You may find that it is hard to focus on your chores and personal duties right now. You mind is wandering all over the place, and you find yourself distracted by strange events, challenges and synchronicities. Avoid taking any new herbal medications right now.


You are again the expert, teacher, or guru, and now that you have admitted you don’t know everything, the odd thing is that has only added to your credibility. You may have to delegate some authority or responsibility right now to others who have knowledge or resources you lack.


There are changes coming in your family. Someone may be pregnant, or is about to announce an adoption has finally come through. The energy is warm and forgiving right now. If you are estranged from a loved one, this may be the perfect day to call up to make amends.


If you are looking for a treatment for a medical condition or to improve your lifestyle, try looking online for the solution. You can find all kinds of treatment suggestions, diets, exercises etc that may help. Electricity might play a role in easing a problem.


You will find yourself getting a lot of work done right now, with help from a boss, supervisor or employer whose mood goes through a positive change as a result of taking some new herbal treatment or alternative medication, perhaps even something you suggested.


Are you being totally realistic about your budget? Your chart shows that a last-minute reality check could highlight some weaknesses, just in time to prevent serious losses. Make sure you watch your spending right now, especially where it comes to any device that is battery-powered.


All that worrying you did last week, and for what? See, things have a way of working themselves out. You are about to get some news that should finally put all your stressful fears behind you. Keep your eyes open for a new career opportunity.


You are just about at the end of your rope with someone when they perform a small kindness for you, and suddenly you see them in a completely new light. Just a life reminder that people are not all good or all bad. We all are more than we may seem. Go deeper, there may be treasure in the depths of a challenging relationship.


Good financial news perks up your mood and gets your heart pounding. You may be getting a raise, promotion or new job soon. If self-employed, creative communications and publicity are prime areas for growth. Don’t be afraid of challenges right now, they are there to fine-tune your approach.


You have some interesting energy about you right now – it’s like there is an electro-magnetic cloud of mysterious, sexy energy that is pulling people into your life. If you are single, make sure you are out in a crowd where it can do the most good.


You may be feeling cautiously optimistic about some workplace changes you plan or are facing in the near future. Don’t be afraid to experiment with beneficial alternative diets or healing plans. You may be a little ahead of the “acceptance curve” if you are hoping to encourage others to join you.


There may be more money coming in, but it is likely to go back out as quickly right now. You are being asked to wait for financial payment, and this could turn out to have been for the best in the long run. It will help keep you on track with your budget or savings goals.

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