You might be facing “in-law” troubles right now if you are married. If not, your latest date may come with family baggage and issues you can do with out. If you are totally single, the most likely thing is that your family is griping and pushing you to hurry up and settle down.


You are researching, studying, reading or surfing the Internet right now when you come across what looks like a promising medical treatment or lifestyle idea, but when you run out to buy it, it is not on the shelves, has gone bad or is more costly than you expected.


Highly positive changes are coming to your career or social status. You could receive good news about a creative project. There may be some unanticipated challenges, however. It may be hard for you to stay focused on the practicalities of daily living right now.


You may find that there is a hard choice to be made right now between what you want to spend your money on, and what you need to spend your money on. You may have to make an adjustment in your finances or investments because of health concerns in your family.


There is still a lot of chatter on your phone lines. Romantic contacts look positive, if somewhat erratic, but you have at least one friend who may be losing their grip on reality. Before you bring them down to earth, think of a more tactful way to say “get real”.


There are changes coming in your life because of paperwork, documentation or education. You may decide to put aside some money so you can take a course, get a degree, or travel so you can gain knowledge about your business competition. Keep an open mind about a wild idea you hear right now.


You may have to spend money on medications or herbal remedies right now. Be sure that you understand how different medications and herbs can react before you start any new treatment schedule. You will feel better if you know more about your own health.


You may be considering taking a well-earned vacation soon, but there could be problems with paperwork and documentation, either at the workplace, or in your personal papers. Make sure that all identification and medical documentation is in order.


It’s about you right now. A family member may accuse you of being selfish or insensitive, but that’s because you didn’t just drop everything to run over and “fix” things for them as usual. You have some opportunities to make friends and have a little fun.


You will be the center of attention again right now, but right now people may be a little less accepting and a little more challenging. You do not have to justify your dreams, or even your daily schedule to everyone who asks right now, especially your relatives.


It is too easy for you to come off as a pompous know it all right now. Don’t be caught pontificating next to the watercooler. No matter what the political or social issue is under discussion, you are likely to be misinterpreted in decidedly “politically incorrect” tones.


Be careful when taking advice from friends and companions about holistic or alternative healthcare right now. They have wild ideas. Someone may try to push you into a teacher’s role that you are not quite ready to take on just now. Be very aware that flattery may hide ulterior motives.

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