Financial and career changes are in your favor, but you may have to make some dramatic changes in the way you communicate with those “higher up” on the ladder of success. Someone may seek out your advice on a healthcare matter right now – be careful how you respond as they may take advice as criticism.


Your phone will be ringing off the hook right now. The people you associate with financially or in business tend to be cranky while friends and companions are supportive. Someone you are close to is like a brick that you can count on to hold things together no matter what.


Your family has something of a split personality right now. They are dividing off into camps like the Hatfields and McCoy’s, only they are not fighting with each other, it’s their moods that are so much at odds. One group is happy and cheerful, the other a bit down in the dumps.


You could have a lot of fun right now picking up one of those “Time Life” type books that teach you how to fix up your home. You have been watching a lot of those television shows where people tear up and redo their homes – just remember it is not as easy as they make it look.


You really want to make some big changes, but you are not sure what to do just yet. You may spend some time at home right now building up some part of your home or property. You may have some frustration with some paperwork or legal documentation right now.


Your energy is high, and you are full of stunning ideas right now. You may be spending a lot of time on the phone right now, and people will be seeking you out for your ideas and input. A dramatic turn is coming in relationships. Someone can’t decide whether they are coming or going.


Your intuition may be off where it comes to the men in your family right now. Don’t let yourself get into any arguments with them. It’s a better day to hang out with the ladies in your circle of friends. You may get some good news from a girlfriend through the Internet right now.


You could be a bit stressed out right now because you are getting a lot of strange, demanding, aggressive phone calls, especially if you work in customer service. You could be dealing with a particularly challenging call when a brilliant come-back just pops into your mind.


A new group of people that you meet online could be very important to your social future. While you may never meet face to face, you may be forming powerful bonds in the virtual world. There is even the prospect of a whirlwind virtual romance.


You may be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity right now. If you are a writer or are involved in the communications business, sharpen your pencils and get out that resume, you have a chance to get published right now. Don’t listen to a doubting Thomas in your family right now.


Friendships can be challenges right now. You may have a strange or unexpected disagreement or misunderstanding, and will be sensitive to criticism from your friends. Pay attention to what they say – accept it as coming from a loving place.


You are going to be wondering where your thoughts are coming from right now. It may be in some rare cases that you are actually channeling, but in most cases it is just that you are experiencing old thoughts you buried that are bubbling out of your subconscious.

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