Your love life is in the middle of a serious “transition period” and while this can be painful, don’t panic over any decisions that are made right now. They won’t have staying power, most likely. In fact, they could turn into a blessing in disguise, especially if shared resources are part of the picture.


There is an opportunity for you to benefit greatly from heading back to school. You may find that it is a challenge, that you have to focus a lot of your mental energy, but the effort will be worthwhile. Your workload may be heavy right now, especially if you deal with paper or communications.


You will be decidedly dreamy about a love interest right now, and you may get some support for your amorous intentions from a friend, associate or “co-plotter” in your love-scheming. Just be careful if you meet someone new – you may find out later they are confused or have substance-abuse problems.


No matter what happens right now, things are not likely to be settled or stable, so if you make a personal faux pas, don’t worry. Not much that happens right now will have a lasting impact. If you decide to get a makeover right now you can rest assured you will be revisiting the salon soon.


A sudden insight or intuition, perhaps even in the form of a precognitive dream or “psychic feeling” will come to you just in time to prevent an unpleasant situation right now. You may have a strange encounter with a child who is wise beyond their years.


That “bad influence” proposes more fun right now, and this time, you actually have the time, money, or energy to play along. You do deserve some playtime, and will find ways to get it without breaking the bank, or any promises to your significant other.


You are getting mixed messages about your love life right now. On the one hand your significant other or a potential partner seems determined to get together with you, but then they suddenly switch gears and want to challenge your ideas. Keep things light if you can.


You are still looking for creative ways to entertain yourself. If you are not a parent, you soon could be. If you are not looking for that kind of responsibility, well, you know what not to do this evening. If you are, enjoy yourself! This could be a lucky night.


You will need to watch your words carefully right now. Someone may be jealous of your success, or has an emotional reaction with you over your values or social life. You have every right to put your foot down, but try to be diplomatic when you tell them to mind their own business.


High tech toys may bring frustration right now, but a glitch or breakdown could be a blessing in disguise. It may force you to consider an option you would have discounted otherwise. A short term inconvenience could pave the way to something rewarding.


Watch your words right now, particularly when discussing challenging political topics, or when talking “office politics”. People will be particularly sensitive and your insight will be a little too close to the mark for comfort in some cases.


You may have to go out of your way to help a relative or loved one deal with their health or lifestyle problems right now. Maybe you can encourage them to have a better diet and get more exercise if you volunteer to join them in a new activity.

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