You have an opportunity to turn a challenging moment at work into an opportunity for financial gain. You will not be able to rely on your usual working partners for help right now – stick to your own plans and have backup plans in place in case you have to count on someone who doesn’t show for an important meeting.


A family member could be helpful to you in sorting out a health problem. Or, possibly, they may volunteer to help with some of the chores you routinely take on, so you can get away and relax for a bit. You’ll have an unexpected opportunity to improve your life.


You may find that you have a great deal of additional energy right now, and it would be best spent getting caught up on the chores. Avoid spending too much time on the phone right now, as there could be unexpected misunderstandings or miscommunications.


You will want to escape your responsibilities right now, but there will either be scheduling or financial challenges in the path of your plans. Be alert for opportunities in your career path or work sector. You can take a giant step ahead right now.


You just want to lay in the sun and have a good time right now, but circumstances may not support your desire for self-indulgent relaxation. That won’t be too big a problem though, because all that hard work you may be forced to do could pay off in some practical rewards.


If you are single you could meet someone right now who is extremely attractive and promising as a partner, but their parents may not like you and yours may not favor them. You may have to move slowly when considering whether or not to bring them home to mother.


You’ll be scrambling to get to the phones, or to get information from one department or room to another right now, as ideas, thoughts, and proposals fly fast and furious around your workspace. You will have few chances to stop for breath as you fight one small crisis after another.


You may hear some news that has you considering some big changes to your diet or lifestyle. You may encounter an unexpected conflict with a mother figure in your life right now. Tread carefully. She may be really good at pushing your buttons right now.


You and your significant other need some extended cuddle time. Simple pleasures are more important than fancy outings. Candlelight, an affordable wine and a simple dinner relaxing together may be enough to reset your love buttons.


A friend wants loans or financial favors and you may be angry, hurt or disappointed in them. Wait several days before considering any new business or investment opportunity that comes to you as a result of information from friends or companions.


You will be fighting inner demons, and while you are grappling with one, grab it by the toe and refuse to let go until it blesses you! What that means, is that you can’t run from your baggage. You have to deal with it – and when you do, you are rewarded with gifts beyond price.


You may find yourself drifting off into the twilight zone right now. Fantasies and daydreaming seem to take your attention away from daily life. You may find a new show, game or movie inspires your own creativity, or enhances a long-term friendship.

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