You are drawn to interesting and unusual new people right now. You may make friends with others who have musical or creative talents, or who show a high degree of interest in the spiritual arts and meditation. An old friend may confess a drug problem, though.


If your local library or Learning Annex offers courses in meditation, alternative medicines or healing, you may find you benefit greatly from the time and money you spend. You may even make some new friends who share the interests that you are taking up now.


Whether you realize it or not, you are in a profound stage of healing right now. An old childhood hurt or disappointment that has followed you through your life is popping up now to test you, and you have a marvelous opportunity to turn hurt into empowerment.


Friends and companions are a barrel of laughs right now, but their high energy and wild antics could be a little distracting in the workplace. Luckily, most of your coworkers are infected with the same bizarre sense of humor that you are feeling right now.


You may come across as wild, dramatic and exciting right now. People are attracted to you because of your talents, skills, differences, or because of the unusual electrical energy you throw off. Some people may be threatened by a new look or makeover, or by your highly energetic behavior.


Today’s energy brings new opportunities through conflict. Your challenge is to bring all your leadership and communications skills to bring together a large group of people whose goal is to improve the world for those less fortunate. You may be drawn to help others.


You will be looking for ways to enjoy yourself in your coming time off, and will find that movies and music are your most gratifying choices. Be open minded about the new music that your children or younger people in your social circle are listening to.


You may be forced to take a sterner, more authoritarian role in your family because an old patriarch or matriarch is no longer capable of dealing with the madness. You want to be nice to everyone but it won’t work. You have to put your foot down.


You are likely to have something of a chaotic day right now. If you are at work, you may find customers and coworkers are much more demanding than is normally the case. If it is a day off, you may have a lot of work on your to-do list.


A disagreement among friends could come down to cultural or educational differences – don’t take it personally. An inspiration, intuition or lucky guess could lead you to hidden opportunities. The arrival of people looking for money for a dubious charity will put you on your guard right now.


That little rebellion you touched off recently is starting to spread. Other people are now getting into the act, standing up for themselves and demanding better conditions. If you are “the boss”, though, some of them may be demanding changes from you!


You have been struggling to bring a spiritual dimension to your work, career and lifestyle for over a year now. Today you just may have a breakthrough – an “Aha!” moment that brings in the solution you have been searching for. Your partner, mate, or a business partner may have a clue if you don’t.

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