You could be spending a lot of time on the telephone with an old friend or a loved one right now. You may get along, or be estranged, but something will come up in the course of the conversation that is profoundly healing and uplifting for you both.


You may have an opportunity to travel, but there are some unique challenges. You may have to make some personal adjustments to your schedule. You may have to reschedule a trip to the beauty parlor or salon that you booked or planned recently.


A huge change in your attitude towards money, finances, and investments is coming. You may be given a raise, bonus, or perhaps even win some money through gambling. Found money, or inherited money are also possibilities right now. You should speak to your investment advisor about changing your strategy. If you don’t have one, now is a good time to check into the services available.


You really want to sneak out of the office early right now and you could have an unlikely co-conspirator – an older coworker, or even your boss. You are both fed up with office politics and splitting early, if you can manage it, might be a good idea.


Lesson number one learned from the “dot-bomb era” …? Never defer income for stock options. You may be offered some “if this, then that” incentive or bonus for signing up or working harder on some project, but you would be gambling on other people’s performances, not just your own.


You are looking at some financial frustrations right now. You could encounter unexpected bills, or be let down by a late or delayed payment. Be careful not to count on any cheques that are supposed to clear or arrive in the mail. Be sure you have all your money in the bank to cover your own cheques.


You are drawn to interesting new people right now. If you are single, you could meet a new romantic prospect who is creative, intelligent and a little mysterious. If you are married, you may be sharing a special romantic moment this evening.


Financial opportunity is really heating up right now! You may find that strange painting you haggled over at the flea market is worth a lot more than you thought possible. Keep your eye open for bargains in art, music and home improvements.


You have an opportunity to climb a notch up the corporate or business ladder, but something from your past, or a family connection could be a sticking point. It may be that you feel you are not ready for the social demands of a new position.


Your family has gone twitchy all of a sudden, and you may wonder what planet they have all gone to. If you come from a dysfunctional or abusive background, this is a day you definitely want to avoid the hot buttons. Stay away from the hard cases if you can right now.


You have to make some significant adjustments in your attitude towards the religion or values you grew up with. You are finding that there is less power and mystery there than there used to be, and some pretty strange alternatives are catching your eye.


Relationships are under stress right now because you are coping with a lot of personal and family changes. A friend or companion could help you get your feet back on solid ground, and help you think up a solution to a troubling romantic problem.

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