You are the apple of everyone’s eye right now. People see you as gregarious, outgoing and generous, and you are afforded personal opportunities that don’t come around too often – grab them, make the most of them. You have new friends coming into your life who will be lucky for you.


Someone you know hits their bottom or breaking point soon, and you have a likely candidate in mind, someone close to your heart or home. If they don’t reach out to you, maybe you need to reach out to them. Their challenges may be great, but you may be the only one who can help them now.


Your spiritual values or beliefs are challenged right now, perhaps by someone who is better educated or more experienced than you are, and you feel a little threatened by their hard sell attitude. Be honest, but give them a fair hearing – they may have something there.


Someone in the family may insist that you top up your education. You feel you can’t afford to spare time or money for that right now. It will be a busy, challenging day. There will be many highs, but and some lows along the road, both literally and figuratively – drive carefully.


You have sudden flashes of intuition and insight right now that can serve you well if you pay attention to them. You may have strange dreams or visions that come suddenly and leave just as quickly, so carry a notepad. One of those fleeting impressions is golden.


You might not like what your friends are telling you right now, but they are right. You need to get more active. So challenge them to practice what they are preaching, find some way you can all get more physically active, but avoid competitive sports right now.


There are some strange people in your life, people who want to teach you things you have avoided for some time. You may get into political or spiritual debates with loved ones, siblings or friends who think that it is time that you broadened your horizons.


You may feel anxious and are not sure why. It could be that your intuition or psychic ability is on overload. Imagine that you are surrounded in a bubble of white or bright blue light. You may feel better if to spend some time in meditation.


You are reconsidering some of your most deeply-held personal and political attitudes. Serious conversations or discussions may lead you to consult someone from another culture. It has dawned on you that you can learn more about the outside world from those who have seen more of it.


You could be acting a little foggy right now, but you may be channeling the wisdom of the universe without realizing it. You could benefit greatly from meditation, prayer, and spiritual insights. Religious and spiritual issues will be important to you right now.


Family members are challenging to your sense of well being right now. They are demanding, contrary and unpredictable. You want to escape them in the privacy of your home or workplace, but find there are annoying distractions there too. Don’t worry, this will soon pass.


If you are looking for ways to improve your personal wellbeing and to have a better or more interesting lifestyle, then you may consider investing in a computer upgrade, a home network, or in a class or lessons designed to help you make better use of technology right now.

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