There may be a challenge to the health of your pocketbook right now in the form of a friend who seems to be having trouble taking personal responsibility for their obviously self-caused woes. You may be left with no choice but to apply a little tough love.


You may want to avoid the news right now. It is not that the news is bad, it is just that the talking heads may get under your skin more easily than normal. Some meditation time might be a better way to unwind.


You actually do know it all right now, and some of the people who dismissed or ignored you yesterday are coming back to you with apologies or sheepish requests for your input. Be generous, but don’t let any flattery go to your head. Remember, they are trying to get something out of you.


Friends and family members seem a little odd or distracted right now. There is some change they are all adjusting to, something that may escape your notice at first. You may be asked to settle a dispute over the choice of a colour for a room in a loved-one’s house.


You may be spending some time and money on some intense learning aimed at improving your career prospects. You might consider getting a mentor or consultant to help you figure out better ways to make a good impression in the public speaking area.


There is some good news coming in your career. A new job offer, a promotion or a significant raise in your operating budget will help you become more productive and prosperous. Don’t be afraid to propose a challenging new idea. The bigger the changes the better.


You may be at a significant turning point in an important relationship. If single, you could meet someone new. If dating, things may be getting serious. If you are married, you may be adding to your family, or taking a step into a better lifestyle soon.


You may find that meditation, dance or yoga could be very beneficial to your well-being right now. You need to get your mind still but your body moving. Stretching exercises, walking and aquafit classes could all bring huge benefits in your well being.


What appears to be an overconfident ego is in fact someone over-compensating. Remind yourself of that when you encounter a rude or challenging person. True confidence shows itself in patience and understanding, not in rudeness.


You could be strongly attracted to someone you meet at a high-powered social event. Be aware that you are likely to be overly impulsive right now and try to be a little more cautious than normal. Your powers of attraction are strong, but the glue that binds for the long term is not there right now for new relationships.


spiritual growth is reaching a plateau and you feel that you need to find a spiritual leader or mentor to teach you. But are you sure that is what you really need? There is a terrific book called “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”. Maybe you will find some of the answers there.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role right now, by showing other people there are options in how you choose to react to a surprise. The news you get will likely be good, but you may have to move swiftly in order to take advantage.


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