A new flavour may catch your attention. New recipes, food preparation ideas or a new foodie craze may have you breaking out the pots, pans and utensils. You might need some exotic tool or ingredient that is a little hard to find.


You may find that your creative talents or a craft skill gets you noticed higher up the social food chain, but beware, someone could be using you to do a little social climbing of their own. Be sure you keep aware of potentially selfish motives.


Don’t be a stick in the mud! Get out there and play like a carefree child. That’s what is most needed to get your creative juices flowing once again. You need to reconnect with your “inner child” right now. Don’t let minor arguments or misunderstandings get under your skin.


It is not the best time to make big changes. You may feel confused or uncertain, and will lack focus or direction. Put off any risky decisions until you feel more clear and certain, or until you have better advice.


You may be considering some changes to your home, renovations that will better organize things and allow for a more streamlined lifestyle. You may be considering setting up a den or home office place, or buying a computer so you can telecommute.


You may be thinking about moving. Your home suddenly no longer feels like “you” and you need new space. You may be able to get around this with a radical redecoration, but it may be costly, or you may find that you don’t really like it a week down the road.


You may have to dip into your emergency fund to help someone out. There could be problems with a child’s health, well-being or with a friend who has just been foolish with their money one more time. If it is the latter you may be sorely tempted to write them off.


A friend or companion may help you talk some sense into a relative who has gotten a little out of control lately. What they really need is someone to talk to, but you are in the mood for a “talking to”. Let them vent a bit first, it may change the advice you give.


You are the centre of attention right now. You are like a people-magnet. You may have recently done a makeover or changed your wardrobe and your new look is proving to be very eye-catching. Your love life is heating up but you have to be careful if single, you may attract some rather wild partners.


It is your turn to shine. You have unusual or interesting dreams, premonitions or ideas right now that can push you to the forefront. Someone may ask you to take a leadership role in a public speaking or creative event.


This is a challenging day for anyone in your sign who does a lot of paperwork. You may find that the words and letters swim around on the paper and if you are reading online, the monitor is giving you a headache. Take frequent breaks, your mind is like a sponge that needs wringing out.


You may find that your are presented with some challenging or disturbing ideas or news through printed media like newspapers or magazines right now. Don’t let yourself get too wound up in politics or the world situation unless there really is something you can do about them.

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