One of your new friends has something of the “geek” about them. This person is really big on technology and the Internet, and you can learn a lot from them. If you are single, there is potential for romance here. Keep an open mind – this techie is not as cold as they seem!


You have a healing moment right now. It may come at the workplace, at home, or even on the road at some point in between. You will realize that you are a better person than you thought, that there is forgiveness in the world, that there are good people you can count on.


You are seeking important answers right now and will likely be spending a lot of time researching, studying and surfing the Internet. You could find the answer to a long-held secret that makes a profound and important impact on your lifestyle and beliefs.


An argument or disagreement could have you questioning your ideals, values or identity in some way. While this may be challenging, in the end, you will be a much better person. Keep on open mind, especially on topics that press your buttons.


Your battle among the cubicles could turn ugly if you are not prepared to compromise, or at least give someone a face-saving “way out” of the trap you set for them. There is nothing like a cornered, angry bear to make for uncomfortable office politics.


A new spiritual or metaphysical interest could prove to be both relaxing and rewarding. Yoga and meditation both fit the bill. An alternative medical treatment may also prove helpful. Look off the beaten path for ideas and techniques that can help lower stress.


You are going to have a post-traumatic stress flashback to a time in high school where you experienced some kind of social or peer rejection. It’s important to acknowledge the feelings this brings up so that you can heal them and move on. Don’t let yourself be held back by boorish louts.


If you are looking for a way to improve your home and enhance your family connections at the same time, consider upgrading your home computer or getting a faster Internet connection. You may be offered a tempting bargain on computer equipment right now.


You may have to make some quick changes to your budget because of an upcoming trip or vacation. You’ll be delighted with a turn of affairs that makes you very busy for a short time. Paperwork will fly off your desk and people will be happy, “up” and productive.


You will definitely be the social hub of family, friends and loved ones right now, and just about all the news is good. The phone will be ringing off the hook with this person from that place talking about the wonderful news about so and so over there … spread the joy. This is one time where gossiping is definitely a good thing.


You don’t trust yourself right now but it is not on the merits of your record. You have been listening to a family member who can charitably be described as a depressed neg-aholic right now. Don’t listen to someone who wants to drag you down to their level, you are doing just fine!


If you want to take control in your family at present, you are going to have to act like a dictatorial warden in a madhouse. Everyone has dramatically opposed ideas about just about everything. Don’t take it too personally if no-one listens to you right now.

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