You need to follow your insights right now, particularly where it comes to family members, particularly siblings. You will be able to communicate in ways that were not possible before. Someone may have finally gotten themselves a computer and Internet connection.


You may find that it is easier to deal with people you don’t know as well right now. Those close to you, friends and family, are a little cranky and unreliable. You may find that the kindness of strangers makes the chores of the day much easier to handle.


You may be thinking about going back to school right now. It would not be shocking to find you in a big, comfortable chair, surrounded by books and papers, planning out your future with energetic zeal. You need to challenge your mind right now.


If you are single, someone you care about knows about your romantic woes and is quietly working behind the scenes to set you up. Quietly, because their track record as a matchmaker isn’t too good. But this time they may be onto something. Keep an open mind!


Friends and companions are again insisting you spend time and attention on them right now and right now you have to decide what is more important – their momentary desires, or your all too real need to get some rest. You need some space right now.


Don’t proselytize on behalf of your religion or spiritual beliefs right now, especially not to friends or companions or people in large groups. You will find that you tend to pick the crowd least likely to be receptive to your “pitch”. If you need to share, aim yourself at the “choir” – the converted will be supportive.


You have a strong desire to escape, to get away, to have some fun and play right now, but playing hooky from the workplace could be difficult. Everyone seems to need your attention. You will have a lot of energy right now, and may find it hard to concentrate.


You need to figure out ways you can improve the health and safety quotient in your workplace right now, not just for yourself, but for everyone concerned. You may be hearing of a challenging change to a healthcare plan or benefits package – don’t settle if you don’t have to.


Your significant other comes across in your chart as a little confused, but not in a bad way. They just don’t understand you at the moment. But sometimes confusion is a good place to start when changes are required. And sometimes it is a lot of fun, too.


Try to get out and get active. Dancing, walking, or aqua-fit could be the key to a physical or emotional breakthrough. Your energy may feel low, but that could be misleading. Stretching exercises could also help you push past a limitation or blockage right now.


spiritual growth is reaching a plateau and you feel that you need to find a spiritual leader or mentor to teach you. But are you sure that is what you really need? There is a terrific book called “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”. Maybe you will find some of the answers there.


It might be a good idea to avoid using the phone right now. You are likely to get some strange and unsettling phone calls, especially from siblings or close friends, who seem to have some pretty strange ideas all of a sudden. Double check all facts before taking a stand in an argument.

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