You will have a hard time putting words and ideas to paper right now. You may think you want to write love poetry but what comes out is an abridged version of “War and Peace”. If you have been putting off writing a scathing letter to the editor though, this is the time!


You are full of wanderlust right now, but other responsibilities are conspiring to keep you at home. You may have debts, financial issues or work-related responsibilities that prevent a quick getaway. Paperwork does go more smoothly later on, and business trips will be challenging but successful.


You may be getting some really good financial news soon. A big, unexpected opportunity to move up the ladder of success may be presented. It should be unmistakable. Go for it with gusto. This kind of challenge doesn’t present itself every day.


You may find it hard to read all but the fuzziest and softest of historical romance novels right now. Right now your mind is in the clouds and you really don’t want to come back down to earth. It could be a good day to rent a movie and have a little fun.


You may be considering an impromptu trip or a short weekend holiday soon. You will have a lot of personal energy this evening, maybe even enough to take in dinner and a movie. If you have kids, find something “G” rated and bring them along – it will be a lot of fun.


You may have to go out of your way to help a relative or loved one deal with their health or lifestyle problems right now. Maybe you can encourage them to have a better diet and get more exercise if you volunteer to join them in a new activity.


You may be considering a trip or vacation, and if you have to travel right now there may be unexpected and dramatic changes in plans. If you are planning for the future it is a good idea to get cancellation insurance because there are sure to be unexpected changes.


A friend is likely to show up with some rather sheepish apologies right now. Turns out you were right in some political or social discussion that they took a little too seriously. The best thing to do is accept the apology with grace and humility. An “I told you so” could backfire.


Today is not the best day to be making big financial decisions. You may feel confused or uncertain, and will lack focus or direction. Put off any risky decisions until you feel more clear and certain, or until you have better advice.


A dispute over family finances could be resolved in your favor if you keep the lines of communication open. Don’t let your frustration with one relative’s lack of ambition get in the way of your own plans or ideals. Get out in front and take charge.


You may find some extra money, be given a raise or bonus, or discover a terrific bargain. Check around before making any major purchases. With a little digging around, you may find that you turn up a spectacular bargain.


This is not the best day to set up new educational or travel plans, especially if a mate or partner is involved. You may find it hard to think and focus right now, especially when driving. You do need to have some fun, but make sure that you drive with caution right now.

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