or tools to cope with this phase they are going through. Patience, listening skills and asking leading questions may help. Look up Active Listening in Google if you need some tips.


It may be best to keep your own council at the workplace right now. There will be comings and goings, transitions and changes, but it will be prudent to keep your nose to the grindstone and out of the gossip mill. Remember, rumours may be inaccurate.

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