You and a friend are not seeing eye to eye right now. One is accusing the other of not being terribly realistic at best and childish at worst. If you are on the receiving end of some criticism your sense of fun and humor could come to the rescue.


You may have a challenging time with the people closest to you. They may seem a little twitchy or sensitive, especially where it comes to debts, financial investments or favors, or spirituality. Someone you know has a bit of trouble facing an upcoming life transition.


Be careful when spending money on crafts and hobbies. You do need more fun, but if you sink everything into craft supplies, there won’t be any left over for that class or trip you wanted to take. There are too many creative choices, but not enough time or money.


If you absolutely have to go out shopping right now, make it for the things you really need, like supplies for cleaning, for organizing your home office, or for a special item for the workplace that will improve your mood and personal productivity.


Great changes result from paperwork, written communications and telephone calls, but you’ll have a tendency to overpower others right now. Pull back a little if you notice that people are backing away from you. You may be coming on just a little too strongly.


Travel and commuting is more smooth and simple right now. You may be planning a vacation or merely going across town to visit the relatives, but you will greatly enjoy yourself by getting away from home. You have some secret doubts but will be able to sweep them aside.


Today the dream come true opportunity looks a little more down to earth. Someone higher up in the corporate chain of command has taken an interest in an idea or project you like, and their support could mean a lot to the future of your career.


Your intuition is powerful and dynamic right now. You finally know just the right words or course of action, and it will be a challenge for anyone or anything that might be foolish enough to get in your way. You can get a lot accomplished right now.


You may be heading for a raise or promotion. Your financial situation is improving, and your job situation is stable. That’s good if you are already working – if not, you should focus your energies a bit higher up the pay scale. Don’t sell yourself short.


A high priced item you have wanted may soon be in reach, with some help from a friend or two. Keep your eyes open for bargains or opportunities to barter. You may make a new friend soon who will help you make more money or get a better job.


Focus your mind on your goals and desires. Picture them clearly in your mind, until you can see, feel, smell and taste them. Meditation and visualization exercises can be extremely powerful for you right now. You are about to hear some good news about a creative project or talent.


You are likely to get a lot of energetic and interesting calls and emails right now from friends who are all stirred up about some sporting event or big business project. You are happy for them but have a nagging feeling something is not quite right. It’s likely just imagination. Relax!

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