You are concerned or cynical about the motives of a partner or associate who has their hand in your pockets. If you are involved in a business partnership or have shared resources, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is spelled out on paper.


You have an opportunity to connect or reconnect with friends old and new right now. If you are still single, one of your friends may be plotting to set you up with one of their old friends. If you are already married, it is a wonderful day to get together with friends.


You are looking at a serious career development. You may not be getting a big raise, but you will get good news about your future job or financial security. Just don’t get swept away by the “herd” mentality right now – you are better off marching to your own drummer.


Your personal energy is transforming as a result of some special people in your life. You are not only changing emotionally and mentally, but physically as well. There could be health benefits to boot. These people will broaden your horizons in sometimes challenging ways.


Your energy is high, and you may come off as a little pushy or overly assertive at an important meeting right now. If you are trying to impress the high mucky mucks, take a clue from their attitude as to the level of energy you should put in your presentation.


Take your wallet and dump out the credit cards, cheque book and anything more than spare change that you may need for the outing. Leave the plastic at home if you want to avoid making a costly mistake. You are vulnerable to impulsive purchases that you cannot afford.


You might have a sudden urge to visit a health-spa right now. If not, maybe your horoscope will give you some ideas about the best way to take the “edge” off your feelings right now. You’ll be tense and wound up, and may not know why. It doesn’t matter why. Just find a way to relax.


This is not a good day to confront your boss about that raise you are overdue to receive. Instead, find some way to take on additional responsibilities, find a way to take care of problems that have been overlooked. You will get ahead with a more subtle approach.


If you are still thinking about that road trip, be sure to plan it with extra care and consideration for security. At the moment you will be impulsive and hard to tie down, and the frantic pace you set for yourself may not be realistic.


Money is coming your way, and your financial antennas are finely tuned. You can find money in some strange places right now. You might find some spare cash you tucked into a music box, or invest some money in creative or musical businesses or stocks.


Your family may be more supportive of you than your significant other will be right now. Your spouse or partner may have some family issues that they are projecting onto you. If you are still single, be aware that a potential partner bring their family “stuff” into your life.


Your family has flip-flopped yet again, confusing you further. Yesterday everything was up in the air, right now you can do no wrong, and they are all coming to your rescue just when you needed a good word. Don’t interrupt. Let them tell you how wonderful you are!

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