You may be worried whether or not a good thing will last. The more worrying you do the more you are likely to draw out the kinds of experiences you fear. Tell your partner about your insecurities, share them, then let them go. You may be able to turn worries into one more way you are getting closer and more intimate.


You may discover right now that your memories of childhood have been somewhat distorted. It is like going back to your old grade school – everything looks smaller than you remember for some reason, and the old foods you used to love seem “icky” now.


You have a hard time concentrating at times right now. Your mind and moods tend to swing from one idea, one extreme to another. Go with the flow – when you are “on”, push it, and when you are not, let yourself goof off a bit. You will get more done that way.


You may get a letter or a phone call that has you adjusting some plans about your finances. You may decide to shuffle some money around for better tax or debt-reduction effect. Trust your intuition when choosing a new banker or investment advisor.


Everything seems a little heavy and tense right now, but if you slog through, you may find that being the busy beaver gets you noticed. Be careful where it comes to revealing financial information to others right now. You may be vulnerable to “confidence tricksters” right now.


You and your significant other need to have a talk, but right now may not be the best day for it, especially if the theme is “You have to make some changes!” You may be prone to making ultimatums and demands that prove impossible for you to keep.


You will get some unusual phone calls, letters or paperwork to deal with right now. If you travel soon, consider a trip to a spa or to some kind of wellness retreat. You have decided that you strongly need renewal of both body and spirit right now.


You will be entertaining guests soon. You may need to make a last-minute scramble to clean up or pick up supplies. Someone you know has something to celebrate. A pot-luck party could be the ideal solution if the budget is tight.


Fortune favours those who are willing to take risks, but there are no guarantees of success in life. You may have an opportunity to make a life-changing choice, but there are risks. You should consider the pros and cons, but ask yourself what you will lose if you do not take the chance.


Your inner child is pouting. It feels neglected or abused. You need to take it out for ice cream or something. Set aside some play time soon. If you can afford nothing else, get some crayons and doodle, or find some craft or game to help you reconnect with your sense of fun.


A charity or non profit group could really use your help, but before you agree to volunteer, make sure you understand what is expected of you. You may find that your time or financial commitment is greater than you expected, but the networking opportunity will be worth the effort.


Communication with your loved ones is difficult, especially where it comes to siblings. But if you keep at it, you will find that you are able to break through the barriers together and rebuild a much closer and more loving relationship.

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