If you want to look and feel better about yourself, you may have to change your lifestyle. Significant and structured changes to your diet and exercise have the ability to make a profound and positive effect on your mood, physical fitness and attractiveness right now.


The focus moves to your work, career, ambitions and the relationships and partnerships that relate to those goals. You’ll have mixed feelings, and your temper is short. Be aware of that as you go through the day, so that you don’t inadvertently stir up a hornet’s nest.


Friends and companions are luckier for you right now. Someone you know could lead you to a serious romantic opportunity. You may be introduced to someone who is older, or better established than yourself. You have a lot of charm right now and your attraction index is powerful.


Friends and associates will bring good news and golden opportunities. You may find yourself struggling with the way a friend is bringing up a child though. Today is not the day to speak up in such a case – you will lack tact, and you could be wrong about the root causes of the problem.


Family members may not be terribly supportive right now, especially if you are hoping for financial assistance. It will likely turn out you don’t need their help, anyway. There will be other opportunities for you to make headway on your own.


You and your significant other “have to talk” but the conversation will go a lot better than you expect. Just go with the flow, and be honest and realistic about your dreams and expectations. If you are single, don’t be afraid to call up an old flame, you may find an opening of the heart you did not expect.


A family member is trying to force or coerce you into a career change or into sticking with the status quo against your will. There could be bribes, threats and guilt trips involved, all of which you have to force yourself to ignore. Follow your heart’s path, not the path of least resistance.


You are the centre of attention right now, and you are happy that people are following your lead without too many troubling questions, but make sure to be a good listener. Someone, likely a friend or sibling, has some incredibly good ideas that you can profit from.


You find yourself in an introspective mood right now, and can come across a lot of excellent ideas for making money, or for improving your home, residence or living conditions for a family member. Personal energy is high and you are interested in a special secret.


Family blessings continue to pour into your home sectors right now. Expect the unexpected where it comes to your children, home or family right now. Those closest to you are the ones most likely to bring you interesting opportunities for personal and financial growth. You may be considering an educational investment plan.


You will be feeling a bit kooky and outrageous right now. A friend or companion will come along with jokes and good humor. You may meet new people and decide to travel on the spur of the moment. Paperwork should be checked carefully, though as you are not mentally focused right now.


You may have one of those silly misunderstandings that makes you wonder if your life is not becoming some weird kind of reality show or situation comedy being secretly filmed for network television. Not to worry, your loved ones will start acting normal again soon.

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