It is not the best day for your best buddy to ask for a loan right now. Woe be to anyone canvassing for a local religious charity. You have enough challenges of your own without having to deal with someone looking for a handout. Be patient and tactful right now, words can come back to you.


Money matters are a bone of contention right now, especially if you owe anyone any money. They may be seeking a reassurance that you can repay. You do have support from long-term aspects, any issues that come up right now should be minor and short-term.


Be careful when discussing upcoming travel plans with your family members or loved ones right now. While they may be delighted to hear that you are coming home for a spell, there could be unexpected misunderstandings or changes in plans right now.


Leadership is the result of self control, not others control. You may not be able to control what others do but you can choose how you will respond to their choices. You may be tempted to make a choice for someone else. Ask yourself how you would feel if your positions were reversed.


You and your significant other will be discussing your health, well-being and lifestyle right now. You may get some feedback you don’t like. Dietary restrictions or stricter exercise regimens are needed to get you on a healthier track, and your own mind and body will also be giving you that message.


You will likely be extremely impulsive where it comes to shopping right now, and it is a good idea for you to take time to plan your purchases in advance. Leave the credit cards back at home. Stick to the budget. You will thank yourself for taking this advice in the coming days and weeks.


Your love life is a little complicated all of a sudden. It’s parental or family influences that are the most likely trouble-makers, and you will be able to break free of it by making a deal or compromise with your significant other to provide a united front.


Family relations benefit from a burst of romantic energy, and you could be hearing news about an upcoming wedding, engagement, or birth announcement. The good vibes may lead to unexpected travel, though, and you will need to be sure your mode of transportation is reliable.


Your compassion for a lonely friend may inspire you to try your hand at matchmaking right now. Look around for someone with unusual empathy or teaching skills. They could help your companion heal from old emotional hurts or disappointments.


If you are involved in a dispute, try to negotiate a win-win settlement. You may have an opportunity to build your financial future with the quiet assistance of someone who wears a uniform, or who works as an official or authority figure of some kind.


You probably have financial challenges to face right now, but never fear, you are getting closer to figuring them out. You really needed a shake-out in the daily work sector, and you will soon be jumping out of your rut in a way that will surprise everyone, including you.


Romance is hot, heavy and exciting right now. If you have been holding back on approaching a potential partner, right now you discover your courage and get up the energy to make an unforgettable impression. If you are already in a relationship your partner may be waving the proverbial red flag at you.

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