If you want to improve your personal bottom line, you might have a look into classes, books or seminars on real estate investments. Some alternative way of investing may catch your eye, and it could be worth your while in time and money to learn more.


If you are single, the workplace or a high-profile meeting could open doors to romance. You may still be too busy to do much about the new attraction, but the weekend is just around the corner. You can find a way to get together if you are both creative.


If you want to restore harmony in your family, find a way to help a cranky loved one deal with their medical problems. The problem likely is caused by them being in pain all the time. Hiding pain definitely has a way of souring a person’s mood.


Your workplace right now may seem challenging and you may feel plagued by an irrational desire to run away from it all. Facing the challenges with a “can-do” attitude will bring you kudos. Short time-out periods taken for prayer, meditation or simply to stretch could work wonders.


A strange intuition will lead you to financial opportunities. You will be a bit impulsive right now, though, and should be careful of any stock or business proposal with “Internet” or “dot.com” in the title. If you run your own business or make business decisions, approach all new technology purchases with care.


Work-related investments could turn out to be less lucrative than you hoped for, and you could be frustrated with a coworker or employer who you feel is standing in your way. Be careful with your temper right now as any resentment you feel may be more obvious than you’d like.


Thinking about travel? You can lower your costs and increase your enjoyment if you invite a friend or companion along to share the trip as well as the costs. You may both grow a lot through the experience. You could also be looking at taking a class together with a friend.


You are examining your career and asking the age-old question “Is this enough?” The truth is, it probably isn’t completely what you want. You have a choice, stay and bring more of what you want to your current path, or set out to chart a new course.


A child or young person is going to hit you with an idea that dramatically changes your outlook on life. You may be asked to join some kind of charity or organization involving children or natural disasters. You need to find a way to express your desire to help others.


This is a great day for you to rebuild any bridges you may have burned, especially where it comes to family, partners and in-laws. If you want to impress a mate’s parents, you may be able to get somewhere by showing up to help out with chores when they least expected it.


Friends and companions will seem unfocused, but not unfriendly right now. They just can’t seem to get their collective act together and it may be a futile exercise in herding cats if you are in charge of any kid of group activity or pass time. It may not be a good day to hold any group or club meetings.


You may be given tuition money or a gift certificate for a bookstore. Take advantage of the opportunity to build yourself a new outlet for your talents. You may be rediscovering a talent for music or art. Don’t let any self-doubt get in the way.

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