Someone you know or love could be “coming out” soon. You may have ambivalent feelings about their lifestyle, but a true friend can be supportive even if they don’t always understand what the other person is going through. Family issues will have to be addressed carefully right now.


You may be feeling a bit stuck or bored, but this will not last forever. For now, just focus on your current tasks or chores, and remind yourself that this too shall pass. You will get a lot more done in a shorter time frame if you don’t waste time worrying about the details.


Relationships are changing, and that can be a challenge. Don’t shy away from a confrontation with a loved one that might be upsetting at first. You could find yourself greatly enjoying the positive outcome that results from honesty and open communication.


Take deep breaths before speaking any unwelcome truths, especially to those in authority positions. There may be details unknown to you, secrets being held, which could change your assessment or judgment on a challenging situation.


You may be asked to help a child with their homework or a chore. At first you may be reluctant, but if you can find a way to make it fun, it will be a rewarding and educational process for both of you. Get creative.


A recent gift or a gift of money will brighten up your home. You will be hearing good news about a loved one or relative whose musical or creative talents are just now starting to blossom. You may be invited to a concert or entertainment event involving music.


There will be cause for celebration right now. It is possible that you may get your name in the paper, or be recognized for your knowledge or expertise. You may be considering a trip or vacation soon, and some stroke of good fortune could make that happen sooner than you think.


Your friends are all acting like mad men and women right now. Their energy is high, they are as sensitive and highly-strung as concert violins, and someone seems to be playing them for all they are worth. You may decide to take the phone off the hook.


You may be feeling a bit bored right now. Remember that the ancient Chinese considered it a curse to be born in interesting times. Your energy and sprit will pick up soon. In the meantime, this is a good period for rest, relaxation, meditation and personal insights.


You are having a classic “he said, she said” moment. It is probably more like “they said” because there is more than one critical voice whispering in your ears or tongue wagging behind your back. Ignore the gossips and stick with your own plans. Avoid making impulsive decisions.


You may be offered a trip, but now is not the time to go. Today, you will have tremendous potential to greatly improve your work life, health and well-being if you stay at home, stay on the job, or stay focused on the core values and investments that most matter to you.


Arguments or debates with or about love partners could put a damper on some ambition or goal you have in mind right now, so watch your temper. You could encounter a friend unexpectedly right now, and if you are single they could introduce you to someone interesting.

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