You will be extremely sharp and perceptive right now, especially where it comes to children, your own or others. Just remember to be tactful, whether speaking with children themselves, or their parents right now. Your words will tend to be a little too frank.


Relationships are important right now and the keywords are communication and compromise. You will only damage your own interests if you let yourself get wrapped up in a power struggle with your mate and partner. Be an “active listener” – mirror back anything you don’t understand.


The battle of the sexes is on big-time right now as power struggles light up your house of committed partnerships. If you are married it may be one of those days you can do nothing right. If you are single, you could find yourself dealing with someone who is impossible to please.


You and your partner may disagree about a health or lifestyle issue. You should be careful to analyze your reactions right now – you could react from the wrong space and are strongly resisting a change that would really be in your own best interest.


If you are not traveling soon, it may be time to head back to school. You are thinking about a major long-term commitment to improve your education and expand your horizons, whether that is something formal, or something you do at home in your spare time.


A financial secret could be your “ace in the hole” for getting someone’s help in your career or social status. Be careful. While you could accomplish your immediate objective, you may find that the story comes out in the future to bite you in the bottom.


Your love life turns around, but it is through facing challenging ideas and hard truths that you forge deeper bonds of intimacy right now. Someone you love will want to share a confidence about an old hurt. Be prepared to be a good listener. Whatever they say, “it” is not about you.


It is a good time to stay at home if you can. Unnecessary travel should be avoided. If you must travel, commute or drive, pay extra attention to the road. Turn off the cell phones, leave the radio off, and make sure that all distractions are kept to a minimum.


Financial changes and challenges are the theme of the day right now. You may find that you are presented with some rather strange or unreliable advice. Double-check anything that seems too good to be true, or is too far out into left field.


Your energy has gone a little wacko right now, and if you are involved in a committed relationship, well, that may add a little spice to a rather dull companionship. If you are single though, you may find yourself attracted to some real odd balls.


You need a special treat, and circumstances may conspire to present you with the perfect opportunity to get away from it all. If you are not planning for your next vacation, you may be getting away for a weekend, or together with friends for a good movie.


The hours will seem to stretch and contract, and time may seem to be playing strange tricks on your mind. Watch to see if there is a pattern. You may gain important insights into how your mind works, and it could help keep you from falling back into a rut.

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