You have financial opportunities right now, particularly if you are involved in the arts or music business. If you are not the creative type, you may instead be focusing your financial efforts in a more creative and inclusive way. You will reach out to people you never considered working with.


The answer to a money problem seems to hit you like a bolt out of the blue, but your strange or sudden ideas right now come and go like wildfire, and they may not be ready for immediate action. Don’t be impatient if you cannot immediately change a major investment plan.


If you are trying to get a handle on your love life right now, the key words for the quest are “money, values, material security”. You may be feeling insecure partially as a result of something your partner says and does and partially because you are reliving a childhood insecurity.


There is something of a breakthrough moment in a family crisis right now. While in some cases this may be traumatic, in all cases, it is a necessary prelude to getting help and healing for a family member who is suffering with some form of self-inflicted trauma or heartache.


You may be considering a career change that involves travel, higher education or international communications. The change you are pondering could be risky, but you will always wonder what would have happened if you let this one go.


You have decided that the trip you are considering is worth the potential risks, and you have worked out any power-struggles in advance. You have a good opportunity to make new friends while traveling, or over the Internet, anywhere where ideas are shared.


Your family and the “family” at the office seem to be at war with each other, with you smack in the middle. It could be that way – but you have more power than you think. If you take the reins of leadership, you can turn an unpleasant situation into a serious opportunity.


It will be difficult to concentrate right now. You will be much more interested in playing or daydreaming than working. Getting the family chores finished may seem to take forever. Take the family out for a movie or to the park. The chores can wait.


Your love life is confusing again right now, but if you consider the possibility that your partner is stressed or a little depressed and that their mood is not about you, then you don’t have to share in it. There may be nothing you can do for them but be supportive right now.


You may feel that no matter what you say that people are finding excuses to disagree with you right now, but that is not exactly true. You may find in one case that your silver tongue comes in handy in charming some shop keeper into giving you a really good deal.


Someone could come to you looking for financial assistance, but you are both going to be much better off if you just offer advice instead. You may have the solution they need, even if it does involve a lot more hard work or responsibility than they would like.


Romance is the flavour of the moment. You may want to get a bit carried away by flowers, hearts and unicorns but keep one foot on the ground. You may be floating on clouds and you need to keep at least one toe in the ground.

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