You’ll be talking about relationships, commitments and taking action to improve your love life this weekend. If you have been single, it is in the “talking spaces” that you will meet new people. Find people who share your interests, ideas and hobbies.


You can help a friend connect romantically right now by helping them face the ways that they are bringing their worst fears to light. If someone is having the same problems over and over, they are likely doing something to trigger the repeating cycle.


Love and romance perfume the air around you in a heady cloud. You may not even be able to think straight right now, because your passions will be in control of all your senses. You will want to treat a friend or companion to something special right now.


Really wild ideas are floating around right now. You may find your love life benefits as a result of some information that comes from abroad, but you are at a disadvantage in applying it. Communications devices are prone to malfunction right now.


Before you consider joining a club, group or association, ask around. You may find out about hidden fees and problems with bookkeeping. You are in danger of giving money to a charity that may not be completely on the up and up. Do your homework.


Listen to your partner, and take their concerns into consideration, before making any travel or educational plans right now. The two of you can come to a fair solution, but it may require some heavy-duty negotiations. Unexpected arguments are a likely distraction right now.


Relationships are important right now and the keywords are communication and compromise. You will only damage your own interests if you let yourself get wrapped up in a power struggle with your mate and partner. Be an “active listener” – mirror back anything you don’t understand.


You are likely driven and determined to get your way right now, but there is an important question to be asked. Would you rather be right or happy? Are you prepared to break someone down who you love in order to win an argument? That may be what it takes right now.


You may be facing something of faux pas, likely caused by stumbling over your own words at a public event. Don’t fret so much, you will recover quickly and should be able to make up for any minor faux pas with a little self-deprecating humor. In fact, you could end up the toast of the town!


You might better spend the day writing poetry or the great historical novel you keep putting off, rather than putting your wildly creative ideas into any work-related writing right now. Someone could come back and ask you where your head was at.


You may be tempted to take the phone off the hook right now. It seems to bring in more work and challenges than you really want to deal with. Paperwork may be challenging, and the commute is likely to be a pain. Leave home early in the morning so you get where you are going on time.


You may think that other people have changed, but if it is more than one person, maybe it is you that changed. This is not a judgment, your changes may be fair and necessary. Do not be hard on yourself and others. Money really does change circumstances, it cannot be helped.

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