Decisions you make right now might have to be revisited. Paperwork could come across as erratic or badly researched. Make sure that you are extremely careful with any information you pass along right now. Be careful with travel plans and commuting.


You feel someone you care for is expecting too much and giving little in return. Feeling resentful about the situation won’t change anything. Speaking up may seem risky, but what do you really have to lose? If they are really a friend they will understand your concerns.


There are financial challenges indicated in your chart. You may get an unexpected credit card bill or hear that an investment is riskier than you anticipated. If you are going shopping right now, stick to a strict budget as you will be tempted to overspend.


You may find that the traffic is a little chaotic in places right now. You’ll be going along nicely then you turn a corner into an unexpected construction delay. Keep the local “traffic and weather” radio station turned on, especially if you are in a hurry right now.


You may be asked to lead or teach a bunch of children right now. You have a life experience that their parents find valuable, or a spiritual presence they find comforting. Your own inner child is crying out for the company of young people right now.


Someone may call or email you with some unusual and interesting information that helps you improve your health and well being. This may even be a possible income or investment opportunity. You may find it to be a handy way to make some extra money while passing along useful products or information.


Don’t leave anything to the last minute right now – there are likely to be rewrites, detours and dramatic changes of direction that shock everyone and take them completely by surprise. Digital and electronic devices are unstable and communication is erratic.


Your love life needs a bit of a pick-me-up, but a spontaneous trip or a surprise get-together could backfire right now. Make sure your significant other is on-board with any of your plans, because a lot of things can change at the last minute right now.


Your spiritual gifts are starting to show, and you may discover that you have a healing gift that can bring comfort to others. You may be studying, learning, or even teaching others new ways to heal themselves through spiritual or holistic techniques.


Today it is the “male-female” relationship that has raised your temperature. This may be because of a relationship in your own life, or from observations of others. Remember that your point of view has a distinct and personal colour.


Unexpected changes and challenges arise from the people you know as friends. You may find that your plans for a weekend outing have to be changed at the last minute because of one person’s stubbornness, selfishness or insensitivity. Go without them.


Hopefully you made a career choice recently, because if you are still sitting on your hands it may be fate or the universal creative Spirit that takes matters out of your hands. If not “God” then it could be your mate and partner that pushes you over the edge into action.

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