Do not let a short-term setback or challenge at home or in your family get to you. Your recent personal transformation is awe-inspiring, and it may be a little too much to take for someone who is used to taking your support for granted. You may be worried about security issues right now.


Friends and companions may be a lot more helpful right now. Someone you know has an inside track with some great high mucky-muck in a position of power and authority and it is this person who can help you turn an innovative idea into a practical plan for success.


Friends and companions could lead you into the great wilderness of temptation otherwise known as the “shopping mall” right now. If you must go out together with others right now, be sure to leave your credit cards at home and bring only the amount of cash you can afford to spend.


Your career and financial energies look extremely good right now, but remember, significant changes, even those that are good, are still stressful to most people. You are good at taking the reins of leadership but not as good at delegating authority right now.


You may have to make a choice between spending time with friends or with family. Here is how you decide. Whoever is laying the guilt trips down thick and heavy is the party you should avoid at all costs. Split your time equally between everyone else.


If you want to dramatically improve your career prospects, think about starting a new home-based business. The indications are that there are opportunities here with smoother pathways than those you may face in the land of cubicles. Even a part-time venture may help.


Good news is coming your way that will brighten your working conditions or improve your overall health. Your intuition may lead you to a solution to a problem concerning contaminants in the workplace that are leading to problems with everyone’s well being.


You have unexpected changes happening in the health and lifestyle area. Chances are you have been pushing yourself a little too hard. Pulled muscles and strains are a possibility. Follow the clichéd old “Mom-ism” … don’t run with scissors right now.


Yak, yak yak! You will be asked “Do you ever stop talking?” right now. Say “Nope,” and keep right on yakking. You will find out some intriguing information through gossiping with a sibling or loved one right now. Do be careful not to repeat any gossip about a health matter in the family.


You may be looking at rows of computers and telephone equipment right now. You want to make a better, more organized working or living space. You may find it difficult to get ideas across to others right now, but it will be a valuable tay to put your thoughts in order.


You may be feeling that you need a jolt of energy to get through the challenges that are piling up on you at the moment. Take things one at a time, and you will get through everything much more quickly than you think possible.


A change at work that you view as challenging may not be what you feared. You may actually find that the new changes work in your favour in the long run. You could be looking at some kind if promotion or advancement.

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