A friend of yours could ask you for advice regarding a relationship right now. You may share some kind of hurtful experience in the past that makes it hard for you both to trust, so you understand each other. The best advice is “Follow your gut feeling.”


Do not take a supervisor or client too seriously right now. Their attitude is a reflection of who they are or where they are at, and at the end of the day, it really will not matter. Just do your best and bite your tongue. Getting defensive could backfire.


You may be considering making a radical change to your home or family, but you may not have considered all the possible consequences of that change. Remember that you will not be the only one affected. Your closest relationships could be affected.


If you have been looking for a more financially and spiritually rewarding career option, you could be considering going back to school, or opening your own alternative healthcare business. Keep an eye out for opportunities in the holistic field.


A bit of a power struggle in the workplace will come out in your favour if you are patient, and willing to compromise. You may have to juggle some egos to get to where you want to be. Flattery will get you nowhere though. You just need to find out what the needs are and fill them.


If someone has their hand out right now, it is a sure sign that they have a hidden agenda that you can’t trust. Hold back, unless you are prepared to consider a “loan” in reality a “gift”. The money may not come back, but you may earn some good will.


You are attractive and highly entertaining, and everyone seems to want your attention right now. The one problem is your tendency to stick your foot in your mouth, particularly in the company of friends. Be careful what you decide say right now, someone could take things the wrong way.


You may be in something of a power struggle with a business associate or your significant other. Someone has drawn a line in the sand. Before you call their bluff, ask yourself what is more important, winning this battle or keeping their regard?


You are pondering making a considerable change to the direction of your career or social plans because there is a promising financial opportunity. The challenge is in the changes this will also bring to your lifestyle and the way you are perceived by others.


If you are looking for investing opportunities, homes, real estate and home improvements are all good bets – but don’t go overboard with trendy decorations. You may find that those hot colours aren’t going to be in style too long. If you go shopping, look for bargains.


You may have your eye on a new tech toy or gadget of some kind, a real budget-breaker. If you are patient, or do enough homework, you can get a better deal. The price is artificially inflated for those who purchase it right away.


Avoid driving right now if you can. Business trips are maddening, the schedule is tight, and other drivers are insane. If you must drive, keep in mind that you’ll tend to attract authority figures right now. A speeding ticket stop will definitely put you behind schedule, so don’t risk it.

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