You may feel like a paperquake has hit your desk. The damage, if you can really call it that, is likely self-inflicted. You wanted change, and you wanted it yesterday. Well, you got your wish, and now everyone wants you to be the one to clean up and smooth it all over.


You may find that customers, coworkers and people you deal with on a daily basis seem a bit touchier than normal. You may also find your own temper had a shorter trigger than normal. Take deep breaths before speaking any unwelcome truths, especially to those in authority positions.


Someone in your life needs your leadership, but the best kind of leader teaches by example. If you do decide to mentor someone, show them how. They already know what the problem is, what they need to figure out is their next step. Help them figure it out for themselves.


Don’t let a cantankerous family member rob you of the progress you have made this week. Think of criticism this way – is it you they are attacking, or a fantasy person they think is you? Most likely it is some part of their own self they are critiquing.


Your work, career and health sector takes in some much-needed energy right now. You will find that you are feeling healthier and more energetic and are able to get a lot of work done. You might be looking at a bonus or small raise, or at the very least a really good chance to impress the “higher ups”.


A technological toy you have been wanting could go on sale soon. Patience could not only pay off, it could lead you to other unexpected windfalls or to an opportunity to add to your collection of electronics. A new game or toy could also be on sale or prove to be a better bargain than you expected.


Family troubles could take your mind off of promising investment news. Focus your energies on financial and spiritual values, and ignore the likely irrational and cantankerous mutterings of a loved one who is having a major “off” day.


Be extra attentive and patient on your travels right now. Commuting to and from work could be dangerous, perhaps due to weather or road hazards, and you will not be terribly patient. Make sure to leave early. Be extra careful with paperwork too as you could miss an important detail.


There are likely to be disagreements in the workplace and stress is at a peak all of a sudden. If you are seeking medical assistance for any kind of ailment, it may be prudent to reschedule any elective procedures for another day. Be careful while driving right now.


The hot buttons haven’t eased off much, have they? Poor thing, you feel like the honey pot in the middle of a swarm of angry bees right at the moment. Everyone has their own issues and no-one seems to be able to see your own feelings are part of the picture. Keep your chin up – this will pass.


You may experience anxiety about a family member right now. Some kind change or secret has been revealed, and it may mean that there have to be changes that you aren’t too excited about. You are likely to find that things won’t be as bad as you fear.


There is big news coming from your family, positive welcome developments in finances or attitudes that brighten your hopes for a better future. You could hear from a friend whose musical or spiritual interests have brought them good luck.


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