Friends and companions will bring more challenges and right now. An older friend may suggest that it is a good idea that you restrict your lifestyle or get more exercise. Remember that even though they may lack tact, they actually do mean it with love.


You have an opportunity to make new friends, or to change a friendship into more romantic directions right now. If you are single, you will be more attractive to potential partners that you meet in social settings, so don’t be afraid to “mingle”.


You may find yourself in the middle of a truly delicious controversy. You enjoy the mental aspects of a good argument, especially when you have an appreciative audience. Just remember, there are three “sides” to the story, theirs, ours and the Truth.


If you are having trouble with electronics, computers or cell phones right now, find a teenager. You may find that the effort is more fun than you expected. Make a game out of it, and you will find you learn a lot more, and what you do learn stays with you better.


If you are involved in team sports, or follow a team, you could have a winning moment right now. If you have children, one of the ways to brighten their lives and futures is to get them involved in a competitive team sport where they are physically active with their peers.


You’ll be a bit tongue-tied and twisted right now. Your subconscious is not your best friend. It may be a good idea now that you are all partied out anyway to take some rest time alone for a while. You may be too restless to get too much relaxation, however.


Don’t make any unecessary large-item purchases early right now. You may find that you are back at the same store by the end of the day, returning some device that does not function as advertised, if at all. Wait until the value becomes obvious. Test electronic devices in the store if you are able.


Your financial intuition is sharp right now. You are thinking about making a dramatic change in your work, investments or savings plan that could make you a lot richer in the long run. Make sure to take things one step at a time though as you are impulsive right now.


Communication is scattered and strange right now. People seem to be from some other planet or something. Hidden within the wild-eyed ideas are some useful innovations, though. This is not a good day to install new phone, cable or Internet services.


The romantic energy is strong in your aura right now, and if you are single, follow your intuition, it could lead you to a luck encounter that could change your life. If you are married, this is a good day to bring home some flowers, sweets or a special present.


This is a good day for planning future attack plans, but not the best day to march into battle. You need a little “time out”, some rest and recreation, but your mind remains stuck in the rat race. Your family members need some soft down time together with you.


You may notice financial opportunities right now that may be less lucrative than they appear at first. Be careful where you choose to spend your money.Beware of hidden costs and other secrets related to a bargain you find. A friend’s recommendation on an electronic device may be costly.


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