You may find out some new and interesting information while you are out on the road. Friends do not let friends text and drive though, so save your news until you find a safe spot to pull over, or until you get home. Keep your eyes on the road.


You will have a dramatic financial upswing. Some of you will be offered new jobs, promotions or raises. If you operate your own business, expect a busy and profitable day. If you want to buy yourself a treat, make it something beneficial to your health, like a trip to a spa.


Some long-distance communications could bring interesting news and opportunities. You might even have a chance to work overseas. Be careful to check out the fine print on any offers that do not come from trusted sources.


Someone may want you to sacrifice your vacation because of financial concerns. If they are standing out on your doorstep with their hands out, a tough love moment could solve two problems with one step. If they are a little closer to home, you may have to do some hard negotiations this evening.


Your affirmation of the day is … I open myself to the abundance of the Earth. If you are feeling a bit stuck financially right now, remember that the abundance of nature is limitless. While we all have ups and downs, no situation lasts forever. You will soon find conditions improving.


You will have a strong feeling something good is about to happen. You may be gambling on a dramatic change in the stock markets, or following another investment hunch that pays off. Listen to your instincts, but do not bet more than you can afford to risk.


There will be a blessing in disguise moment for you right now. Your family and social circle seems a little wrapped up in some totally selfish concerns, and it may be up to you to point out the “big picture”. There is always someone who “has it worse than you”. Maybe you can find such a person and help them out?


Today’s energy brings new opportunities through conflict. Your challenge is to bring all your leadership and communications skills to bring together a large group of people whose goal is to improve the world for those less fortunate. You may be drawn to help others.


Your work related fears and anxieties are likely not as reality-based as you think. You are blowing small problems out of proportion and ignoring some very good news. Focus on the positives right now – they will help you perform better and drag you out of the funk you are heading for.


Unexpected entertainment expenses could put a kink in your plans this evening. You may overspend if you are not careful, because a lot of shiny new toys are grabbing your attention right now. That’s okay if your budget can handle the stress, but indications are it can’t.


The way you communicate with your significant other is about to undergo a big change. You may have some disagreement over values or lifestyle, and while that may be challenging, you will ultimately sort things out so that you are both a lot happier.


You may end up having something of a tough day if you have to spend much of it around family members or loved ones right now. Someone just does not want to deal with some needed medical or healthcare concerns, and you may find it impossible to stay silent.

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