You have an ability to really reach people right now. Put it to good use! People in the workplace will be intrigued by your creative ideas. Potential partners are wowed by your insights. And children are just enthralled by your storytelling abilities.


Today you may have to brush up on projecting confidence that you really don’t feel, all in the name of getting ahead. You may find that a setback you suffer is really short term, so pay it no mind. You will only make things harder by worrying, and worry will accomplish nothing.


You may be considering a long-distance trip, perhaps overseas. You will likely be surfing the Internet or calling relatives who live far away while you decide whether or not you can afford to make such a big trip. Someone may give you the gift of music right now.


Open your eyes and close your mouth. You will tend to be temperamental and somewhat anxious, and are vulnerable to saying the wrong thing at the worst moment. Don’t let yourself be goaded into confrontations that you can’t win, especially with relatives and loved ones.


Friends, companions and their children are less friendly right now, and you may decide you want some time alone. You want to play, but there may be some aches and pains from all that energetic playfulness you indulged in yesterday. It’s rest time right now.


You may have strange and unusual psychic experiences or dreams right now, but try not to read too much into them. They may not be the cosmic message they seem to be at first. In fact, they may merely distract you from more important issues at hand.


Your house, home or family will be a special comfort to you right now. You may feel like you want to escape from the world at the end of the day and just “cocoon” together with your close loved ones. You could be making dramatic and unexpected changes to your home’s appearance, soon.


You have wild and interesting ideas for ways to improve your home or to redecorate your living space, but you may not be the most practical or realistic right now. It is a good idea to carefully budget out the costs and do a “return on investment” study before you spend too much.


Travel and communication seems out of control in your life right now. Whether you travel long distances or just across town, you will be saying that there has got to be a better way. During this time, someone from your sign is going to invent a better way to get from here to there.


You may find that there is a dramatic change in your romantic fortunes. Your best bet if single could be to meet someone at a debate club or Toastmasters meeting, but be aware this won’t be a time for flowers and sunshine romance. You are very deep and serious right now, and may be a little attached to being right. Let go a bit, and let yourself agree to disagree.


You’ll be feeling uneasy or anxious about travel or commuting right now. If you can’t get someone else to drive for you and you can’t stay at home, remember that it is your own nervousness that is the most dangerous thing on the road. Overly cautious driving can be as dangerous as aggressive driving.


A crisis of faith reaches something of a boiling point right now. You feel you have been misled. But just because some point or other may not be factually true, does that invalidate all of the lessons you have learned? Keep your heart open to learning by “parables”.

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