Don’t trust the communication you receive regarding the changes in the marketplace right now. Even though you have some excellent insights, you may find that it is difficult to get your ideas and suggestions across to coworkers and business partners.


Other people may not be all that reliable right now, especially in the workplace. It may not be the best computer day, logins may not work, connections may not be reliable. It would be a good day to update your passwords and do extra backups of important data.


You will be able to come to a solution that helps you sort out chronic family issues – but you may have to work hard to communicate right now. If you are patient and forgiving, you will be seen as gregarious and generous. If not, you may risk coming across as a tad petulant.


An unexpected health challenge may put you in a challenging financial spot but this will be temporary. You may have to take some time off to help a friend or elder relative get to a doctor appointment or medical test, or to set up a meeting with a care provider.


Your intuition regarding a family member’s troubles is spot on, even if they are still in denial. Today the evidence is strongly in your favor. They really need your support and guidance, and for once, they really seem to be listening to your wisdom.


You may have an irrational urge to gamble or spend money on a dreamy vacation get-away but now is not a particularly good time. There may be unexpected bills or expenses to deal with, and the goddess of Fortune is not on your side where it comes to games of chance.


Friends and companions are really out there right now. There are likely to be strange and unexpected arguments, disagreements over education, travel, or communication in general. You may be tempted to avoid the phone and your email, which will be combustible.


Don’t take some unexpected criticism to heart. You may have difficulties relating to your coworkers, employer, or the people in your social circle right now. But the challenges you face right now may prove to be beneficial in the long term – you’ll learn a new way to communicate.


You may feel confused by the conflicting energies right now, unless you find some way to settle your mind. Pick a quiet spot and give yourself some extra time to center yourself, especially if you have to make any important decisions about travel or education.


If there was a one-word message right now, your word would be “investments”. You may only be considering setting up a new savings account, but your mind will be on making big bucks, and your heart is already spending the windfall. Just be sure your dreams are practical.


If you are feeling bored right now, consider volunteering in your local community. You could get a lot of value out of getting out of the house. You would also prove to be very helpful and welcome at any number of local charities.


Your home is likely to resemble something of a cross between a madhouse and Grand Central Station right now. Your friends and loved ones are hopping around like junkies hyped up on “crack” … though sugar is the likely culprit with most folks – especially children.

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