You may be disappointed in an employer’s inability to take action on a financial matter right now, and you have some concerns about your family that you are taking into your workday. You will have good news about an investment however.


The focus moves to your pocketbook and you are only too happy to open it up and collect the money. You will hear good news about family finances, money related to home or real estate investments, and there could be good news about your credit rating.


You may want to offer a friend or companion some advice or suggestions right now, but hold your tongue until you are asked, especially if the topic under consideration involves their children or finances. You may get a lot of resistance otherwise.


You may be asked to pass along some unwelcome information right now and you are afraid the recipient will be tempted to shoot the messenger. Practice any speech or presentation that you have to make, and be sure you exude confidence. People may challenge you, so be prepared.


Things may seem a little crazy and chaotic right now. If you are going out for fun and pleasure, take some extra time to get from one place to the other. You may find that there are special challenges with commuting and parking, but you’ll have fun when you finally get there.


You are going to get some interesting proposals right now – more likely related to business than to romance. You may find yourself getting pretty excited. Keep one foot firmly on the ground, and make sure you get any offers in writing. You may find that your deal is not all it appears to be.


You may have some challenges getting your ideas, suggestions and opinions across to others right now. So instead of trying to push your agenda, listen to their opinions instead. You may learn something that is incredibly valuable in the long run.


Open mouth, insert foot. Close mouth, keep the peace. It’s as simple as that. No matter how smart or intuitive you may be right now, people won’t understand the message you want to get across. So it may be best to hold your peace until you are with a more supportive audience.


There are events and ideas in the workplace that trigger a new interest in a hobby or creative pass time right now, but you may find that it is difficult to get others interested. You might have to put aside your new interest to play someone else’s game first.


All the financial hardships you have suffered the past while are going to be seen as a blessing in disguise right now. You have an opportunity to transform trouble into a world-class opportunity to make a bundle. Sink any benefits into debt reduction.


Your mind is on fire right now, full of brilliant and creative ideas. Your energy is high, and you have some innovative insights that could help you a lot. Trust your instincts right now, especially where it comes to what to wear and how to dress. It matters.


You will be considering a trip or vacation soon, and are excited about an opportunity to have some fun in the sun with some friends. Whether you are traveling across the ocean or just down to the beach, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen!

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