You are a classic flirt right now and you may have to turn the temperature down a notch or two because you’ll be hot hot hot! Your energy is well into overload. You’ll be sassy, spontaneous and highly attractive and there will be no better time than right now for some extra-curricular recreation.


Sudden changes in the balance of power in a personal relationship could throw you off kilter for a bit right now. While you regain your balance ask yourself if you might be better off doing more listening than talking right now. Older relatives may bring more than experience to the table.


You’ll be feeling uneasy or anxious about travel or commuting. If you can’t get someone else to drive for you and you can’t stay at home, remember that it is your own nervousness that is the most dangerous thing on the road. Overly cautious driving can be as dangerous as aggressive driving.


This is not a good day to confront a friend or companion about their poor parenting skills or lack of creative talents. There could be an emotional explosion on the level of Hiroshima. Your social associates will definitely be “touchy” right now.


You have a good idea for your investment plan, and are feeling pretty good about that. But you are a little concerned whether or not the information you have is altogether accurate. Follow your gut feeling, and go slowly. It may be a good deal, but the details bear scrutiny.


Take more time out, and make sure that you treat yourself and your partner to some special alone together time. You are having a hard time juggling your career demands with the pressures of an increasingly busy and demanding social schedule.


You have an opportunity to make more money right now, but there are challenges as well as rewards. You may be getting a new leadership role in your career, but there is a lot more work and responsibility coming your way if you accept that sudden promotion.


Unusual communications could have you scratching your head right now. You may wonder where all the strange and unique ideas are coming from. You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role in your community as a teacher or facilitator of new technology.


You have an opportunity to speak out about an injustice, but you could find that you trip over your words and ideas if you are not prepared. Have another look at your ideas before presenting them to others. There may be more tactful or sensitive ways to make your point.


Today it is the “male-female” relationship that has raised your temperature. This may be because of a relationship in your own life, or from observations of others. Remember that your point of view has a distinct and personal colour.


You need to get out and play but you really don’t feel like doing much. There could be a disappointing purchase made right now if you spend too much money on home entertainment, movies, or electronics. Focus instead on a little positive gossip – spread the good word about your creative accomplishments.


You may find that your are presented with some challenging or disturbing ideas or news through printed media like newspapers or magazines right now. Don’t let yourself get too wound up in politics or the world situation unless there really is something you can do about them.

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