Travel or educational plans should go smoothly. A workplace dispute or scheduling conflict might throw your plans into disarray, but that could actually rebound in your favor. If you are going away, ensure that someone is there to keep up with your emails.


You are powerfully attractive right now, but it is a good idea to tread softly where you can. Some people may be attracted by their desire to get into arguments with you. In person, active listening can help. Online, know where to pick your battles.


Unexpected changes are heading your way in relationships right now. Your significant other may come across as erratic or eccentric right now, but if you are single, you may find that there are romantic opportunities in your circle of friends and companions.


This is a wonderful day to talk to your family members about past issues and future possibilities. There is a beautiful mixture of the past and the present, of growth and structure in the air that will help you put together ideas and solutions for a brighter tomorrow.


You need some fun and distraction right now, but you may be wrapped up in some small injury to your self-esteem. Let go of needing to have everyone love and admire you. The one person who holds you down emotionally right now is surrounded by ten others who think you are the bee’s knees.


Your love life gets complicated and confusing again. You will have one of those moments when you wonder what it really is that your partner, or the opposite sex in general, really wants. Or thinks it wants. A little time out for play or recreation will restore your mood.


Challenges arise from an elder member of your family who has some medical issues. While you may feel that you are unfairly burdened, you will find that there is a great opportunity to build closeness and to be of true service right now. That can bring incredible rewards.


You are the center of attention right now. You are extremely popular and everyone seems to want to grab a piece of your time right now. You can make new friends and learn things right now that will be important in your future. Keep the door open to some unusual people – they may have unusual gifts.


Friends and companions will be acting oddly right now. You may want to keep a low profile at a party or get-together. Avoid hot-button topics like sex, politics, finances and religion, because everyone is wound just a little too tightly right now.


Don’t end up in a “road rage” incident. Practice counting to ten, taking deep breaths, remember that the idiot tailgating you or driving slowly in the passing lane could be your own mother, father, sister or brother, and you’ll have more understanding.


Your intuition could lead you to the kind of information that you need to get ahead in your career. Keep both ears and eyes open right now. Look for the unusual. Don’t be afraid of new ideas or technology. It is the new or unusual that holds the most promise.


You have an opportunity to improve your health and well being, provided you can accept some major lifestyle changes. It may be challenging for you to stay focused on your driving to and from work right now and travel of all kinds tends to be challenging.

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