There are romantic aspects and opportunities right now but you cannot expect your family members and parents to be supportive of your choices or love life right now. Friends and companions may introduce you to people who are outside your normal range of experience.


You may receive some good news at a doctor or dentist visit. An affordable alternative treatment or a good test result could brighten your health picture. You may experience a sudden burst of extra energy as a result of changes to lifestyle or medication.


You need a break right now. Some time to “re-create” yourself. You have had a tense few days. So relax! Find a special way to treat yourself. Make sure to involve your significant other in the choice of what to do, or there could be a misunderstanding.


You will be very much in demand socially right now. You could find yourself with a number of invitations to parties and events. Charity events are especially lucky for you – you could make some important social or financial connections in some unlikely places.


Money makes the world go around, and right now your head may be spinning from some of the changes you have faced recently. If you want the most effective long-term strategy for improvement the best thing you can do is cut up the old credit cards.


Whether you are selling CDs to the used CD shop or auditioning for a local garage band, you may make money from creative or musical interests right now. Your intuition is strong right now and you may find money or opportunities to make money in unusual places.


Paperwork around your house, home and family may be a frustrating but necessary distraction right now. Once you get all the details nailed down and sorted out, you’ll feel a lot better, and you will still have time to get out for a little personal playtime.


Friends and lovers are the focus of the day. You’ll be thinking about formalizing a relationship, moving to the next step, or finding a partner to spend your future with. You have a dreamy, romantic air about you right now that others find attractive.


There is good news coming in your social circle or along your career path right now. You may find that a challenging change you went through lately has swept aside the dead wood, and now there is an unusual opportunity to make strides in an upward direction.


Your energy is high, and you are full of stunning ideas right now. You may be spending a lot of time on the phone right now, and people will be seeking you out for your ideas and input. A dramatic turn is coming in relationships. Someone can’t decide whether they are coming or going.


You’ll be daydreaming through most of the day, composing songs and poetry in your head while your body makes the motions of a workday. You may actually enjoy this, but others in your family or circle of friends may find you to be a little “spacey” right now.


You’ll be spending a lot of time thinking about an investment or expenditure that has something to do with communications, television or the Internet right now. Be careful that you don’t get taken if you are preparing to buy a big new home entertainment center.

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