You may come across as wild, dramatic and exciting right now. People are attracted to you because of your talents, skills, differences, or because of the unusual electrical energy you throw off. Some people may be threatened by a new look or makeover, or by your highly energetic behavior.


The answer to a group, club or organization’s problems is for everyone to pull together with their unique talents, not for you to do it all. Leadership means learning how to “delegate”. Once you figure this out, you’ll be a lot happier and more productive.


You’ll be very aware of emotions right now – yours, and those shown by the people you work with most closely. Conversations will focus on dreams, ideals, goals and aspirations, particularly travel plans, but there may be more talking than doing.


Work-related travel looks particularly challenging right now. Commuting is likely to be a nightmare. You may also experience trouble with paperwork, documents, publicity or your work or education history. You may be asked to back up a challenging opinion or idea.


You are not telling someone the truth, but you are mistaken if you believe you can hide your feelings forever. Some part of them knows the truth. The haggis may hit the fan when the truth comes out, but at least you will not be carrying the burden anymore, and you are likely to find out that it your own fears were bigger than the problem.


You may be considering joining a union, changing jobs, or leaving the workplace for a home-based business. You are simply tired of the status quo, of being taken for granted as the “Nurturer in Chief”. You want to be recognized for more than patting others on the back.


A friend of yours has a serious authority figure complex and you may have to give them some tough love to snap them out of some serious self-pity. Trust your intuition if you are not sure what to say. Even if they resist your advice, they are listening.


You may be hearing strange things from relatives and loved ones right now. Someone may be selling their home or moving to another city soon. The upside is that someone’s love life has taken an unexpected, even shocking turn for the better recently.


This is an excellent day to have one of those long chats with your significant other that you have been putting off. You have a lot that you need to share, to get off your chest, and you will find that it is a good time to speak your truth.


You may find yourself drifting off into the twilight zone right now. Fantasies and daydreaming seem to take your attention away from daily life. You may find a new show, game or movie inspires your own creativity, or enhances a long-term friendship.


You will get an eye-opening experience if you are studying, researching, writing, or surfing the Internet right now. You could come across some truly shocking, mind-altering information. You are going to tell someone “You won’t believe what I just read!”


Good news is coming your way regarding changes in your home or family, but you still feel anxious and uncertain, without being sure quite why. Your mind turns inward tonight and you could receive helpful insights through dreams, visions or meditation.

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