It is not the best day for your best buddy to ask for a loan right now. Woe be to anyone canvassing for a local religious charity. You have enough challenges of your own without having to deal with someone looking for a handout. Be patient and tactful right now, words can come back to you.


Whenever you feel yourself starting to get worried, think back to all the times you worried in the past. Remember how most times what you feared did not happen. And even when it did, do you remember feeling relieved? Because at least now you did not need to worry any more. That can help you break the cycle of worrying.


You are too close emotionally to someone you work with. The reason is likely karmic. There are not necessarily romantic undertones to the relationship, many workplace issues arise mainly from lack of self esteem. You have to learn you are worthy of greater respect, and begin to demand it.


Your love life suddenly warms up right now after you get some interesting news via email. It looks like you might have a bigger budget than you expected. Maybe you can get that special treat for your significant other – some electronic toy they have been ogling.


If you are asked by someone to write something that is not true, or that violates your personal boundaries in some way right now, ask yourself if the risk is worth the reward. It may be risky to say “no” but can you live with the choice if you agree?


The stress you have been feeling recently melts and dissolves and magically heals itself right now. You can get a lot of work done and are able to make a positive impression on a business superior or important business contact whose opinions are important to your career.


A friend or companion could reveal a medical problem that makes some sense of their odd behaviour of late. Someone you love could confess that they are having a hard time with one of their kids. It seems like everyone is coming to you for advice right now.


You’ll have this tendency to overpower people right now. If you are in charge of written documents or speeches or public appearance, keep that in mind when you are getting prepared. Great changes may result from paperwork, written communications and phone calls.


A charity or non profit group could really use your help, but before you agree to volunteer, make sure you understand what is expected of you. You may find that your time or financial commitment is greater than you expected, but the networking opportunity will be worth the effort.


Avoid malls and antique shops right now. You are not up to your bargain-hunting best. You are feeling self-indulgent and could find yourself back at home asking “What on earth was I thinking?” when you are finally unpacking your shopping bags.


If you can keep your temper, and keep your head above any disputes, a power struggle at the office could hold special opportunities for advancement. You must be careful to hold your opinions close to the chest unless they can be backed up by the facts.


Your friends and companions are a source of great comfort to you right now. They are there for you when they are needed with advice and support, particularly where it comes to romantic or spiritual matters that have been troubling to you lately.

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