Unexpected changes in your social or career life could affect your home and family life. Try to keep separate spaces for your loved ones that do not intrude on your ambitions. Someone could come to you seeking help with a child whose daydreaming is driving their loved ones to distraction.


It will be a trying and challenging but potentially rewarding day. You may find that you attract disagreements, but once you get past the initial debate, you could learn a lot about others, and about your own subconscious motivations. Careful planning helps smooth the rough spots.


Looks like business is picking up where you work. If you own your own business, your own bottom line may benefit immediately. If not, you may find that it takes a little while for the goodies to filter down in your direction. Either way, you are going to benefit.


Your energies are high, your mental creativity is at a peak, and your passion for life is into overdrive. If you are single, get out where you can share ideas. Any public event where speaking is involved could be lucky for you.


You have a wonderful opportunity to build your financial future with help from an older loved one. You could find out that a wealthy elder in your family has named you in their will, or is planning to set aside a trust fund in the name of one of your children.


You are likely to get into a dispute about money right now. Someone may be pushing some strange or risky investment on you, and you feel the need to find safer projects, even though it looks like your workplace and career prospects are improving dramatically.


It looks like the old homestead is crying out for a serious makeover. For some in your sign, that may be impossible, and you may be considering a home move. You are in the mood to tear things down right now but that may be a momentary impulse you could come to regret.


Don’t change your looks radically or get your hair cut right now. Chances are you will hate it, or it will have to be redone. You are a bit down on yourself over perceived personal faults, and you are not being all that fair to yourself right now.


If you are still single, you could find that bookstores, travel agencies, and bus terminals could all be good places to meet people, but beware that sudden attraction! It might not last very long. If you are open to a quick fling, then opportunities abound.


The past few days have been challenging ones in the history of your career path, and you may be tempted to make a sudden, dramatic and impulsive last-minute change right now. Take two or three deep breaths, then wait until next Monday before you make up your mind.


Watch your driving right now. You tend to be quick and impulsive, and not overly focused on what’s going on around you. Please, do leave the cell phone turned off while you are on the road. No meeting or appointment is worth the danger you’ll be risking.


You may feel like you are chained to your current link on the ladder of success, but what you are experiencing is a natural period slow-down, part of the cycle of your workplace. Focus on investing and making your money work better for you rather than on illusory career “perks”.

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